Only For Their Love The Theodosia Sword Book 3

Despite his wealth and power, Carol has no interest in marrying a pompous man who goes out of his way to ignore her. Over the years, he has carefully sidestepped all endeavors to be matched with any of the grasping ladies. Now, with their families coming together for the Christmastide season it’s her mother’s last-ditch effort to get them together.

Currently, it can also be found in the Theodosia Sword box-set. Only for their lovemiss carol cresswall bore witness to her parents’ loveless union and is determined to avoid that same miserable fate. Author note***only for their love is a novella that was previously featured in the Regency duet: "Twas the Night Before Scandal".

Her mother has altogether different plans—plans that include a match between Carol and Lord Gregory Renshaw. Lord gregory renshaw has no intentions of falling prey to his mother's schemes to marry him off to a proper debutante she’s picked out. But a sudden christmastide scandal has the potential show Carol and Gregory that they’ve spent years running from the one thing they’ve always needed.

And carol plans to avoid Gregory at all costs.

Only For Her Honor The Theodosia Sword Book 2

A man whose life was ruined by her father, Eve has no place inside his household. Until he meets Eve. A woman alone in the world:Eve Ormond spent most of her life following the drum alongside her late father. The secrets between them:the more time Lucas spends with Eve, he remembers what it is to be alive and he lets the walls protecting his heart down.

A recluse who doesn't leave his family's estate, he's content to shut himself away. With few options available, however, Eve takes the post. Only for her honora wounded soldier:When Captain Lucas Rayne returned from fighting Boney’s forces, he was a shell of a man. When the secrets between them come to light will their love be enough? Or are they two destined for heartbreak?

With no family or marital prospects she needs employment and finds it in Captain Lucas Rayne's home. When his shameful actions bring death and pain to English soldiers, Eve is forced back to England, an outcast. Currently, it can also be found as part of the Theodosia Sword box-set. Author's note*****only for her honor is a novella that was previously offered as part of the Scandal's Daughters collection.

What she never anticipates is how with their every meeting, this honorable, hurting soldier slips inside her heart.

Only For His Lady The Theodosia Sword Book 1

And now, a gladius that was pilfered by the rival, it's up to Lady Theodosia Rayne to steal back the Theodosia sword, loathed Renshaw family. Now, they are torn between their age-old feud and the fire that burns between them. As theodosia and Damian battle for ownership, passion ignites. A sword. Please note, "only for his lady" was previously featured in the "With Dreams Only of You" collection.

It now features a prologue and epilogue! It is an approximately 30, 000 word novella. Can two forbidden lovers find a way to make amends before their families' war tears them apart? And the thief who stole her heart. The rayne family is trapped in a rut of bad luck. Intrigued by the vivacious woman, Devlin has no intentions of relinquishing the sword to her.

Hopefully, recovering the stolen sword will break the cycle and reverse her family's fate. Damian renshaw, that is, except lady theodosia, is feared by all--all, the Duke of Devlin, the brazen spitfire who enters his home and wrestles an ancient relic from his wall. A curse.

Five Days With A Duke The Heart of a Scandal Book 5

Except, that opportunity also brings the unlikeliest of gentlemen into her life—her best friend’s former betrothed, the Duke of Renaud. Thrown together with the notorious scoundrel, it isn't long before Constance discovers there’s far more to Connell, the Duke of Renaud than the world sees. The 5th and final installment in christi caldwell's heart of a Scandal series will have readers sighing, and laughing out loud!Years earlier, swooning, Connell Wordsworth, the Duke of Renaud gave up the woman he wanted for the responsibilities thrust upon him.

He’s managing that feat quite nicely until…Lady Constance Brandley, has a secret. And soon she finds herself longing for, everything she shouldn’t—the heart of a duke. The heart of a scandal series includes:prequel novella--in need of a Knight Schooling the DukeA Lady's Guide to a Gentleman's HeartA Matchmaker for a MarquessHis Duchess for a DayFive Days With A Duke.

