Far North Fire and Ice Book 2

But while magnus investigates the crimes of the present, the crimes of the past are catching up with him in Far North, the newest heart-stopping mystery from acclaimed author Michael Ridpath. Iceland 2010: as bankers and politicians start to die, at home and abroad, it is up to Magnus Jonson to unravel the web of conspirators before they strike again.

And in a country with a population of just 300, 000 souls, in a country where everyone knows everybody, it isn't hard to draw up a list of exactly who is responsible. The currency has been devalued, banks nationalized, savings annihilated, lives ruined. The consequences will haunt them and their families for generations.

Iceland 2009: the credit crunch bites. International thriller writing at its best, page turning suspense and a great, fine characters, fresh location. Peter james, #1 international bestselling author of dead man's GripIn Iceland, revenge is best served at arctic temperatures…Iceland 1934: Two boys playing in the lava fields that surround their isolated farmsteads see something they shouldn't have.

And then, one-by-one, to cross them off. Grassroots revolution is in the air, as is the feeling that someone ought to pay.

Meltwater Magnus Iceland Mystery Book 3

But they are not the only ones with secrets. On the glacial rim of erupting volcano Eyjafjallajökull, they christen their endeavor Operation Meltwater. Asta, a newly qualified priest, has contacted FreeFlow with information about a scandal in the church. The list of people freeflow has antagonized is long—the Chinese government, a German Bank, Israeli military, Italian politicians, even American College Fraternities.

Her involvement with FreeFlow will cost her dear. And with the return of magnus's brother Ollie to Iceland, the feud that has haunted their family for three generations is about to reignite. Operation meltwater: freeflow, a group of internet activists committed to the freedom of information, have video evidence of a military atrocity in the Middle East and have chosen Iceland as their HQ while they prepare to unleash their greatest coup on the world's media.

Minutes later, in the steam and mist, one of them is murdered. Magnus jonson has a long list of suspects, but he's getting precious little help from FreeFlow—for an organization dedicated to the transparency of information, they're a secretive bunch.

Sea of Stone Magnus Iceland Mystery Book 4

When it emerges that his younger brother, oli, is in Iceland after two decades in America, Páll begins to think that Magnus may not be the only family member in the frame for murder. Can magnus prove he is innocent of murder without implicating his brother? And can both men get to the heart of the twisted secrets that blighted their childhoods?Oli and Magnus Jonson have spent years trying to escape from the shadows of their past.

Magnus identifies the dead man as his estranged grandfather. Now, two decades later, the past has returned to haunt them. Raised by their grandparents in Bjarnarhöfn, a remote farmstead in Iceland, both brothers had to endure brutal violence at the hands of their grandfather. Before long, Magnus is arrested for the murder of his grandfather.

As páll begins to review the crime scene it becomes apparent that forensic evidence has been tampered with and that Magnus' version of events doesn't add up. What unfolds is a tale of familial ties and bloodthirsty vengeance, of isolated communities scarred by the tragedies of the past—and of a final, painful reckoning.

When constable páll gylfason gets a dispatch call to investigate a suspected homicide in a remote farmstead, he is surprised to find that Detective Jonson is already at the scene.

Where the Shadows Lie Magnus Iceland Mystery

And as magnus is about to discover, the past casts a long shadow in Iceland. Amid iceland's wild, volcanic landscape, rumors swirl of an 800-year-old manuscript inscribed with a long-lost saga about a ring of terrible power. Something worth killing for. Seconded to the icelandic police force for his own protection after he runs afoul of a drug cartel back in Boston, Magnus also has his own reasons for returning to the country of his birth for the first time in nearly two decades—the unsolved murder of his father.

Something that will cost Professor Agnar Haraldsson his life. A rediscovered saga alone would be worth a fortune, but, if the rumors can be believed, there is something much more valuable about this one. Untangling murder from myth is Iceland-born, Boston-raised homicide detective Magnus Jonson. Binding iceland's landscape and history, and superstitions in a strikingly original plot that will span several volumes, secrets, Where the Shadows Lie is the first in a thrilling new series from an established master.


Edge of Nowhere: Fire & Ice Short Story A Magnus Iceland Mystery

The locals are adamant that Iceland's legendary huldufólk - hidden people - had a hand in the death. Magnus finds their superstition suspicious. As he digs deeper, more human, magnus discovers that the victim was not a popular man, leading him to suspect that other, passions are at work. Michael ridpath is on the war path, trouncingthe Scandinavians on their home turf.

Ringed by steep mountains, this bleak village is cut off from the rest of Iceland and from the modern world. This is international thriller writing at its best, fine characters, page turning suspense and a great, fresh location. Peter jamesan atmospheric novella set in the remote north of iceland, featuring lone-wolf police sergeant Magnus RagnarssonIceland, midwinter: the days are fleeting, the nights endless and sergeant Magnus Jonson has been sent to an isolated fishing village in the West Fjords to investigate the possible homicide of a road construction worker.


