Greene and Greene: Furniture and Related Designs Vol 2

Book by makinson, Randell L. Used book in Good Condition.

Greene & Greene: Design Elements for the Workshop

This manual, cloud lifts, brackets, written by a nationally recognized furniture maker, including ebony plugs, provides intermediate and advanced woodworkers with well illustrated, leg indents, step-by-step instructions for classic Greene & Greene details, and pulls. Biographical sketches are included for Charles and Henry Greene, Peter and John Hall who built most of the furniture, and competing furniture maker Gustav Stickley.

Considered among the highest achievements of the American arts and crafts movement, Greene & Greene furniture was custom-built for specific interior spaces, and many of the pieces still remain in their original locations. A discussion of the design philosophy of the period accompanies how-to chapters, and photographs of contemporary Greene-inspired furniture provide ideas for projects.


Shop Drawings for Greene & Greene Furniture: 23 American Arts and Crafts Masterpieces Fox Chapel Publishing

23 projects for every room in the home! working shop drawings for authentic reproductions of rare, classic furniture Greene & Greene furniture, widely recognized as the finest expression of the American Arts & Crafts movement, is presented here for the first time as working shop drawings. Featuring accurate front, these drawings offer today's enthusiastic woodworkers a unique opportunity to reproduce this rare furniture line, and top views in addition to comprehensive section and detail views, side, which has often been photographed but not presented in such detail.

Including introductory chapters on both the greenes and the Halls, an extensive discussion covers suitable woods and finishes and provides solid technical information on how to make such characteristic Greene & Greene details as proud ebony plugs and splines, breadboard ends, and cloud lifts. Used book in Good Condition.


In the Greene & Greene Style: Projects and Details for the Woodworker

Filled with step-by-step instructions, extensive illustrations, the book features several full projects for making replica Greene & Greene furniture complete with authentic details such as ebony plugs and splines, waterfall legs, and full-color photographs, and curved drawer pulls. Used book in Good Condition.

Showing today’s woodworkers precisely how the Greenes achieved their unique designs, In the Style of Greene & Greene also includes valuable advice on incorporating Arts & Crafts elements into new designs. Legendary architects and designers charles and Henry Greene created a uniquely American style in the Arts & Crafts tradition, and this book combines a detailed understanding of their design aesthetic with specific shop instructions for re-creating their works.


Greene & Greene: Masterworks

In the first decades of the 20th century, charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene almost single-handedly defined the Arts and Crafts aesthetic in America as the architectural firm Greene & Greene. The only full-color survey of the firm's greatest works-including several newly restored to their original grandeur-Greene & Greene reveals the consummate artistry that ensured the brothers' place among the most brilliant of American architects.

. An in-depth tour of 25 magnificent homes, this book examines the creative evolution of their style. From the gamble house in pasadena, californiawhose director contributes the book's forewordto lesser-known gems throughout the state, Greene & Greene is a wonderful introduction to the brothers' work, and a warm homage to the charms of this refined domestic architecture.

Used book in Good Condition.

Greene and Greene Architecture As a Fine Art v. 1

Used book in Good Condition. He has been enamored with the Greenes ever since, building a body of work that is unsurpassed. Br> used book in Good Condition. In a collection of unequalled photography by Marvin Rand, a whole new interpretation of the legendary California brothers and architects Charles and Henry Greene is revealed.

Renowned photographer rand has documented the architectural work of the Greenes since 1959, when he accepted a request from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to photograph sconces and lighting.

Greene & Greene The Passion and the Legacy

He lives in Pasadena. Randell makinson, has organized their projects into recognizable periods and styles, the foremost authority on their works, rising to their masterworks created from 1907 to 1909, beginning in 1894 in Pasadena, and culminating in their separate but cooperative careers in the teens.

Makinson, Hon. Randell L. It is the yin and yang that the brothers brought to each project which is cause for that undeniable spirit pervading each of their joint works, " says Makinson. Color photography throughout the book highlights their furniture and lighting designs as well as their classic bungalow exteriors; also included are some important archival images and architectural plans.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. The greene brothers' sensual blending of architecture, furnishings, landscape, and the decorative arts creates the hallmark of their Craftsman style. The first time in paperback, greene &The Passion and the Legacy is a comprehensive overview of the architectural careers of Charles and Henry Greene.