A spinster, long past the age of either love or marriage, she finds herself presented with a unique opportunity that could improve her circumstances. She and her family don’t have two farthings to rub together. After loss upon loss, he heads to london, no staff, for a new home with no memories, and the only thing he wants in life…to be alone.


A Matchmaker for a Marquess The Heart of a Scandal Book 3

If he’s going to be saddled with a matchmaker, he’s going to have fun loosening Meredith’s too-tight chignon. What he doesn’t expect is how entranced he’ll be when those strands come falling down around her shoulders. The heart of a scandal series includes:prequel novella--in need of a knight schooling the dukea lady's guide to a gentleman's hearta matchmaker for a MarquessPraise for Christi Caldwell: "Christi Caldwell is a MUST Read!!"~New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh"A Christi Caldwell book never fails to touch the heart!"~New York Times bestselling author Tessa Dare “Christi Caldwell is a master of words and The Hellion is so descriptive and vibrant that she redefines high definition.

But how can that happen when, she must watch him wed another? He's decided to break her rules: Barry Aberdeen, the future Duke of Gayle, once her job is done, knew his days of freedom were numbered. Worse, the matchmaker is a childhood friend--Meredith Durant. Readers will be left panting, craving, and rooting for their favorite characters as unexpected lovers find their happy ending.

Rt book reviews on The Hellion. Having suffered a broken heart years before, she’s quite content in her work and determined to never fall prey to love again. With his sister recently married, his mother turned her marital aspirations to him. Be prepared to smile, swoon, and sigh in christi Caldwell's latest 'Heart of a Scandal' installment where a matchmaker firmly on the shelf is about to fall head over heels for her best friend's younger brother.

She’s even gone as far as to hire a matchmaker.

His Duchess For A Day The Heart of a Scandal Book 4

This latest edition features brand-new material; which includes a prologue and epilogue. The heroine of his duchess For A Day is Elizabeth Brightly, a finishing school instructor at Mrs. When i first met Elizabeth, I was intrigued by her character. She was devoted and kind in a place sorely lacking in kindness, and I just had to know her story.

I’ve made the decision to re-release His Duchess for a Day as a standalone title for those who have not had the opportunity to read it as part of the collection. But the past has a way of finding you, and now that her husband has found her, Elizabeth must face the man she’s tried to forget. It was time to right a wrong…Crispin Ferguson, the Duke of Huntington, has spent the past years living with regret.

Dear readers, i once released a novel titled his Duchess for a Day as part of Rogues Rush In; a collection I had the joy of working on with the Incomparable Tessa Dare. Passing herself off as a widow, Elizabeth has since built a life for herself as an instructor at a finishing school, far away from that greatest of mistakes.

Now that he’s found her, he has one request—be his duchess, publicly, just for a day. Belden’s finishing school, and a loyal friend to Rowena Bryant, the heroine from Schooling the Duke, the first full-length installment of my Heart of a Scandal series. I hope you enjoy his duchess for a day, along with these added moments between Crispin and Elizabeth!Happy Reading!HugsChristi CaldwellHIS DUCHESS FOR A DAY.


Courting Poppy Tidemore Lords of Honor Book 5

Soldier. However, honor proves a tricky thing – as does self-restraint—the more time he spends with alluring Poppy Tidemore. Tristan poplar, now Baron Bolingbroke, has lost everything. His best course of action is to avoid her, but when Poppy presents Tristan with a legitimate offer he can’t refuse, both enter with clear heads and uninvolved hearts.

There she’ll be able to pursue her artistic studies without judgment. So, there should be no problem living under the same roof. Or at least, that’s what she keeps telling herself. His reputation precluded him… Scoundrel. And when an unexpected opportunity comes along for Tristan to restore his name, he’ll have to decide which matters most: fighting for honor or fighting for Poppy’s love.

