Played by Him New Pleasures Book 2

The moments of happiness i’d had through my life had always ended in heartbreak, and I should have expected more of the same. I should have protected myself. In fort collins, rona quick thinks she’s finally found everything she’s always wanted. Parker’s excitingly hot New Pleasures series. When it comes, she throws herself into her work to forget.

Work that is even more dangerous than her feelings for Jalen. Check out played by Him, the second book in M. S. As she allows billionaire genius Jalen Larsen to breach the defenses around her heart, some part of her is still waiting for the inevitable crash. I should have known that things were too good to last.

A home, with friends and a good man who cares for her.

Saved by Him New Pleasures Book 3

When my boyfriend’s ex announced she was pregnant with his child, I thought things couldn’t get any worse. Something happened to me after i left Jalen’s house and now I don’t know if I’ll make it out of this alive. With her murderer father on the loose and her captor’s mysterious ‘employers’ looming as a threat, she knows she’ll need to fight if she wants to get back to the life – and the man – she loves.

Don’t miss saved By Him, the thrilling conclusion to M. S. Pi rona Quick is missing. Parker’s steamy Hot Pleasures series. As her friends work to find her, she looks for a way to escape. I was wrong.

Claimed by Him New Pleasures Book 1

I used to think that I was doing pretty well for myself, especially considering the tragedies of my past. I was on a fast track to a promising career. Five months later, she’s found a tentative home and a simple life as a private investigator, but when a case brings handsome billionaire Jalen Larsen into her life, she discovers that things aren’t going to be as easy as she’d hoped.

Then my world imploded. Don’t miss claimed by Him, the first book in the New Pleasures series. When twenty-two-year-old Rona Quick finds her plans for her future destroyed, her world goes into a tailspin.

Brianne's Secret Final Pleasures Book 3

Then, why do i feel like it’s a little too perfect? Just as life looks promising, journalist Tess Gardener finds her sister missing – again. Parker. The perfect happily ever after. As she and clay scour the country, things between the couple come to a head, making her question everything she believes in.

For the first time clay doesn’t know what the future holds, but he hopes that Tess will be a part of it…until a betrayal of trust threatens to destroy everything. Will the childhood sweethearts discover Brianne's secret and save their relationship? Find out now in the thrilling conclusion to Tess and Clay’s story by bestselling author, M.

S. I've found my sister and I'm waking up next to Clay, my childhood crush. Everything has finally worked out the way it's supposed to.

Saving Tess Final Pleasures Book 2

Despite not knowing what he wants from his former adolescent crush, he’s vowed not to leave San Jose without Tess. The web of secrets, lies, and sex weaves tighter in Saving Tess, another installment of M. S. Not with my luck. Journalist tess gardener had gone to Costa Rica to find her missing sister only to reunite with her first love.

An assignment, however, isn’t what’s kept him in country. Now, without memories to tell her that she’s not alone in a foreign country, she trusts the young man who saved her from a horrible car accident and hopes she won’t be betrayed again. Clay kurth has accomplished the mission he was sent to Costa Rica to complete: finding the girlfriend of someone in Washington with power.

I woke up with no memory of the last six weeks of my life only to find myself in a strange bed with a strange man telling me that I was in Costa Rica. Parker’s latest smoking hot series, New Pleasure. Not knowing why i’d come to this country or what caused my amnesia should have been the worst I had to deal with.


Finding Brianne Final Pleasures Book 1

Now a journalist, tess is in costa Rica, searching for her sister, who’s part of the missing Red Care group. Parker’s New Pleasure series. When my partner asked for an unusual favor, I saw it as a great excuse to get away from Denver for a while. Space was what i needed to move on from my ex, and the job sounded easy.

How hard could it be to find a group of lost red care workers in Costa Rica?The last person FBI agent, Clay Kurth, expected to run into on his trip was Tess Gardener, the girl who broke his teenage heart. Thrown together in a dangerous rescue mission, finding Brianne, this could be a second chance for Tess and Clay…unless fate has other plans? Don’t miss, the steamy spin-off to M.