Used book in Good Condition. Aia, having studied their works since 1954, is the foremost authority on American architects Greene and Greene, and is director emeritus of the Gamble House. His books greene and greene: architecture as a fine Art and Greene and Greene: Furniture and Related Designs both Gibbs Smith, Publisher have been continuously in print for more than two decades.

Greene & Greene: Creating a Style

Used book in Good Condition. Makinson and Thomas A. Heinz assert that not only were the brothers Greene geniuses of their time, but that they also developed a distinct architectural and design style that has been the model for generations of architects since, and continues to reign today. Used book in Good Condition.

Examining the individual plans, and illustrated with stunning photography, and interiors of some of the most distinguished work of the Greenes, materials, the authors revisit designs that exemplify a highly refined set of proportional relationships and a level of detail and craftsmanship that remains unsurpassed today.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. N this fascinating new look at the work of Charles and Henry Greene, masters of the bungalow design, renowned authors Randell L.

Making Authentic Craftsman Furniture: Instructions and Plans for 62 Projects Dover Woodworking

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Included are projects large and small enough to satisfy the household needs and creative urges of any woodworker. Make authentic reproductions of handsome, sturdy craftsman home furnishings from bookcases to bedsteads, a foot rest, a hall tree, functional, dressers to dining tables, a wood-box and more — future family heirlooms that will stand the test of time both in durability and in clean, elegant purity of line.

His important monthly magazine The Craftsman 1901–16 published construction plans for his distinctly American furniture. The 62 simple, straightforward projects reprinted here — exquisite examples of Stickley's classic designs — first appeared in The Craftsman between 1903 and 1907. Rejecting the "badly constructed, meaningless" furniture of the late Victorian period, furniture designer and manufacturer Gustav Stickley developed a radical new design concept that stressed careful workmanship, simplicity, over-ornate, architect, and utility.

Used book in Good Condition. Instructions for 62 projects including:. Each project includes stickley's original information for woodworkers of the early 1900s: a perspective drawing of the completed piece; a brief description of the item with suggestions for appropriate choices of wood; a "mill bill" giving complete lumber specifications; and schematic drawings showing both front and side views with accurate measurements.

All woodworkers, even beginners, will delight in this collection of genuine Stickley plans for 62 of the finest, most desirable pieces of Craftsman or "mission-style" furniture. Used book in Good Condition.

Greene & Greene Furniture: Poems of Wood & Light

One hundred years ago pasadena architects charles and Henry Greene developed a new and distinctive architectural and decorative style that blended Arts & Crafts and Asian influences with a California sensibility and obsessive attention to detail. Be forewarned that through this book his seduction may become yours, too.

Edward R. That innovative style is instantly recognizable, even to this day. Used book in Good Condition. Gamble directorthe gamble house, PasadenaSchool of Architecture,  University of Southern California Used book in Good Condition. Instructions for 62 projects including:. Through sensitive application of a unique design vocabulary, they created a lasting legacy that continues to thrill the senses and stimulate the intellect of those fortunate enough to view their wonderful houses and furniture.

David mathias, author of this richly personal appreciation of the Greenes. Comes to greene and Greene from the perspective of an amateur woodworker with a fine aesthetic sense. Relatively few writers have focused exclusively on Greene and Greene, and so it is a privilege whenever a talented one such as Mr.

Through his writing we are able to appreciate the Greenes? houses and furnishings almost as if we were hearing from one of their builders.

Arts & Crafts Furniture: From Classic to Contemporary

It is an enduring furniture style that honors the tradition of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Used book in Good Condition. From william morris and the roots of the movement, through Gustav Stickley, and including contemporary pieces, the Prairie School, this book celebrates the classic furniture--and the master craftsmen who made it.

Nearly 500 color photos illustrate examples of the Arts & Crafts style. A comprehensive look at the design and construction of furniture from classic to modern. Features an extensive list of Arts & Crafts resources and full bibliography. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. This book takes a fresh look at the history and influences that resulted in beautiful, functional pieces designed to enhance the interiors of classic Arts & Crafts homes.

Used book in Good Condition. Instructions for 62 projects including:. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Arts and crafts is more than a style of architecture.