Masaryk Station John Russell series Book 6

The legacies of the war have become entangled in the new Soviet-American conflict, creating a world of bizarre and fleeting loyalties—a paradise for spies. Berlin’s german inhabitants live in fear of the Soviet forces who occupy half the city, and whose legacy of violence has ripped apart many families.

John russell works for both stalin's nkvD and the newly created CIA, trying his best to cut himself loose from both before his double-agency is discovered by either. Still occupied by the four Allied powers and largely in ruins, the city has become the cockpit of a new Cold War. It will be the most dangerous task Russell has ever taken on, but one way or the other, it will be his last.

. As spring unfolds, a Western withdrawal looks increasingly likely. Berlin, 1948. He and his soviet liaison, shchepkin, seek out one final operation—one piece of intelligence so damning it could silence the wrath of one nation and solicit the protection of the other. As tensions between the great powers escalate, each passing day makes Russell’s position more treacherous.


Lehrter Station: A John Russell WWII Thriller John Russell series Book 5

Caught between soviets and americans, John Russell can't escape his role as an accidental spyBook 5 in the John Russell historical thriller series. It’s 1945, effi, and british journalist john Russell has finally reunited with his German girlfriend, in London after a dangerous flight from war-torn Berlin.

. But russell realizes his new life in england isn’t going to last when he is tracked down by Soviet agent Shchepkin, who helped Russell escape the disastrous last days of the war and the Russian army’s destruction of Berlin. In this dangerous new world, where alliances change every day, will John and Effi be able to leave the past behind? Or are the new enemies the same as the old?From the Trade Paperback edition.

It is time to repay the debt, and Shchepkin’s bosses in Moscow are not the forgiving types. Russell has no choice but to agree to be transferred back to Germany, where he will resume his cover as an investigative journalist and hand over US intelligence reports on the German Communist Party. Meanwhile, effi struggles to revive her acting career, but she cannot fight the desire to uncover ex-Nazi Party members still at large in Berlin.


Potsdam Station John Russell series Book 4

In berlin, russell’s girlfriend Effi has been living in disguise, helping fugitives to escape from Germany. Assaulted by allied bombs and Soviet shells, ruled by Nazis with nothing to lose, Berlin has become the most dangerous place on earth. John russell’s son paul is stationed on the Eastern Front with the German Army, awaiting the Soviets’ final onslaught.

Russell hasn’t heard from either of them since fleeing Germany in 1941. With a jewish orphan to care for, she’s trying to outlast the Nazis. In april 1945, hitler’s Reich is on the verge of extinction. He is desperate to find out if they’re alive and to protect them from the advancing Red Army. He flies to moscow, seeking permission to enter berlin with the Red Army as a journalist, but when the Soviet’s arrest him as a spy, things look bleak—until they find a use for him that has him parachuting into Berlin behind German lines.


Stettin Station John Russell series Book 3

In the fall of 1941, tied to the increasingly alien city by his love for two Berliners: his fourteen-year-old son, and his longtime girlfriend, Anglo-American journalist John Russell is still living in Berlin, Paul, Effi. Forced to work for both German and American Intelligence, he's searching for a way out of Germany.

Can he escape and take Effi with him? .

Silesian Station John Russell series Book 2

Russell hoped his new nationality would let him safely stay in Berlin with Effi and his son, but now he’s being blackmailed. He lives in Guildford, England. From the Hardcover edition. And shows a keen eye for describing people and places. Sacramento bee “an extraordinary evocation of Nazi Germany on the eve of war, the smell of cruelty seeping through the clean modern surface.

C. A jewish girl has vanished, and Russell feels compelled to search for her. David downing is the author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction for adults and children, including Zoo Station, the first novel featuring John Russell. British journalist john russell has just been granted American citizenship in exchange for agreeing to work for American intelligence when his girlfriend Effi is arrested by the Gestapo.

It’s a good plan, but soon things become complicated. J. A woman from his past, reappears, a communist, insisting he help her reconnect with the Soviets, who turn out to demand more than Russell hoped. Russell consents, though, but secretly offers his services to the Soviets instead—not for anything too dangerous, and only if they’ll sneak him and Effi out of Germany if necessary.

Meanwhile, europe lurches toward war, and he must follow the latest stories—to places where American espionage assignments await him.

Zoo Station John Russell series Book 1

By 1939, anglo-american journalist John Russell has spent over a decade in Berlin, where his son lives with his mother. But as world war ii approaches, he faces having to leave his son as well as his girlfriend of several years, a beautiful German starlet. When an acquaintance from his old communist days approaches him to do some work for the Soviets, Russell is reluctant, but he is unable to resist the offer.

He writes human-interest pieces for British and American papers, avoiding the investigative journalism that could get him deported. He becomes involved in other dangerous activities, helping a Jewish family and a determined young American reporter. When the british and the nazis notice his involvement with the Soviets, Russell is dragged into the murky world of warring intelligence services.

From the Hardcover edition.

Jack of Spies A Jack McColl Novel Book 1

Meanwhile, a sharp, vivacious american suffragette journalist has wiled her way deep into his affections, and it is not long before he realizes that her Irish-American family might be embroiled in the Irish Republican movement Jack's bosses are fighting against. Jack mccoll, a scottish car salesman with an uncanny ear for languages, has always hoped to make a job for himself as a spy.

As his sales calls take him from city to great city—hong kong to shanghai to San Francisco to New York—he moonlights collecting intelligence for His Majesty's Secret Service, but British espionage is in its infancy and Jack has nothing but a shoestring budget and the very tenuous protection of a boss in far-away London.

