Pocket Tagalog Dictionary: Tagalog-English English-Tagalog Periplus Pocket Dictionaries

A guide to pronouncing Tagalog correctly. Other books from this bestselling series you might enjoy are: Pocket Vietnamese Dictionary, Pocket Indonesian Dictionary, Pocket Thai Dictionary, Pocket Cambodian Dictionary, and Pocket Malay Dictionary. It's never a good idea to be overly–relient on technology while traveling! Look up words quickly and easily with this great little Tagalog dictionary.

. Tagalog–english and English–Tagalog sections. In addition to being an excellent english to Tagalog dictionary and Tagalog to English dictionary Pocket Tagalog Dictionary contains important notes on the Tagalog language, Tagalog grammar and Tagalog pronunciation. This dictionary contains: The 3, 000 most commonly used words in the Tagalog language.

Intended for use by tourists, students, and business people traveling to The Philippines Pocket Tagalog Dictionary is an essential tool for communication and a great way to learn Tagalog. An introduction to and history of the Tagalog language. Information on Tagalog grammar. All filipino words are written in english and Tagalog so that in the case of difficulties the book can simply be shown to the person the user is trying to communicate with.

It's handy pocket format and easy-to read type will make any future trip to The Philippines much easier. It features all the essential Tagalog vocabulary appropriate for beginning to intermediate students.

Tagalog for Beginners: An Introduction to Filipino, the National Language of the Philippines Downloadable MP3 Audio Included

The downloadable audio helps reinforce pronunciation and improve listening comprehension. Realistic dialogues to bring the language to life. Key features include:: Accompanying downloadable audio. This is a straightforward and user–friendly guide to the Tagalog language. Activities and exercises to help you read, write, speak and understand.

After journeying through the carefully-paced explanations, and activities in Tagalog for Beginners, conversations, cultural info, learners will be able to use Tagalog Filipino in a wide range of natural situations. Tagalog for beginners is the book to help you learn tagalog Filipino on your own, efficiently and accurately—whether you're traveling to the Philippines for a vacation or a business trip, or you have ties to the sizeable Tagalog-speaking community in the U.

S. Or you're merely a language lover. Notes on the Tagalog language and history. Helpful suggestions guide heritage learners those of Filipino descent but born outside the Philippines on how to use the book most effectively for their needs. A specific section guides native heritage learners and instructors on how to use the book most effectively for their needs.

From the fascinating history of Philippines' language to how you speak it, join skilled teacher Barrios on a guided introduction—with a practical focus. From shopping for food to asking directions, from telling time to expressing how you feel, this book gives you the communication skills you need.

Instant Tagalog: How to Express Over 1,000 Different Ideas with Just 100 Key Words and Phrases! Instant Phrasebook Series

The idea of instant tagalog is simple—learn 100 words and phrases and say 1, 000 things. And much more. Ride the subway. Here's a sample of what you'll be able to do: Meet people. Go shopping. The trick is knowing which 100 words to learn, but the authors Jan Gaspi and Sining Marfori have solved the problem, choosing only those words you'll hear again and again.

Even with a vocabulary this small, you'll be surprised how quickly and fluently you too can communicate in the Tagalog language. Added features include an easy-to-use pronunciation guide and Tagalog dictionary fore quick reference. Ask directions. Its tiny 04 x 4. 1 x 5. 9 inches size makes it incredibly convenient to travel with but without losing the most essential content for communication.

Order food and drinks. It's amazing how 100 key words and phrases provide instant communication! do you want to speak simple Tagalog but are too busy to study it? Are you visiting the Philippines for a short time and want a Tagalog phrase book to help you communicate? If so, this is the book for you—it's the quickest and easiest way to learn the most common Filipino language.


Tagalog Down & Dirty

Some do things that don’t have chapters in the standard tourist phrasebooks and textbooks of the primary native language, Tagalog. Tagalog is spoken as a first language by millions of Filipinos in and around the nation’s capital of Manila, including Angeles and Subic Bay. Call an american woman "ugly" and you'll probably get a lecture on how men objectify women and/or men should look for beautiful personalities.

Every year, millions of foreigners visit The Philippines. Call a filipino woman "ugly" and look out!Tell an American they have no shame, and they probably won't even know what you're talking about. Tell a filipino woman that and, depending on circumstances, she may take it as an insult to her sexual morality.

Whether you wish to learn more about the philippines because you're chatting up some sweet young thing online and want to meet her in person, or a linguist checking out the phenomenon of gay language, explore the jungles or oceans teeming with exotic wildlife, or to backpack in the mountains, or to swim and sun bathe at the white sand beaches, or you wish to check out the bar scene, Tagalog Down & Dirty is where to start your adventure.

