Lord Rakehell’s Love The Curse of True Love Book 1

He truly loves georgiana, and is determined to prove it to her, but how can he convince her after his wedding-day blunder?~~She was heartbroken by the scandal~~Georgiana knew the dangers of falling instantly in love with a celebrated rake, but even she had not expected him to show up for their nuptials with ladies-of-the-evening in tow.

Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, is attempting to play matchmaker in Regency London. Only she's placed a curse on the lovers instead. He was late to his own wedding~~Simon is known as Lord Rakehell, so any sane woman would be wary of wedding a man of his reputation. Now she must determine whether Simon's protestations of love are genuine, or if she is being led astray by the passion he continues to incite in her.


The Debutante's Wager The Curse of True Love Book 4

An inveterate gambler, he’s willing to risk everything on the turn of a card or prime racing stock, yet never on the unpredictability of love. For her part, she gambles her renowned French chef. All of london knows Lord Travender’s heart is a prize that cannot be won. Tess arrington wishes to regain a beloved painting her scapegrace brother lost to Lord Travender.

But the stakes are continually raised as each employ ever more delightful, inventive, and…intimate methods of persuasion. If love is the ultimate gamble, will they dare to risk it all? Until a bit of quick wit and risqué banter sends his heart galloping… One minute he’s warning Miss Arrington he’ll break her heart, and the next, he’s agreeing to a wager: Who will fall in love first?The game seems simple.


Falling for His Duchess The Curse of True Love Book 3

To gain time for his courtship, he tricks her into believing he’s a simple gentleman. Selby sweeps her into a flirtation that opens her heart to joy and laughter. She’s crushed when her suitor doesn’t appear at their assignation—that is, until Mr. Can even a meddling goddess convince her a duke may truly love a country miss?

Love that can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on whether it is returned. Can he change her mind?julian Selby, Duke of Enfield, comes from a long line of people who fall deeply in love. When julian rescues a lovely lady from a country storm, he knows at once she’s the one for him. When a duke meets a vicar’s daughter, he falls instantly in love—with a little help from the goddess Aphrodite.

But the lady no longer believes in love. At last, she’s found a man she can trust with her heart…until she learns who he really is. But when she learns the truth, she may never trust him again. Rosalinde hewitt, daughter of a country vicar, accepted another man’s offer of marriage to escape her quiet life.


Lord Misrule The Matchmaking Earl Book 1

Except when she asks Lord Misrule to be her very first lover, the rogue declines. Lord misrule is eager for a diversion that will banish the regrets that always resurface during the Christmas season. Juliana, lady Courtenay, is no stranger to scandal. If he did, it would be impossible to adhere to his strict rules for affairs—no debutantes, no innocents, and no attachments—all of which are necessary to prevent future misfortune.

But when it seems lady courtenay will choose a less-than-honorable man to be her lover, Lord Misrule's chivalrous nature insists he charge to her rescue. Yet he cannot accept the desirable widow's tempting offer. He offers her a twelve-day affair, or his, intent on providing her a fortnight of pleasure without causing her heart, a lifetime of harm.

Previously published in the A Very Wicked Christmas anthology. Now that the mourning period for her unwanted marriage is over, she is impatient to celebrate her freedom—and what better way than with a love affair during the most festive time of year? Finally she can experience the excitement of spending the entire night with a man completely devoted to her pleasure.

Not after her late husband died in the bed of another man.

Truly, My Love The Matchmaking Earl Book 2

Their faux romance quickly leads to genuine passion, but can an affair built on falsehoods possibly turn into true love?~~Previously published in the Fool For Love anthology~~. Lord benedict is trying to evade two besotted misses at a Valentine country-house party. He enlists the help of a lovely young widow, Lady Sommerwood, and they hit upon a perfect solution: they shall pretend they are having a secret affair.


Lord Wastrel The Curse of True Love Book 2

All he needs is someone demure, and most importantly, and biddable, scandal-free. Lady felicia selby is no stranger to scandal, thanks to her numerous failed elopements and Society's insatiable curiosity about her misadventures. Lord wastrel--the most notorious rake in London--has a child? Clearly he knows how to sire one, but he has no idea how to actually raise one.

When aphrodite, the goddess of Love, plays matchmaker, true love can seem like a curse. But she has begun to give up hope. Then, one evening, a chance encounter with Aphrodite changes everything. She has devoted many years to finding her one true love, desperate to escape the consequences of the family curse if she fails.

. He has to learn quickly, since he is the little girl's only surviving parent, and he's determined to find a wife who can be a suitable mother.

Five Days With A Duke The Heart of a Scandal Book 5

After loss upon loss, no staff, he heads to London, for a new home with no memories, and the only thing he wants in life…to be alone. A spinster, long past the age of either love or marriage, she finds herself presented with a unique opportunity that could improve her circumstances. Except, that opportunity also brings the unlikeliest of gentlemen into her life—her best friend’s former betrothed, the Duke of Renaud.

