Lee Brice

I've labored over every word and every note, and I can't wait to share it. As you listen through, all wrapped up in rich tones, textured instrumentation and, traditions, ties-that-bind and the American ideals of quality and hard work, you'll hear themes of family, love, Lee's evocative vocal. Shrink-wrapped.

Of the forthcoming album, Lee says, "Writing this record was a personal and vulnerable experience. Every song is a snapshot of who I am right now.

Hard 2 Love

Brice co-wrote eight of the 13 tracks. Billboard remarkably repeated the honor in 2011 with the brice-penned "Crazy Girl" hitting #1 for the Eli Young Band racking up "most played" song numbers in the country genre, and being nominated by the ACM in the prestigious "Song of the Year" category. Everything on the album reflects who I am right now and where I am in my life, " he noted in a recent interview.

Notable too in chart history, brice penned garth Brooks' "More Than A Memory" the only song in Billboard history to debut at the top of the Hot Country Songs chart. Undeniably, lee brice s focus on center stage with a 2012 studio project is built on a massive platform of success as one of Nashville s hottest hit writers.

. The title track "hard to love, " "ring in my pocket, " "a woman like You, " and "One More Day" shed a more personal insight into the heart of the man and the creative, personal journey he s on. Songs such as "parking lot party, " "beer, " and"life Off My Years" portray the nuts and bolts realism of the "man s man" spin on life in today s reality series-driven culture.

Co-produced by lee brice, kyle jacobs, jon stone, some of nashville s finest writers have been marshaled into creative service on Hard 2 Love with Lee s major league troop "A-Team" writing buddies including Billy Montana, Jerrod Niemann, Doug Johnson, Jon Stone, and Matt McClure, John Ozier, and Eric Church.

ShoptV Exclusive. Hard 2 love follows brice s critically-acclaimed debut album Love Like Crazy, which spawned Billboard s Most Played Country Song of 2010 by virtue of its title track. Hard 2 love boldly showcases what all the excitement is about.

I Don't Dance

A personal highlight for Brice is the title track, originally written as the song for his own wedding dance with wife Sara. An evocative, rough-edged singer with a penchant for songs that celebrate frailty" NY Times, Brice moved to Nashville to chase his songwriting dreams after playing football for Clemson in his native South Carolina.

I wanted to have control over every drumbeat, every lick, " Brice says of his meticulous approach in the studio. He wrote for artists such as jason aldean, Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks, whose recording of "More Than A Memory" launched Brice's stock sky-high. It was a lot of really sitting down and thinking about every little piece that goes into a song.

The result is a hybrid of fresh country sounds with a touch of digital flair -- beats underlying banjos, pulses over top of piano. Brice played every instrument on the summer anthem "Girls In Bikinis, " building the track from the ground up. In addition to current dates with Luke Bryan, Lee has also toured recently with Braid Paisley and headlined his own House of Blues tour.

Shrink-wrapped. ShoptV Exclusive. Sirens" was cut live in the studio with a full band including Brice on banjo for the first time, and other songs grew out of beats, loops and studio experiments, a nod to his love of artists ranging from Bruno Mars to Eminem. I don't dance is the follow-up to lee brice s 2012 gold-selling hard 2 Love, an album that yielded three #1 singles and the CMA/ACM Song of the Year "I Drive Your Truck.

Losing Sleep

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Texoma Shore

Lake texoma has always been a place of great memories, new and old, ” said Shelton. That album earned shelton a number of awards, including Top Country Artist at the Billboard Music Awards in May. So what can fans expect to hear on texoma shore? According to Shelton: “When you listen to the record it will go from something traditional to something that will make your head spin back to something even more traditional.

Shrink-wrapped. At this point in my career it’s always good for me to try something different, with different sounds, and I think you'll hear hints of that on this record. I love great songs and there are so many talented writers in Nashville, but I do have a song on the album that I wrote and I'm very proud of it.

ShoptV Exclusive. I've explored about every part of country music you can explore and it seems like I always keep coming back to my roots, which is traditional country music. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. That’s just what you can expect from one of my albums. Country superstar blake Shelton remains firmly rooted as a proud Oklahoman with his forthcoming album, Texoma Shore.

I literally recorded this album here at its shore so it’s full circle to have the love of this place and the love of country music come together here. Texoma shore follows in the footsteps of Shelton’s last album, If I’m Honest, which was the best-selling country album released in 2016.

What Makes You Country

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All Of It

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Love Like Crazy

As a young boy, brice was raised on gospel in church and the harmonies of Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys, and the Statler Brothers at home, largely sheltered from the popular music of the day. More than a memory, ' the garth brooks smash that became the first song in Billboard chart history to debut at #1, seems more like a dream to Brice, who names Garth as his first major musical influence.

I got my first clock radio when I was twelve, ' Brice recalls, 'Just as Garth was becoming huge. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. He's the reason i first picked up a guitar to write, and he had a definite effect on my writing. ShoptV Exclusive. Lee brice has established himself as one of the most promising new voices in country music with his debut album 'Love Like Crazy.

In addition, jason aldean, tim mcgraw 'still', with songwriting cuts by Garth Brooks 'More Than A Memory', Lee has proven himself as one of Nashville's top tunesmiths, Blake Shelton and Adam Gregory to his credit. Shrink-wrapped.

Lambs & Lions

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Rearview Town

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The Mountain

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