Death on Deadline The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 2

But when the aged Ms. Maclaren may be fierce, but when the cause is just, Nero Wolfe knows how to play dirty too. To save his favorite newspaper, Nero Wolfe steps into the crossfire of a tabloid war. Cohen knows more about the city’s power structure than any man in Manhattan, and for years, he happily passed Wolfe information in return for the odd exclusive scoop.

Master sleuth nero wolfe’s small circle of friends is limited to his assistant, Fritz; and Lon Cohen, Archie Goodwin; his chef, the head man at the New York Gazette. Haverhill dies in an apparent suicide, no one remains to resist the Scot’s advances except Wolfe. But now cohen needs wolfe’s help, for the Gazette is ailing and the vultures have begun to circle.

Scottish newspaper magnate Ian MacLaren plans to gut the paper and turn it into a sex-filled conservative rag. Standing in his way is the company’s chief shareholder, Gazette heir Harriet Haverhill.

The Bloodied Ivy The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 3

Every liberal on campus hated the crotchety old crank, but which one is responsible for giving Markham his final push to the right? The case so intrigues the incomparable, reclusive master detective Nero Wolfe that he takes the unusual step of leaving the confines of his home. A professor’s death lures the reclusive detective and his sidekick to a bucolic crime scene: “Goldsborough does a masterly job with the Wolfe legacy” Booklist.

An academic so conservative he thought ronald reagan was a pinko, Hale Markham rules Prescott University like an intellectual tyrant—until the morning he's found dead at the bottom of one of Prescott’s famously beautiful ravines. With man of action archie goodwin at his side, a fanatical assistant, Wolfe examines jealous professors, and a university president with an ego that—like the school itself—will not stop growing.

Though they're far from the city, Wolfe and Goodwin will find that no back alley is as dangerous as the shadowy corridors of the Ivy League.

Murder in E Minor The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 1

But wolfe knows that when it comes to murder, nothing is so simple—especially when there are so many suspects, from newspaper critics and ex-lovers to an assortment of shady musicians. The accused is the orchestra’s lead violinist, whose intimate relationship with Maria hit more than a few sour notes in her uncle’s professional circle.

But before wolfe can attack the case, Stevens is murdered. Maria’s uncle, formerly known as milos stefanovic, New York Symphony Orchestra conductor Milan Stevens, spent his youth alongside Wolfe as a fellow freedom fighter in the mountains of Montenegro. And now that the maestro has been receiving death threats, Wolfe can’t turn his back on the compatriot who once saved his life.

. Ever since disgraced associate orrie Cather’s suicide, armchair detective Nero Wolfe has relished retirement in his Manhattan brownstone on West Thirty-Fifth Street. Iconic sleuth nero wolfe returns to track down the murderer of a New York Symphony Orchestra conductor in this Nero Award–winning mystery.

Though her uncle has dismissed the menacing letters, Maria fears they’re more than the work of a harmless crank. Now, in this award-winning novel that carries on the great tradition of Rex Stout, the irascible and immovable Nero Wolfe is back in the game, listening for clues and ready to go to war to find a killer.

Murder in e minor is the 48th book in the Nero Wolfe Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order. Two years after cather’s death, only a visit from Maria Radovich—and the urging of Wolfe’s prize assistant, Archie Goodwin—could draw the eccentric and reclusive genius back into business.

The Last Coincidence The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 4

When lily rowan doesn’t laugh at his jokes, Archie Goodwin knows something's wrong. Her niece noreen has been running around with sparky Linville, and the last time she went out with him, a club-hopping bad boy who's the terror of Manhattan nightlife, Noreen wasn’t herself when she came home. All she would tell her aunt was that she had been assaulted.

Springing into action, goodwin waits for Linville outside of Morgana’s, a chrome-and-glass palace that sits like a wart on Second Avenue. After the heir to a frozen-food fortune gets iced, Nero Wolfe’s right-hand man becomes a suspect:“Goldsborough does a masterly job with the Wolfe legacy” Booklist.