Thrown together with the notorious scoundrel, it isn't long before Constance discovers there’s far more to Connell, the Duke of Renaud than the world sees. She and her family don’t have two farthings to rub together. The 5th and final installment in christi caldwell's heart of a Scandal series will have readers sighing, Connell Wordsworth, swooning, and laughing out loud!Years earlier, the Duke of Renaud gave up the woman he wanted for the responsibilities thrust upon him.

He’s managing that feat quite nicely until…Lady Constance Brandley, has a secret. And soon she finds herself longing for, everything she shouldn’t—the heart of a duke. The heart of a scandal series includes:prequel novella--in need of a Knight Schooling the DukeA Lady's Guide to a Gentleman's HeartA Matchmaker for a MarquessHis Duchess for a DayFive Days With A Duke.


To Fall For a Kiss Kiss the Wallflower Book 4

Lady clara Quinton is loved and admired by all. She has no enemies–excluding Mr. Uncovering lady clara's secrets and vulnerabilities changes the way he sees the privileged woman. However, after coming to her aid one night in London, the vowed enemies come to a truce. Now, a landlord at the property adjacent to her country estate, a storm leaves him stranded at the duke's home.

Grant saves her in covent Garden from a relentless and lively admirer, Clara falters in her promise. Disliking everything about the social sphere he now graces–including Lady Clara–Stephen wants nothing more than to steer clear of the indulged and impolite woman. Stephen Grant. But when Mr. After an atrocious encounter with Stephen during her first season, Clara vowed to never befriend him or any member of his family.

. Will this newfound knowledge force him to see her through different and admiring eyes? And will Clara see there is more to Stephen than his lack of noble birth. Her contempt of him and his family has been made known all over the town.

A Kiss in Spring Kiss the Wallflower Book 3

Determined to make the most of her stay in the quaint village of Moy, including the Laird Mackintosh, she discovers some delightful attractions, who lives nearby. Upon an invitation to the laird's home, Sophie is thrust into a world of decadence, privilege, and wealth–everything she never had. What started out as a game, a distraction before he fills his obligations is turning into more.

Laird mackintosh is tempting and beguiling with his scandalously hot kisses. However, sophie knows he's hiding something–something that could change everything. Brice mackintosh is torn between his family’s expectations, and his newfound feelings for Sophie. A broken carriage wheel at the base of the Scottish highlands is the last thing Sophie Grant needs on her trip to Scotland.

But when the truth surfaces, Brice worries that he may lose the only woman he's ever loved.

A Lady's Christmas Rake

Now drew has a new problem entirely… for the first time in his life, he might be falling in love. His lady smuggler - by tamara gill may stanford, lady smuggler is forced to go up against the Earl of Grandison, her father’s guest for Christmas and a man who’s determined to see her and her merry bandits brought to justice.

Christmas seduction by samantha HoltIn a time when arranged marriages had little to do with love, Alexandernever expected a love match. Taming my christmas rogue by tammy andresenmiss Danielle Frazier is far too virtuous for his tastes… so why can’t he stop thinking about her? He must take drastic measures.

Now, when he finally does find a woman who brings a flutter to his heart, she could not be less interested. Neither did emma--but she had hoped for morethan being abandoned instantly! However, Alexander is back and if there isever a time for romance and second chances, it's Christmas. Winter wishes by scarlett scottA duke in need of a bride meets his match in a lady who has no intention of becoming his duchess.

Will their hearts find love before Christmas?Devil at the Gates by Lauren Smith A duke with a dark past rescues a the daughter of a fencing master. A lady’s christmas rakefrom usa today and Bestselling authors comes a hotter than hot historical romance anthology guaranteed to keep you warm and jolly this holiday season.

What begins as a battle of wills becomes a battle of heart as Christmas works its magic. An unwelcome Proposal by Bree WolfA chance encounter.

A Whole New Duke: A Regency Christmas Romance

From his looks to his constantly furrowed brow, Miss Beatrice Edgerton is under no illusions as to the status of their arranged marriage. Grace is determined to make the best of the situation, even whilst spending Christmas with the duke alone in the eerie Hartwich Hall. Someone is trying to cause trouble for them but they cannot fathom who or why.

She can expect no affection or romance from him. Because, frankly, he is incapable of such things. The dark Duke they call him. His days of concern for anyone are long gone. Unfortunately, it is not only the duke’s dark demeanor she has to deal with. In one way only. Why, perhaps she might even be able to change the duke’s mind about their relationship.

She is simply grateful he is younger than her first husband. Lord morton, duke of Hartwich, is only a little perturbed by the vibrant Beatrice. With him conveniently providing the title her family so desperately wants and her family bringing in plenty of money for his dilapidated home. It will be very much one of convenience.

Especially after they share a fiery kiss…or three…. After all, he sets her straight from the very first day of their marriage—this is one of mutual benefit.