DK Readers L4: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Planets in Peril: Republic or Separatists Whose Side Are You On?

Dk readers team up with star wars and star wars: the clone wars yet again to get Padawans excited to read! Perfect for reluctant readers as well as devoted Star Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans, DK's Star Wars Readers have sold over 2. 5 million units! planets in peril focuses on the newest worlds from the Clone Wars universe, and how they're being affected by the fighting.

And TM. All rights Reserved. C 2010 lucasfilm Ltd. Used Under Authorization.

Star Wars: Epic Battles

Describes some of the major battles that took place in the Star Wars universe between the Republic and the Trade Federation, later known as the Empire.

DK Readers L4: Star Wars: Beware the Dark Side: Discover the Sith's Evil Schemes . . . DK Readers Level 4

Introduces the characters in the star wars universe that used the dark side of the Force, those that supported the evildoers, and those that stood up for the right side, including Jedis.

DK Readers L4: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Jedi Adventures DK Readers Level 4

2008 lucasfilm Ltd. Now young readers can experience more jedi action, more villainous battles, more fun, more weapons, more imagery, and more excitement! Join the Jedi Knights on daring adventures throughout the galaxy in Star Wars®: The Clone Wars™ Reader Level 4: Jedi Adventures. Taking place between the last two star wars® films, episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the Clone Wars fill a dark period in the history of the Galaxy.

Tm. Dk and lucasfilm celebrate the all-new computer-generated animated series that will launch theatrically in August 2008 with three new Clone Wars titles.

Star Wars: Galactic Crisis!

Recounts how the sith lord, while the jedi knights and their allies did everything in their power to maintain order and freedom in a galaxy far, plotted to make himself emperor, disguised as Senator Palpatine of Naboo, Darth Sidious, far away.

Star Wars: Clone Troopers in Action DK Readers, Level 2: Beginning to Read Alone

All rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization. Dk readers team up with star wars and star wars: the clone wars yet again to get Padawans excited to read! Perfect for reluctant readers as well as devoted Star Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans, DK's Star Wars Readers have sold over 2. 5 million units! from their creation on kamino as clones of Jengo Fett to their first battles against the separatists, Clone Troopers in Action tells the story of the Clone Troopers as seen in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

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DK Readers L4: Star Wars: Rogue One: Secret Mission: Join the Quest to Destroy the Death Star! DK Readers Level 4

Dk readers help kids learn to love reading. Perfect for 9–11 year olds reading independently, reading becomes a fact-discovering adventure with these Level 4 readers. With new jackets and brand new nonfiction narrative content on the topics kids love, each book is written and reviewed by literacy experts, and contains a glossary and index making them the perfect choice for helping develop strong reading habits for kids ages 3–11.

Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Supporting and encouraging a lifetime love of reading, and brought to life with true encounters, nonfiction subjects are clearly explained, fascinating statistics, described vividly, and dramatic photographic images. Dk reader l4: star wars rogue one™ combines DK's four-level reading scheme with the exciting box office record-breaking Star Wars™ movies.

Additional information spreads are full of extra fun facts, developing the topics through a range of nonfiction presentation styles, such as articles, journals, and timelines. Trusted by parents, teachers, and librarians, and loved by kids, DK's leveled reading series is now revised and updated.

DK Readers L4: Star Wars: Ultimate Duels: Find Out About the Deadliest Battles! DK Readers Level 4

All rights Reserved. ® & ™. Ultimate duels will keep young readers at the edge of their seats as they experience firsthand the great fights and duels their favorite Star Wars characters have experienced! © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. Used Under Authorization. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley.

DK Readers L4: Star Wars: Darth Maul, Sith Apprentice: Meet the Sith's Greatest Warrior! DK Readers Level 4

We want young children to want to read! star Wars has become a familiar part of our culture with children instantly recognizing the characters on book covers, TV and in the movies. They will learn about his mission to defeat Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and his deadly array of vehicles and weapons like his Sith speeder bike.

. Now they can add more star wars action to their collections! Star Wars: Darth Maul Sith Apprentice introduces older readers to the sinister secrets of the Sith warrior, Darth Maul. Watch out for his double-bladed lightsaber! Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. The dk star wars readers series provides a wonderful opportunity for parents and teachers to promote development of young children's reading skills and motivation to read.


DK Readers L3: Star Wars: Feel the Force!

Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Star wars reader: level 3: feel the force takes a look at the mysterious Force from the Star Wars universe, exploring both sides, and its potential for good and evil. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley.

DK Readers L3: Star Wars: The Legendary Yoda: Discover the Secret of Yoda's Life! DK Readers Level 3

Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Dk publishing Dorling Kindersley. Inside, rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure, as well as an alphabetical glossary and comprehensive index, will help fans learn more about the most wise and mysterious Jedi Master of them all. In dk star wars readers, the legendary jedi master, stunning photographs combine with engaging age-appropriate stories, creating a multilevel reading program guaranteed to capture children's interest while developing their reading skills! DK Readers: Level 3: Star Wars: The Legendary Yoda Yoda, is the focus of this exciting Level 3 DK reader.