The Billionaire's Muse Complete Series Box Set

But as each one meets their match, they learn that becoming a billionaire’s muse isn’t always as great as it first sounds. Don’t miss M. S. Parker’s sexy hit series, The Billionaire’s Muse, now in a complete box set. The gilded cage, manhattan’s hottest BDSM club, caters to the city’s wealthiest and most powerful residents.

Four friends who appear to have it all, yet don’t realize they’re missing one thing to reach true greatness…a billionaire’s muse. Editor’s assistant tanya lacey, irish immigrant sine mcNiven, art critic Savannah Birch, and PR assistant Paige Ryce, are all focused on making their own marks on the world and will risk much to make it happen.

Billionaire’s like ceo erik sanders, Gooding family heir Jace Randell, photographer Alix Wexler, and celebrity rock star Reb Union.


Liam follows me. What blooms between us is based on a rebound. We agree to a simple no-strings-attached fling, but I soon discover that nothing in Liam’s world is simple. Bloom, from new york times and USA Today bestselling author, a new standalone novel, Deborah Bladon. Liam wolf should come with a warning.

The man is all kinds of hot. He’s nailed down the tall, tattooed, gorgeous-as-sin look. I shouldn’t be swooning over him. He’s in my floral shop to order a bouquet for the woman of his dreams. I swallow the bitter taste of envy and design a to die for arrangement. I offer to deliver the flowers personally because I’m a glutton for punishment.

The delivery should go off without a hitch. It doesn’t. I end up at liam’s office with the bouquet in one hand and a no thank you note from his ex-girlfriend in the other. I walk away.

MATT The Hartwell Brothers Book 2

My world is spinning out of control and I hate it. I’m driving out of Boston with no idea where to go. Hopefully, a road trip will ease the tension that erupted between me and my brother, Keith, after he stole the heart of the woman I was falling for. A wedge has been driven between the two Hartwell brothers, so Matt takes a cross country road trip to clear his mind, but ends up stranded with a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere.

Parker’s hot, new billionaire romance series, The Hartwell Brothers. S. Rescued by gabrielle kennell, a beautiful ranch owner in South Dakota, he has no idea that the answers to all his problems are right in front of him. Don’t miss matt, the second book in M.

The Master: Steamy Boss Romance Manhattan Records Book 3

Making a clean break will be the best thing for both of us. Nate lexington and ashlee webb are trying their best to move on without each other, but neither one of them is able to forget how right they had felt together. Parker’s Manhattan Records series. Nate: i made a mistake, thinking that I could be with someone like her.

I didn’t need to be at Manhattan Records anymore. One glimpse of a part of me she didn’t like, and she ran. That will be best for everyone. Ashlee: i had been a fool to trust him, to think that he was a better man than what everyone said. S. I’m not going to apologize for who I am. Don’t miss the sexy and exciting conclusion to M.

If they’re willing to try again, however, will their relationship be able to survive the worst that has yet to come? Download The Master Manhattan Records and find out! I had a life before i met her, and I’ll just go back to that life now.

The Dom: Steamy Boss Romance Manhattan Records Book 2

Nate and Ashlee's trilogy is now complete. Enjoy 900 steamy pages with a happily ever after. I make plans and follow through. I don’t take risks, not like this. S. But he distracts me in ways I never thought possible. Parker. I know the danger, but I dare to hope that he’ll change…for me. Manhattan records’ employee ashlee webb knows it’s a bad idea to sleep with the company’s founder, Nate Lexington, but she’s helpless to stop.

However, will it be the wake-up call she needs to break away, the second installment in the new steamy Boss trilogy from USA Today bestselling author, or can their turbulent fling survive?Don’t miss "THE DOM", when Nate’s past comes to light, M.