They nearly come to blows, but Linville’s bodyguard intervenes, and Goodwin retreats to plan his next move. For years he has helped rotund genius Nero Wolfe out of jams, and now it's time for the master detective to return the favor. In the morning, Linville is dead, and Goodwin is the chief suspect.

Fade to Black The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 5

But the question of industrial espionage is too sweet for him to resist, and so with assistant Archie Goodwin at his side, he sets out to end this vicious corporate feud. For the men of madison avenue, the battle between soft-drink giants Cherr-o-key and AmeriCherry seems heaven sent. A soda war explodes into murder for Nero Wolfe, “one of the two or three most beloved detectives in fiction” Publishers Weekly.

Only when the first adman dies does he realize that a marketing war can be just as dangerous as the real thing. There's a mole inside the agency, and only Nero Wolfe can ferret him out. Although he's as round as a cherry himself, Wolfe has no taste for soft drinks. For years now, but each time they come up with a new slogan, the firm of Mills/Lake/Ryman has fought to help Cherr-o-key become the nation’s favorite fizzy cherry soda, or jingle, mascot, AmeriCherry somehow beats them to it.


Silver Spire The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 6

But when durkin is accused of murdering the Reverend’s assistant, Wolfe fights to clear his name. But threatening notes have been appearing in the collection bag, suggesting that one of the faithful has decided it’s time this good shepherd get the hook. Believing organized religion is nothing more than a scam, rotund sleuth Nero Wolfe refuses to investigate the threats, instead recommending veteran investigator Fred Durkin for the case.

. He may not be a christian, but he will always help a brother in need. Millions more tune in on television, giving the good Reverend international fame, and a chance to spread the gospel from New York City’s harbor all the way to South Korea. Threats against a televangelist lead Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin into a murder case in this “brisk and beguiling page-turner” Publishers Weekly.

Staten island would be forgettable were it not for the gleaming Tabernacle of the Silver Spire, where thousands of congregants come every Sunday to hear the sermons of Barnabas Bay.

The Missing Chapter The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 7

But his friends know this is impossible, because Childress loved himself far too much. His publisher hires corpulent genius Nero Wolfe to determine who cut Childress’s career short, and the detective finds no dearth of suspects. Among the many who may have wanted the wordsmith whacked are his agent, a corrupt book reviewer, his editor, and an enraged legion of Barnstable devotees.

When a loudmouthed, arrogant author is silenced, the reclusive master detective Nero Wolfe looks for the killer: “A very clever mystery.  .  . A masterly job” Booklist. He had just begun attracting fame, writing new mysteries starring the iconic Sergeant Barnstable, and he had bright hopes for the future.

The gun was fired close to charles Childress’s head, and his were the only fingerprints on it, forcing the police to conclude that the author committed suicide. With the help of his indefatigable assistant, archie Goodwin, argumentative author, Wolfe takes a look at those closest to the arrogant, hoping to decide which of Childress’s associates merely hated him, and which would have been willing to kill.


Murder in the Ball Park The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 9

Archie goodwin and saul panzer have ventured into the wilds of northern Manhattan to watch the Giants take on the Dodgers at the Polo Grounds. Archie’s employer—the rotund genius Nero Wolfe—has no interest in investigating the stadium slaying, but Archie is swayed by the senator’s suspiciously lovely widow.

The national anthem is just winding down when Panzer spies a notable in the box seats: state senator Orson Milbank, a silver-haired scoundrel with enemies in every corner of upstate New York. A killer hiding among the crowd at a dodgers-Giants game forces Nero Wolfe to step up to the plate in this “superb” mystery Publishers Weekly, starred review.

Her husband was mired hip-deep in corruption, and sorting out who killed him will be a task far less pleasant than an afternoon at the ball park.  . In the fourth inning, a monstrous line drive brings every fan in the grandstand to his feet—every fan save for one silver-haired senator, who has been shot dead by a sniper in the upper deck.


