Pipe Cleaner Mania Craft Mania

Explains how to use common household objects and pipe cleaners to make such things as a daisy, miniature sculptures, a ring toss game, and pencil toppers.

Fat Fuzzies: Pipe Cleaner Crafts Kits for Kids

Pipe cleaners were originally used to clean the stems of smoking pipes, because they were thin and flexible and were easy to push through the small opening of the pipe. But they are most fun when they are used in creative craft projects! You will learn how pipe cleaners can be twisted and bent into an endless variety of awesome fun projects.

Create amazing creatures and animals out of crazy pipe cleaners by following along with the step-by-step instructions in the book. Create dozens of creations like buzzy bees, fuzzy flowers, 18 thick, or use the book as inspiration to create your own zany pipe cleaner projects! So, and groovy goldfish, pull out some pipe cleaners and let's get started!Each kids art kit includes:64-page instruction book8 fat, 20 regular and 4 bumpy pipe cleaners12 googly eyes6 pom-poms.


Creating Pipe Cleaner Crafts How-To Library

The easiest crafts are at the beginning, to allow the reader to practice scaffolding their knowledge as they learn the domain-specific vocabulary. Crafters practice reading comprehension as they follow the steps for each project. Complete a variety of fun craft projects using pipe cleaners.