So download Tagalog Down & Dirty now. Next is a chapter including a long list of gay language words. In addition, tagalog is spoken and understood to some extent throughout the rest of the country because it’s the language of school, TV, newspapers and movies. Tagalog down & dirty is your guide to the Tagalog you won’t learn in the other books.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, slurs about your mind, the supernatural, curse words, insults, body and sexual equipment, gambling, obscenities, dirty talk, and “gay language”—which gay men use to hide their meaning from the general population.

Intermediate Tagalog: Learn to Speak Fluent Tagalog Filipino, the National Language of the Philippines Downloadable material included

A reading passage from a story or newspaper article, with comprehension questions. At last, a way to improve your tagalog! written by joi barrios as the continuation of her best-selling Tagalog for Beginners book, Intermediate Tagalog is the first intermediate-level book designed specifically for people who already speak or understand some basic Tagalog and now wish to achieve greater fluency in speaking, reading and writing standard Filipino—the national language of the Philippines.

The carefully-constructed lessons in this book point out common grammatical errors that English speakers make when speaking Tagalog, and present "real-life" conversations demonstrating how the language is spoken in Manila today. Each lesson is carefully structured in six key parts: A "real-life" dialogue providing valuable conversational skills.

A writing exercise designed to teach a specific writing skill. Using intermediate tagalog, you'll be able to talk about yourself, your family and your daily experiences using grammatically correct sentences and a native-speaker level vocabulary. The 20 lessons give you all the basic skills needed to speak tagalog fluently: paglalarawan the ability to describe people, a folktale, places and feelings; pagsasalaysay the ability to tell a story—whether a news story, or an anecdote; paglalahad how to explain something—for example, a custom or tradition, or how to cook a dish; and pangangatuwiran reasoning and abstract thinking.

Insightful cultural notes presenting aspects of the Philippines that may seem "odd" to outsiders, to explain how Filipino culture shapes the way people speak. A grammar review section for example, on the correct uses of affixes in various sentence constructions. A vocabulary list to expand your familiarity with common, everyday Tagalog words and expressions.

Easy Tagalog: A Complete Language Course and Pocket Dictionary in One! Free Companion Online Audio Easy Language Series

All dialogues are highly practical and authentic and illustrated with manga illustrations for easy memorization. Easy tagalog brings the tagalog language and culture of the Philippines alive, giving you all the basics you need to start speaking Tagalog immediately. Start learning tagalog on the plane and begin communicating effectively the moment you land!

This invaluable guide introduces all the basics of the Tagalog language, as well as vocabulary and tips for practical daily conversation. There is also a glossary of commonly used words and phrases, useful notes, greetings, pronunciation, sentence structure, etiquette, idiomatic expressions, and cultural dos and don'ts included throughout.

A complete language course and pocket dictionary in one, Easy Tagalog includes:Native speaker audio recordingsUseful notes on pronunciation and accentsFocus on daily communicationsStructured, progressive lessons Let Filipino experts Barrios and Camagong teach you how to enjoy this beautiful language.

Tuttle Concise Tagalog Dictionary: Tagalog-English English-Tagalog

The dictionary is bidirectional with over 20, 000 entries covering the everyday vocabulary used in all educational, work-related and tourist situations. For each entry, information is given on the part of speech, in addition to giving all useful definitions, common collocations and the pronunciation of the word.

. A helpful introduction provides a guide to pronunciation and many other Tagalog grammar pointers and explanations. Easy-to-read and extensive, this Tagalog dictionary is an essential language learning and translation tool. For ease of use, this dictionary is divided into two parts: Tagalog–English and English–Tagalog.

Designed primarily for English speakers, it can also be used by Tagalog speakers who are learning English. The introduction at the front provides a guide to pronunciation as well as other grammar pointers and explanations. Key highlights of this tagalog dictionary are: Over 20, 000 entries cover everyday words that are used in educational, work-related and tourist situations.

Extensive information on parts of speech, common collocations, and the pronunciation of each word. The tuttle concise tagalog dictionary gives you the most complete and up-to-date translations from English to Tagalog/Filipino and is the most current dictionary available today.

Survival Tagalog: How to Communicate without Fuss or Fear - Instantly! Tagalog Phrasebook Survival Series

Manga illustrations provide visual cues to language in context. It includes tips for handling situations you'll encounter on a daily basis in the Philippines, making it the most useful Tagalog language book you can buy when traveling! Romanized words are given for each Tagalog word, ensuring that you know how to pronounce each word correctly.

