Nazi Women: The Attraction of Evil

Hermann goering told women, a dustpan and a broom, 'Take a pot, and marry a man, ' but many still became active participants in murder and mayhem. From the reich bride schools through the bund deutscher m�del and the bizarre Lebensborn Aryan breeding programme to the brothels of the Sicherheitsdienst, this book covers the lives of women in the Third Reich, concentrating on those who sought personal power and influence amid the chaos and death.

. The nazis believed their mission was to 'masculinize' life in Germany.

Life in the Third Reich: Daily Life in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945

As the shadow of the swastika lengthened, its citizens quickly came to realize that the Nazis' brutal programme was not optional. With the benefit of hindsight, questions have been raised as to why a civilized, cultured nation stood by and let the Nazi Party impose their rule in such inhumane fashion, and why so few individuals made any attempt to rebel.

Life in the third reich draws on the recollections of those who lived through the rise and fall of one of the most vicious and sadistic regimes the world has ever seen. Germany was a deeply divided nation when Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power in 1933. Everyone was expected to play their part in "national revival", especially those chosen as sacrificial victims.

Much has been written about daily life during World War II from the perspective of the Allied nations, but little about life in Germany during the Third Reich. These are the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary times, living in the grip of a regime that did not care if it destroyed the whole country in pursuit of its perverted goals.


Gestapo: The Story Behind Hitler's Machine of Terror

Together with the kriminalpolizei and the Sicherheitsdienst, the Gestapo would enforce a reign of terror on Germany and across much of Europe. Containing profiles of key figures and chilling tales of its death squads' sadistic efficiency - from the torture of Resistance members to mass murder in collaboration with the Einsatzgruppen - Gestapo shows how the organization thrived on Hitler's insecurity until, its members were eventually rounded up and, as the Allies triumphed, as far as possible, brought to justice.

Formed in 1933, the gestapo became one of the most feared state forces of the Third Reich before and during World War II. Chronicling the history of the organization, from its origins to the brutal and horrific offences that it perpetrated on hundreds of thousands of people, to its eventual downfall, Gestapo is a compelling tale of power and destruction taken to their most terrifying extremes.

Familiar in films as the ominous men wearing black leather trench coats seen arresting people on the flimsiest of pretexts, the true story of the Geheime Staatspolizei or Gestapo for short is even more frightening. Drawing on numerous sources, gestapo explores how this secret state police force was born on 26 April 1933, the creation of Hermann G�ring.


The Nazi Files: Chilling Case Studies of the Perverted Personalities Behind the Third Reich

The nazis kept extensive files on practically everybody in the Third Reich. Now author paul roland turns the tables with this brilliant new exposé - a fascinating psychological profile of the leading Nazis and their lesser-known associates.

The Nazis and the Occult: The Dark Forces Unleashed by the Third Reich

This is the real secret history of Nazi Germany and its dark Messiah - Adolf Hitler. No one can deny Paul Roland is a complete master of his subject. Colin wilson, bach, einstein, sadists and petty bureaucrats?nazis and the occult reveals the true nature of the third Reich's link with arcane influences and of evil itself, author of The Occult and A Criminal History of MankindWhy did the country which produced Goethe, Schiller, misfits, as well as explaining how an illeducated, Kant and Hegel allow itself to be led to the precipice of self-destruction by a ragged collective of criminals, Beethoven, psychologically unbalanced nonentity succeeded in mesmerizing an entire nation.

Forget what you have read, seen and heard.

In the Hell of Auschwitz: The Wartime Memoirs of Judith Sternberg Newman

Newman passed away in 2008. In the hell of auschwitz was first published in 1963. Sternberg’s book is therefore an invaluable source that uncovers the dark days that she spent in hell. In the hell of auschwitz is a fascinating book that provides insights into the worst horrors of the Second World War. Although at points it is a difficult read, it should be read by everyone so that such horrors will never be allowed to occur again.

After the war judith sternberg newman married Senek Newman, a fellow concentration camp survivor, and emigrated to the United States 1947. She worked as a nurse in Providence, Rhode Island, until her retirement. Sternberg’s book relates episode after episode of events where she should have been killed, but for whatever reason, she was spared.

Much has been written of the horrific events that occurred in Nazi Germany, yet it is rare that you are able to hear of these stories written by survivors themselves. She began writing her account immediately after arriving in the United States. Sternberg, along with her mother, an aunt and uncle, two sisters, three brothers, a brother-in-law, a niece, and her fiancé all entered into the hell of Auschwitz.

She was the only one to leave alive again. At five o’clock on february 23, Nazi police, 1942, armed with rifles surrounded the hospital where Sternberg worked.