Unfortunately, this is also the moment he begins to realize what his aspiration might cost him. How can he choose between his country and the woman he loves? And would he even be able to make such a choice without losing both? He knows, that a geopolitical catastrophe is brewing, though, and now is both the moment to prove himself and the moment his country needs him most.

He understands his life is at stake when activities in China suddenly escalate from innocent data-gathering and casual strolls along German military concessions to arrest warrants and knife attacks. Set on the eve of the first world war, across oceans and continents, steamliners and cross-country trains, David Downing’s complex and thrilling new espionage novel takes us all the way back to the dawn of that most fascinating of 20th century characters—the spy.

It is 1913, and those who follow the news closely can see the world is teetering on the brink of war.

One Man's Flag A Jack McColl Novel Book 2

Only this time betrayal is a two-way street. Jack mccoll, a spy for his majesty’s secret Service, is stationed in India and charged with defending the Empire against Bengali terrorists and their German allies. Belgium, he finds, is not the only country seeking to expel an invader. In england, radical journalist caitlin hanley begins the business of rebuilding her life after the execution of her brother—an IRA sympathizer whose terrorist plot was foiled by Caitlin’s own ex-lover, meanwhile, the very same Jack McColl.

Spring 1915: world war one rages across Europe, and the British Empire is assailed on all fronts—domestic and abroad. If another irish plot brings them back together, will it be as enemies or lovers?From the Hardcover edition. The war is changing everything and giving fresh impulse to those causes—feminism, socialism and Irish independence—which she as a journalist has long supported.

The threat of a rising in Dublin alarms McColl’s bosses as much as it dazzles Caitlin. Amidst this bloodbath of nations, a british spy is asked to do the impossible: seduce and betray the woman he loves, where one man’s flag is another man’s shroud, again.

Lenin's Roller Coaster A Jack McColl Novel Book 3

In russia the bolshevik revolution is in full-swing while the supposed Great War is destroying Europe in ways never before imagined. Can a revolutionary love a spy? And if she does, will it cost one of them their life? The mission only becomes more dangerous the closer he gets to its heart. Caitlin knows moscow is where she is meant to be during this historic event—even if she is putting her own life at risk to bear witness.

But four years of bloody war have taken their toll on all of Europe, and Jack and Caitlin’s relationship may become another casualty. Fulltime lovers and part-time enemies, british spy jack mccoll is assigned a sabotage mission deep in central asia, British spy Jack McColl and progressive American journalist Caitlin Hanley, have seen their relationship survive this far but in a world defined by “win at all cost” attitudes how much longer can they hold out?Winter 1917: As a generation of Europe’s young men perish on the Eastern and Western fronts, where German influence is strong.

Up until now, jack and caitlin have managed to set aside their allegiances and stay faithful to each other, but the stakes of their affair have risen too high. Caitlin’s political convictions have always been for progress, feminism, and socialism—often diametrically opposed to the conservative goals of the British Empire Jack serves.

Meanwhile, the woman he loves, is in Bolshevik Russia, Irish-American radical journalist Caitlin Hanley, thrilled to have the chance to cover the Revolution.

The Dark Clouds Shining A Jack McColl Novel Book 4

He’s also heartbroken. The mi5 agent involved is someone he loathes. In the fourth and final installment of David Downing’s spy series, Jack McColl is sent to Soviet Russia, where the civil war is coming to an end. The bolsheviks have won but the country is in ruins. The target is someone McColl cares about and respects.

He can’t stomach spying for the British Empire anymore. With the knowledge that he may be walking into a death trap, McColl sets out for Moscow, the scene of his last heartbreak. Mccoll has been embittered by the Great War; he feels betrayed by the country that had sent so many young men to die needlessly.

The love of his life, radical journalist Caitlin Hanley, parted ways with him three years earlier so she could offer her services to the Communist revolution in Moscow. Then his former secret service boss offers McColl the chance to escape his jail sentence if he takes a dangerous and unofficial assignment in Russia, where McColl is already a wanted man.

Little does he know that his mission will throw him back into Caitlin’s life—or that her husband will be one of the men he is trying to hunt down. With the hopes engendered by the revolution hanging by a thread, plots and betrayals abound. London, 1921: ex–secret service spy Jack McColl is in prison serving time for assaulting a cop.

He would be spying on other spies, sniffing out the truth about MI5 meddling in a high-profile assassination plot.

Paris in the Dark Christopher Marlowe Cobb Book 4

But there are elements in this pursuit that will test Kit Cobb, wits, in all his roles, to the very limits of his principles, and talents for survival. Fleetly plotted but engaging with political and cultural issues that deeply resonate today, Paris in the Dark is this series’ best novel yet. With paris in the dark, pulitzer prize winner robert olen Butler returns to his lauded Christopher Marlowe Cobb series and proves once again that he can craft “a ripping good yarn” Wall Street Journal with unmistakably literary underpinnings.

Autumn 1915. City-dwelling civilians are meeting death by dynamite in a new string of bombings, and the German-speaking Kit seems just the man to figure out who is behind them—possibly a German operative who has snuck in with the waves of refugees coming in from the provinces and across the border in Belgium.

Christopher “kit” cobb, a Chicago reporter with a second job as undercover agent for the U. S. Government, is officially in paris doing a story on American ambulance drivers, James Polk Trask, but his intelligence handler, soon broadens his mission. World war i is raging across europe but woodrow Wilson has kept Americans out of the trenches—though that hasn’t stopped young men and women from crossing the Atlantic to volunteer at the front.