The Wanderer: A Magnus Iceland Mystery

At the scene, he finds a stunned TV crew, there to film a documentary on the life of the legendary Viking, Gudrid the Wanderer. Magnus quickly begins to suspect that there may be more links to the murdered woman than anyone in the film crew will acknowledge. As jealousies come to the surface, and history begins to rewrite itself, new tensions replace old friendships, a shocking second murder leads Magnus to question everything he thought he knew… .

This is international thriller writing at its best. Peter jamesdid christopher columbus know the icelanders discovered america before he sailed there himself?When a young Italian tourist is found brutally murdered at a sacred church in northern Iceland, newly returned to the Reykjavík police force, Magnus Jonson, is called in to investigate.

From the million-copy bestselling author, perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson, Anne Holt, and The Killing. Michael ridpath is trouncing the Scandinavians on their home turf.

The Polar Bear Killing: An atmospheric novella set in the remote north of Iceland, from the author of the chilling Fire & Ice crime series and featuring ... Ragnarsson A Magnus Iceland Mystery

By degrees, magnus and vigdís are drawn into this small and complex community - one riven with rivalries and grudges - in search of a deadly killer. From the million-copy bestselling author, Anne Holt, perfect forfans of Stieg Larsson, and The Killing. Michael ridpath is on the war path, trouncing the Scandinavians on their home turf.

Was halldór a hero for killing the bear, and when days later the dead body of Halldór is discovered at a remote beauty spot, or should the animal have been protected? Animal rights activists in the area see the constable as a villain, the activists are immediately under suspicion. As sergeant magnus ragnarsson and his colleague Detective Vigdís Audardótti begin to investigate the policeman's murder, they soon discover that things are not as clear-cut as might first appear.

This is international thriller writing at its best, page turning suspense and a great, fine characters, fresh location. Peter jameswhen a polar bear is sighted in a sleepy Icelandic fishing village, then shot dead by local policeman Constable Halldór, it triggers a debate in the local community.


A young family friend, Clemence, is brought in to help rekindle his memory. She discovered it was her grandmother. Alastair is a doctor in his eighties, living in a cottage by a loch in Scotland. He woke up to discover he had killed the only woman he ever loved. As they read on, there are people closing in on the cottage by the loch who are willing to kill to make sure that the old man’s secrets stay forgotten.

He wakes up in hospital having fallen and hit his head, inducing almost total amnesia. In his cottage Clemence finds a manuscript. Atmospheric, sinuous and elegant, Amnesia demonstrates Ridpath’s special talent. She reads the short prologue: it describes a murder by someone who is clearly the old doctor. Daily Mail.

The victim is Clemence’s French grandmother, Sophie. The first line shocks her:it was a warm, still night and the cry of a tawny owl swirled through the birch trees by the loch, when I killed the only woman I have ever loved. Clemence decides to read the book to the old doctor as it describes how he and his friends met Sophie in Paris in 1935.



When she’s sidelined by her nemesis, Alice Zetterberg, she becomes more determined to discover the reasons behind her father’s fate. Shortly after inspector anita sundström’s mother’s death, Anita is called to an apartment where an 80-year-old man with dementia has tried to kill his wife. It’s not long before she discovers that she’s stumbled into a tangled web of conspiracy theories surrounding the tragedy, and the unstable and violent dawn of a newly independent Estonia.

At the same time, anita’s also involved in an investigation into the murder of a prominent member of Malmö’s Pakistani community. She soon finds herself entering very dangerous waters that sweep her to Tallin, Stockholm and Oxford in search of answers that will finally give her closure in the seventh of the best-selling series of Anita Sundström crime mysteries.

The case sparks off a renewed interest in the death of her father, who was lost in the 1994 MS Estonia ferry disaster.

Inside the Bear's Cage: Crime and Punishment in the Arctic Greenland Crime Book 4

But the shadows are full of traps, and ruthless players who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Just like Maratse. Inside the bear's Cage is the fourth book in the Greenland Crime series. Pick up your copy and discover Maratse's Greenland today! All greenlandic children know this: bears don't belong in a cage.

Retired greenlandic police Constable David Maratse is sentenced to two years imprisonment for committing a serious crime, under extenuating circumstances. Imprisoned in denmark, far from the land, Maratse struggles to adapt, the life and the woman he loves. But when his partner’s mental health deteriorates, Maratse agrees to assist a Danish Detective investigating prison corruption in return for a reduced sentence.

To build the detective’s case Maratse enters the shadowy world of prison hierarchy and politics.

Rupture: An Ari Thor Thriller The Dark Iceland Series Book 4

He's assisted by Ísrún, a news reporter in Reykjavik who is investigating an increasingly chilling case of her own. A huge bestseller in england, and Australia, France, the fourth book in the Ari Thor thriller series from a spectacular new crime writer. With a stalker on the loose, and the town in quarantine, the past might just come back to haunt them.

. Hailed for combining the darkness of Nordic Noir with classic mystery writing, atmospheric, author Ragnar Jonasson’s books are haunting, and complex. Rupture, the latest ari thór thriller, delivers another dark mystery that is chillingly stunning with its complexity and fluidity. Young policeman ari thór tries to solve a 50-year-old murder when new evidence surfaces.

Things take a sinister turn when a child goes missing in broad daylight. But the case proves difficult in a town where no one wants to know the truth, where secrets are a way of life.