The Nuremberg Trials: The Nazis brought to justice

Involving over a hundred defendants, the Nuremberg Trials took place between 1945 and 1946 and broke new ground. Doctors too stood in the dock for the many hideous medical experiments conducted in concentration camps, while members of the death squads were tried for the indiscriminate murder of civilians.

The nuremberg trails brought closure to the Second World War. It was the first time judges and members of the judiciary had been charged with enforcing immoral laws. Twenty-one nazi leaders were charged with crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity - and with having a common plan or conspiracy to commit those crimes.


Hitler's Children: Sons and Daughters of Third Reich Leaders

These are the children who saw their fathers corrupted by the insidious, centuries-old hatred, and their accounts serve as a clarion warning to us today that all decent people must redouble their efforts against racial and religious hatred. Hess. Now, for the first time, their children speak out. They were the architects of the Third Reich.

. Based on exclusive and in-depth interviews, Gerald Posner provides an unforgettable portrait of some children ravaged by anger and hatred while others are riven with guilt and plead for forgiveness. Names that conjure up dark memories of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Hitler’s children is a riveting and intimate look inside the families of top Nazis.

A fascinating book” – Sunday Mail “Absorbing. In grappling with memories of good and loving fathers who were later charged with war crimes, Hannah Arendt, these heirs to the Nazi legacy add a fresh and important perspective to understanding the complexity of what historian, dubbed “the banality of evil.

Hitler’s children is much more, however, than a series of startling family interviews. Mengele.

The Nazi Murder Machine: 13 Portraits in Evil

Included are names almost as infamous as hitler's own - heinrich himmler, joseph goebbels - yet also the cowardly, one of the owners of the pest-control company Tesch and Stabenow, who amassed a fortune through the sale of the Zyclon-B gas crystals, used in the concentration camp gas chambers, in sole charge of some 30, but wholly sadistic Irma Grese female guard at the Auschwitz concentration camp, 000 inmates and Bruno Tesch, to the Nazis.

The world can only be ruled by fear. So declared adolf Hitler, the Fuhrer of Germany. The nazi murder Machine:'We are barbarians - pitiless. By the same author: 'auschwitz: a Short History' & 'The Whistler: A Murderer's Tale'. Please note: due to editing issues, this book now contains 13 cases, rather than the original 16 as mentioned in some reviews.

A leader of millions, such merciless evil, served by men and women of such appalling savagery, that they make the words 'barbarians' and 'pitiless' seem all but redundant. This book features 13 such 'servants of Hitler'.

Irma Grese & Other Infamous SS Female Guards: The Secret Stories of Their Holocaust & Auschwitz Atrocities Revealed World War 2

There were female guards through that made some of those men look like choirboys. If we are determined to never again let these atrocities occur again though, we must learn the lessons of them now. Learn more about what she did or may not have done. We explore the mind of the female SS Guard. Read more about what might have caused her to develop these depraved actions.

Was she really the “red witch” as some claimed or did her actions have lesser consequences? While there’s no doubt she wasn’t innocent, some of the claims against her have been questioned over the years. Find out what she said in her last moments on the gallows. Could a broken heart be the cause of it? The controversy regarding Ilse Koch is still ongoing today.

Dorothea Binz was equally sadistic. You won't regret reading this book. Some of the claims are shocking… History can be hard to hear. Don’t wait – scroll up to Buy Now with One-Click! Most people think of the guards at the worst concentration camps as the epitome of Hitler’s regime, the blonde hair, blue-eyed, man.

These are just a few of the stories contained in this book. Irma grese, probably the most notorious of them all, was lesson in depravity who seemed to find pleasure and enjoyment in the torture inflicted on others.

Berlin Embassy

He passed away in 2000 Shirer, author of the rise and fall of the third reich: a history of Nazi GermanyWilliam Russell was an author and journalist who after completing his education had worked in the Berlin Embassy during 1939 and 1940 Russell explains how many germans laughed at figures such as Joseph Goebbels and Herman Goering when they were in privacy of their own houses.

Although written in only second year of the war it is clear that Russell and many of his friends are aware of the impending horrors that the war will cause and he tries desperately throughout the book to do his best for those who would suffer the most at the hands of the Nazi regime. Berlin embassy is the classic account of Germany and its people in the first year of the Second World War.

The small things that happen to the small people- as reported by a man in a small job in the American embassy in Berlin, who managed to get the man in the street to talk frankly. Kirkus reviews“Exciting reading … A very fine book. William L. After he left Germany he joined the U. S. His book berlin Embassy was first published in 1941.

Army and served two years as an Order of Battle Specialist in the Intelligence Branch in England.