Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator!

Balzer Bray Harperteen. 6½ stories about 2 surprising friends. Having a stuffed alligator for a best friend can be surprising. Sometimes Amanda surprises her alligator with books. Sometimes Alligator surprises Amanda by eating them. But what happens when amanda brings home a special—and not entirely welcome—surprise? The result might be unexpected indeed.

Beloved author-illustrator Mo Willems has created a funny and tender portrait of friendship that readers of any age will love.

That Is Not a Good Idea!

Balzer Bray Harperteen. The funny details in the full-color illustrations by three-time Caldecott Honoree Mo Willems will bring nonstop laughter to story time. As with the beloved pigeon books, kids will be calling out the signature refrain and begging for repeated readings. That is not a good idea! is a hilarious, the elephant and piggie series, the knuffle Bunny series, the creator of books like Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs, interactive picture book from bestselling author and illustrator Mo Willems, and many other new classics.

Inspired by the evil villains and innocent damsels of silent movies, Willems tells the tale of a hungry fox who invites a plump goose to dinner.

Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct

Used book in Good Condition. Fans of willems' other books will enjoy finding knuffle bunny and pigeon within these pages. Seira wilson, and plays with the children, a fun-loving dinosaur who makes scrumptious chocolate cookies, Amazon EditorEveryone in town loves Edwina, helps old ladies, with the exception of Reginald Von Hoobie-Doobie who is determined to prove that dinosaurs are extinct! Teacher's Guide available.

What's not to love about a dinosaur named edwina who wears prim hats and bakes the best cookies? A know-it-all named Reginald wants to spoil the fun with his facts about extinction but Edwina and the others really don't care. Balzer Bray Harperteen. A delightful reminder to just relax and not worry about having to be right.

. And, in the end, neither does Reginald.

Leonardo, the Terrible Monster

Finally, he finds a nervous little boy, and scares the tuna salad out of him! But scaring people isn't quite as satisfying as he thought it would be. Used book in Good Condition. Determined to succeed, Leonardo sets himself to training and research. No matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to frighten anyone.

Leonardo is truly a terrible monster-terrible at being a monster that is. Hyperion Books for Children. Leonardo realizes that he might be a terrible, awful monster-but he could be a really good friend. Balzer Bray Harperteen.

Nanette's Baguette

Will nanette get the baguette from baker juliette? or will Nanette soon be beset with regret? Set in a meticulously handcrafted-paper-modeled French village, the uniquely vibrant laugh-out-loud world of Nanette's Baguette may be Mo's best creation yet. Today is the day nanette gets to get the baguette! is she set? YOU BET!Mo Willems' hilarious new picture book, Nanette's Baguette, follows our plucky heroine on her first big solo trip to the bakery.

. Get set to krack into an irresistible tale you won't soon forget! Balzer Bray Harperteen. Hyperion Books for Children. Disney-Hyperion. Used book in Good Condition. But.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs: As Retold by Mo Willems

And a dinosaur who happened to be visiting from Norway. One day—for no particular reason—they decided to tidy up their house, make the beds, and prepare pudding of varying temperatures. Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs is a new take on the fairy-tale classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears, so funny and so original—it could only come from the brilliant mind of Mo Willems, the author/illustrator of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and the Elephant and Piggie series.

. Once upon a time, there were three hungry Dinosaurs: Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur. Balzer Bray Harperteen. Someplace else. They were definitely not setting a trap for some succulent, unsupervised little girl. Definitely not!this hilarious story is perfect for fans of the Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.

. Disney-Hyperion. Used book in Good Condition. And then—for no particular reason—they decided to go. Hyperion Books for Children. Balzer Bray Harperteen.

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Disney-Hyperion. Hyperion Books. Used book in Good Condition. But what will happen when grandpah, wisest, the oldest, and most naked Naked Mole Rat ever discovers Wilbur's secret?Funnyman and three-time Caldecott Honoree Mo Willems exposes the naked truth about being yourself and wearing it well. Balzer Bray Harperteen.

Wilbur is different from the other Naked Mole Rats in his Colony, because he wears clothes and he likes it! Balzer Bray Harperteen. Hyperion Books for Children.

Sam, the Most Scaredy-cat Kid in the Whole World: A Leonardo, the Terrible Monster Companion

Hyperion Books for Children. But what? Balzer Bray Harperteen. Used book in Good Condition. Balzer Bray Harperteen. Something BIG. A terrifically terrifying tale!sam is afraid of anything and everything-except for his friend Leonardo, the terrible monster. Kerry is afraid of everything and anything-except for her friend Frankenthaler, the other monster.

One day, the two scaredy-cat kids make a particularly scary discovery: each other!AAH! EEK!Something has to be done. Disney-Hyperion. Hyperion Books.

I Lost My Tooth! An Unlimited Squirrels Book

Hyperion Books. Balzer Bray Harperteen. Each book features a funny, furry adventure AND bonus jokes, nutty facts, quirky quizzes, and so, so many Squirrels. In i lost my tooth!, zoom squirrel has lost a front tooth! the squirrels leap into action when they discover the missing tooth is a baby tooth! Do you know more about teeth than the Squirrels do? You will by the end of this book! Balzer Bray Harperteen.

Hyperion Books for Children. Mo willems, award-winning, best-selling Elephant & Piggie books, creator of the revolutionary, is back with another breakout beginning-reader series. Used book in Good Condition. An ensemble cast of Squirrels, Acorns, and pop-in guests host a page-turning extravaganza. Disney-Hyperion.


Knuffle Bunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion Knuffle Bunny Series

Balzer Bray Harperteen. Disney-Hyperion. Hyperion Books. Trixie and her family are off on a fantastic trip to visit her grandparents—all the way to holland! But does Knuffle Bunny have different travel plans?An emotional tour de force, Knuffle Bunny Free concludes one of the most beloved picture-book series in recent memory, and a stunning foldout spread, photos from around the world, with pitch-perfect text and art, culminating in a hilarious and moving surprise that no child or parent will be able to resist.

Bestselling, daughter, filled with the joys and sadness of growing up—and the unconditional love that binds a father, award-winning author Mo Willems has created an epic love story as only he can, mother, and a stuffed bunny. Used book in Good Condition. Hyperion Books for Children. Balzer Bray Harperteen.

. Balzer Bray Harperteen.

The Story of Diva and Flea

Hyperion Books for Children. Hyperion Books. For as long as he could remember, Flea also lived in Paris, France-but at no fixed address. Diva, a small yet brave dog, and Flea, a curious streetwise cat, develop an unexpected friendship in this unforgettable tale of discovery. For as long as she could remember, Diva lived at 11 avenue Le Play in Paris, France.

Balzer Bray Harperteen. Balzer Bray Harperteen. Disney-Hyperion. Balzer Bray Harperteen. When flea flâneurs past Diva's courtyard one day, their lives are forever changed. Used book in Good Condition. Disney hyperion. Together, diva and flea explore and share their very different worlds, as only true friends can do.