Archie in the Crosshairs The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 10

It is a warning, and the message is clear: The next bullet will not miss. Rotund investigator nero wolfe has made more than his fair share of enemies over the years, and it seems one of them has decided to strike, targeting Wolfe’s indefatigable assistant. He has just reached nero wolfe’s stately brownstone on West Thirty-Fifth Street when a sedan whips around the corner and two gunshots ring out, nearly hitting Goodwin.

Rex stout fans can only hope he has no plans to wind up the series soon. ”. Some might run for cover, but Archie Goodwin is not the type. With the help of wolfe’s brainpower, Goodwin will find the man who wants him dead—unless the killer gets to Goodwin first. According to publishers Weekly, “Goldsborough cleverly captures the tone and language of the originals.

Mystery fans will devour this entry into the classic, in which Wolfe must track down a dangerous gunman—or risk losing his right-hand man Archie Goodwin is chipper as he strolls home from his weekly poker game, wisecracking Nero Wolfe series, money in his pocket and a smile on his lips. Nero award–winning author Robert Goldsborough continues the brilliant work of Rex Stout in this classic mystery series.


Stop the Presses! The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 11

But the latest threats have carried a more sinister tone. In this “outstanding” mystery, author of murder in e minor,  “once again demonstrates an impressive ability to emulate Rex Stout’s narrative voice” Publishers Weekly, Robert Goldsborough, starred review. Death threats are a regular hazard for Clay, who’s hurled insults and accusations at every bold-faced name in the five boroughs.

The columnist has narrowed his potential killers down to five people: an egomaniacal developer, a corrupt councilman, a sleazy lawyer, a disgraced cop, and his own ex-wife. There are few people nero wolfe respects, and Lon Cohen of the New York Gazette is one of them. According to cohen, someone wants to kill the Gazette’s gossip columnist, Cameron Clay.

Nero wolfe and archie goodwin have a lot of boldfaced names on their suspect list when New York’s most hated gossip columnist is murdered. So when cohen asks for a favor, the famously brilliant—and notoriously lazy—detective is inclined to listen. But when clay turns up dead, the cops deem it a suicide.

The bigwigs at the gazette don’t agree, Archie Goodwin, so they retain Wolfe and his indefatigable assistant, to figure out which of the suspects had the mettle to pull the trigger.

Murder, Stage Left The Nero Wolfe Mysteries Book 12

It’s curtains for a famous broadway director, Archie Goodwin, and private investigator Nero Wolfe is on the case—but his assistant, is a suspect. In short order, an actor whose health is failing attempts suicide with the same poison. When a renowned theater director senses something amiss during his latest production, he calls in Nero Wolfe.

Though the corpulent genius wouldn’t normally accept a job this vague, a mutual friend dangles the prospect of a very rare orchid in exchange for his services, and Wolfe can’t resist. Continuing his beloved series—which also includes archie meets nero wolfe, late of Rex Stout, Murder in the Ball Park, and Archie in the Crosshairs—Nero Award–winning author Robert Goldsborough “brings Nero Wolfe, gloriously back to life” Chicago.

Though goodwin’s conversations prove unfruitful, the director is murdered in his soundproof booth, on his last day at the theater, poisoned by an unseen culprit during an evening performance. Murder, stage left is the 59th book in the Nero Wolfe Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

Now goodwin is a prime suspect in the director’s demise, effectively sidelining him for the rest of the case, and freelance gumshoe Saul Panzer must step in to help wrangle the various members of the play—from the ingénue and the diva to the handsome movie star and the surly stage manager—so New York’s smartest, and most reclusive, private detective can determine who is responsible for these dramatic deaths and clear Goodwin’s name once and for all.

With a mind to suss out useful backstage gossip, Wolfe turns to his faithful assistant, Archie Goodwin, to impersonate a journalist in order to speak to the cast.