Hidden Harvests: The Inner Seasons of Everyday Life

A simple way in the world4. Asking the beautiful question5. Drinking from a different well3. Many of us have elements inside us that did not set right in our growing, were confined or nipped in the bud when they should have been coming into full blossom. There is also the difficulty that lies in the hidden, unspoken, almost invisible harvests connected with our shadows and our difficulties.

Whether the harvest is easy to see but requires patience, or whether it is hidden and difficult and requires a combination of courage and vulnerability to bring to fruition, attention or waiting to bring in, bringing in the harvest is one of the great accomplishments of a human life. Track titles1. What is hidden inside us6.

Human beings are very good at working hard, not so good at bringing in the harvest of all their labors; often refusing to have the patience that a true ripening calls for, planning, sowing and tending, preparing, or moving on to new initiatives before the one they have worked so hard for has had time to flower.

The hidden harvest2. The one we will become is a stranger7. A prayer for safe arrival.

A Great Invitation: The Path of Risk and Revelation

A talk by David Whyte. 2 disc set. Disc 1: readying yourself for revelation /everything is waiting for you /the pilgrim journey is always done alone /an invitation to disappear /Large enough for life itself /Hospitable even to the stranger inside you /A circle of friendship /Blessing for one who blessed /The privilege of being alive /Requiem /Disc 2:Our relationship with silence /The place we start again /Meeting nothing but yourself /Everything turns into its opposite /The world was made to be free in /The tall dark stranger in your life /A prayer for safe arrival.


Solace: The Art of Asking the Beautiful Question

Poet, author and internationally acclaimed speaker David Whyte looks at the fruitful discipline of finding and asking ever keener and more beautiful questions throughout our lives. These questions ask us to reimagine ourselves, our world and our part in it, and have the potential to reshape our identities, helping us to become larger, more generous and more courageous, equal to the fierce invitations extended to us as we grow and mature.

2 cd set.

The Poetry of Self Compassion

A talk by David Whyte. Used book in Good Condition. On "the poetry of self compassion, " David Whyte looks at innocence as a faculty of exploration and a source of courage, compassion and self knowledge. Innocence is the ability to look at the world with fresh eyes. Self compassion is a form of faith: a faith in the way each of us holds the great conversation of life.


Courage and Vulnerability: The Beauty in Human Reluctance

Disc 1. A fierce attentionapprentice yourself to your own unknowingThe House of BelongingIn a Dark WoodLetting the World Bear Your WeightTo Break a PromiseReal Joy Is TransformativeDisc 2. This wild othernesson i walked in blessednessArrivalsThe Voice Beneath the ConversationThe Only Road You Could Follow Used book in Good Condition.


Thresholds: Navigating the Difficult Transitions of Life 2 disk Audio CD

On this 2-cd set, poet david whyte talks about the difficult transitions that are part of every human life, when we are orphaned from the homes we have carefully constructed and must learn to inhabit the world in a new way. Used book in Good Condition. These transitions can be understood as opportunities to engage in a deeper conversation; one that allows us to catch up with the part of ourselves that is already standing on a new frontier.


Sweet Darkness: The Hidden Symmetries of a Human Life

Used book in Good Condition. Single disc. A talk by David Whyte. On this cd, david whyte uses poetry to illustrate this symmetry and the way we are all part of a much greater story than the one we tell ourselves. In the poetic tradition, the metaphor for this hidden image is darkness, and in every human life there comes a time when we are asked to have faith in what it can reveal to us.

In each of us, there lives an inner, symmetrical image that attempts to hold our outer experiences in a larger context, making room for revelation.

Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

Many Rivers Pr. Used book in Good Condition. With the imagery of a poet and the reflection of a philosopher, David Whyte turns his attention to 52 ordinary words, each its own particular doorway into the underlying currents of human life.

Pilgrim Audio Companion 2 Poetry CDs

On the audio companion to his most recent work, camino, companion, David Whyte reads a selection of 23 poems and gives his thoughts on the chapter themes of Pilgrim, The West, Pilgrim, Looking Back and Postscript Used book in Good Condition. Many Rivers Pr.

Compass Points: Setting Direction for a Future Life

Used book in Good Condition. Join david whyte on a poetic and thoughtful exploration of the way paying close attention to the present creates a new horizon for the future. What would it be like if your future self could come back to this day, and thank you for having taken a direction for which it would be eternally grateful?Our future lives begin right here, today, on this threshold; the first step is to embody life exactly as we find it.

Includes two new, the body in full presence, unpublished poems, The Bell and the Blackbird and Just Beyond Yourself, Camino, Coleman's Bed and a reading of the essay, as well as favorites Sweet Darkness, Courage.74 minutes. Many Rivers Pr.

The Echo in the Well

2 cd set. Used book in Good Condition. A talk by David Whyte. Many Rivers Pr. David whyte recites poems from the cycle of Irish poems contained in "River Flow: New & Selected Poems. Drawing from places of pilgrimage he has visited during his travels, David Whyte speaks of the way the ancient Celtic tradition embodies an edge between past and present; a way that is neither this nor that; a moveable form of celebration between the visible and the invisible worlds that refuses to choose between them.