Bria & Justice 2: An Unexpected Love Part 2

All she wanted and needed right now was for Justice to comfort her and tell her that everything was going to be fine, but after that call she just received, she knew that he was going to need comforting as well. So, many secrets and lies that he never saw coming, will send his life spiraling out of control.

. Justice had no idea that trusting the person he thought he knew was going to have him regretting every decision he made thus far. Once he realizes that he’s made a misguided mistake, will it be too late or will he overcome another obstacle placed at his feet?I hope the readers are ready for this fast-paced drama, with twist and turns they’re not going to see coming.

She wasn’t prepared to walk back into the hospital to learn the fate of her best friend, knowing if it wasn’t good news, it would kill her. Sabria stood outside the hospital, unable to move after the dreaded call she just received. In this installment, you will experience so many emotions that you’ll be screaming, as this unpredictable storyline takes you on a roller coaster ride you will not want to end.


Bria & Justice: An Unexpected Love

Sabria, who decides to just focus on her stressful job as a social worker for the Department of Child Protective Services, vows to never entertain the idea of being in another relationship. He makes her feel as if she has everything a woman could want, except a man of her own being that he belongs to someone else.

She soon finds solace in men that belong to other women; loving the idea of having control in the relationships with no strings attached. Will she ever find her happy ever after? Or will she be left with a crushing blow on her path of devastating consequences? She always dreamed of finding a man who possessed the qualities of love, honesty and loyalty, but that dream never came true until now; or so she thought.

Childhood friends, sabria Jameson and Chrystie Jones, both have given up on love for several reasons. Chrystie believed that she was content with not having the desire to commit to another man until she meets Matthew. She has a chance meeting with a new love interest named Justice and to her surprise, she was excited to be back in the dating game.

Will sabria discover that forgiveness is the key to true love? Or will she just walk away content with another failed relationship?Chrystie, on the other hand, finds herself no longer interested in being committed to anyone. She decides to run from the pain of her broken past of failed relationships.