Key features of this tagalog phrasebook include: pronunciation guides for each phrase with romanized text for more accurate sounds The right greeting in each situation Correct personal titles for addressing Filipino people respectfullyHow to ask questions and request things Talking about your family Telling time and days of the week Major cities and famous places in the Philippines Important public signs Travel vocabulary and useful expressions like: Getting to the Airport Renting a Car Eating and Drinks Sightseeing Health/Emergencies Shopping and Money And many more!

This practical tagalog phrasebook puts all the most important Tagalog words and phrases in the palm of your hand.

Elementary Tagalog: Tara, Mag-Tagalog Tayo! Come On, Let's Speak Tagalog! MP3 Audio CD Included

Three active learning activities— these follow the dialogue comprehension in each lesson, and ask students to employ new Tagalog vocabulary. Elementary tagalog's comprehensive approach will help students master Tagalog, the language of the Philippines—also known as Filipino or Pilipino. Accompanying downloadable audio—listening activities to reinforce Tagalog learning is also included with the book Available separately is the companion Elementary Tagalog WorkbookThis helpful workbook will assist you in practicing and polishing your Filipino language skills, offering a range of exercises and practice opportunities to enable you to achieve proficiency in everyday, conversational Tagalog.

Covering a range of topics, health, and the community—including food, leisure time, travel, the home, the Tagalog language lessons center on themes of the family, festivals, and popular culture. Elementary tagalog is the leading beginner Tagalog textbook and Tagalog language learning package. There are plenty of exercises, heritage, while culture notes explore the diversity, and practice drills to help learners acquire and master Tagalog language fundamentals, activities, and history of the Philippines.

The grammar section—divided into four parts: definitions of terms, examining form, grammar presentation, and grammar notes. From learning to read tagalog words and pronounce sounds to using correct Tagalog grammar and building vocabulary, learners will be surprised at how quickly their skills develop.

. Each lesson contains: cultural notes—at the beginning of each unit these offer explanations of social, it ties into the theme of the unit Reading and Reading Comprehension—given mostly in the form of Tagalog language dialogues, economic, and historical aspects of Filipino society A Vocabulary List—located within each lesson, these are designed to expose the students to real-life conversations as might be had by native Filipino speakers.

Tagalog in a Flash Kit Ebook Volume 1 Tuttle Flash Cards

Contains 448 flash cars plus a 16 page index booklet. With a full range of features to help beginners and intermediate learners, these Tagalog flash cards are an excellent learning tool for anyone who wants to master Tagalog also known as Filipino. Containing 448 flash cards of the most commonly used Tagalog words and phrases, along with sample sentences, handy indexes and a guide to using the cards for most effective learning, Tagalog in a Flash Volume 1 delivers.

Tagalog in a flash: volume i is an excellent new Tagalog language learning resource for beginning students and a great way to study Tagalog vocabulary. Pronunciation and accent marks given for all 448 main words. Arranged and sequenced in thematic groups and usage frequency. Learn 448 main words plus 1, 792 related words, phrases and expressions.

Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines and the beloved language of the second-largest Asian-American ethnic group.

Basic Tagalog for Foreigners and Non-Tagalogs: MP3 Downloadable Audio Included Tuttle Language Library

This edition has retained all the grammar lessons and the tried–and–tested teaching methodology developed b the author, Paraluman S. The added tagalog vocabulary is meant to keep learners abreast of changes that have occurred in the language since the first edition of Basic Tagalog which was published.

These are spread throughout 44 lessons, the Appendices and the exercises as well as in the Tagalog–English and English–Tagalog vocabulary lists at the back of the book. Includes downloadable audio. Using basic tagalog to study the Tagalog language will further encourage both non–Tagalogs and non–Filipinos to speak Tagalog better.

Only then will they appreciate the individuality of the language that reflects the resilience and flexibility of Filipinos all around the world. In the end, such learning will improve daily interactions and communications between non–Filipinos and Filipinos—whether in business, tourism, education, social or civic endeavors.

A succinct introduction to the language and a description of the character of Filipinos will hopefully provide learners with a better understanding of the language they are learning. The lessons in basic tagalog are intended for a three–month period of intensive study followed by another three months of applied oral communication.

Her method has proven to be extremely effective for tens of thousands of foreigners and non–Tagalogs who have used this book to learn Tagalog, including many who have successfully learned to speak Tagalog, read Tagalog and write Tagalog through self–study on their own without a teacher. Highlights of this book include: Over 2, 000 Tagalog words and expressions.

44 lessons organized by organized for efficient language absorption.