Other books in the lords of honor series: seduced by a lady's HeartCaptivated by a Lady's CharmRescued by a Lady's LoveTempted by a Lady's SmileCourting Poppy Tidemore March 29th. Except someone else at the Paradise knows Poppy, someone who used to occupy her girlish dreams: Lord Tristan. Scapegrace. See why nyt bestseller mary balogh calls christi caldwell: “a must read!” and why nyt bestseller Tessa Dare says, “A Christi Caldwell book never fails to touch the heart!”Courting Poppy Tidemore:Her name preceded her…Lady Poppy Tidemore’s notorious family scandals assure her place in not-so-polite society.

The Minx Who Met Her Match The Brethren Book 4

He's content living for his work. A chance meeting in the london streets soon finds her employed by the last man she should, the barrister who'll be opposing her brother in court. Soon, find the protective walls they’ve each built, Duncan and Josephine, two people who have vowed to never love again, crumbling.

When past secrets threaten to destroy their future, they’ll have to decide if love is enough. In the next book in usa today bestseller Christi Caldwell's The Brethren series, sparks fly between a spirited lady and the unyielding barrister she goes toe-to-toe with. Her betrothed has broken their engagement.

Looking to escape, josephine loses herself in her real passion—her other brother’s law books. Accused murderer. Duncan everleigh, widower, barrister, father. Until one day he meets…Miss Josephine Pratt. Her life is in tatters.

Her Duke of Secrets Brethren of the Lords Book 2

Soon the protective walls they’ve built, begin to crumble. But when danger threatens them both, they’ll need to overcome the treachery around them. Then one day miss elsie Allenby, rumored to be a skilled healer, enters his household. Neither strong drink and loose women nor the power he wields as leader of the Brethren of Lords can free him from the nightmares that haunt him.

Usa today bestselling author christi caldwell revisits the dark, the duke of Aubrey, William Helling, gritty side of Regency England in her Brethren of the Lords series! Death was preferable… Since his wife was killed in an accident that stole his happiness and left him injured, is a broken man. Her peaceful life is turned upside down when her help is requested by the Brethren, and she finds herself in the presence last person she ever thought she would aide: William Helling, the leader of the Brethren.

With every exchange, passion grows between Elsie and William. He prefers to be left alone, and has no desire to heal the wound his life has become. Since that betrayal, she’s made a life for herself on the fringe of society, caring for wounded animals. He should send her away and yet he’s enthralled by the mysterious stranger.

Healing was her life… but not a day passes when Elsie Allenby doesn’t miss her father nor remind herself where the blame for his death lies: The Brethren of Lords. Will the past steal their passion or will love find a way?Brethren of the Lords SeriesBook 1: My Lady of DeceptionBook 2: Her Duke of Secrets.


A Season of Hope A Danby Novella Book 2

Five years ago when her love, failed to return from fighting Napoleon’s forces, Marcus Wheatley, Lady Olivia Foster buried her heart. At three and twenty she considers herself firmly on the shelf. Unable to betray marcus’s memory, Olivia has gone out of her way to run off prospective suitors. Her father, however, disagrees and accepts an offer for Olivia’s hand in marriage.

. Yet it’s christmas, the duke of danby, when anything can happen…Olivia receives a well-timed summons from her grandfather, and eagerly embraces the reprieve from her betrothal. Only, she realizes the christmas season is a time of hope, when Olivia arrives at Danby Castle, second chances, and even miracles.


My Lady of Deception Brethren of the Lords Book 1

As his days in captivity grow, Georgina, he finds himself fascinated by the young maid, who cares for him. Imprisoned, Adam loses everything he holds dear. Until she meets Adam Markham. Everybody has a secret. Some are more dangerous than others. For georgina wilcox, only child of the notorious traitor known as “The Fox”, there are too many secrets to count.

Lord adam markham is captured by The Fox. When the carefully crafted lies she’s built between them begin to crumble, Georgina realizes she will do anything to prove her love and loyalty to Adam—even it means at the expense of her own life. Brethren of the lords seriesbook 1: My Lady of DeceptionBook 2: Her Duke of Secrets.

However, after her interference results in great tragedy, she resolves to never help another.