Roadside History of Montana Roadside History Paperback

Used book in Good Condition. Spritzer speaks of each little town and crossroad with the intimacy of someone who's been there-and indeed he has. Author don spritzer's love of montana in all its diversity shines through in each vignette as he introduces readers to Montana's independent, adventurous, and often eccentric people.

Roadside history of montana goes well beyond cowboy stories to tell of the struggles of dryland farmers, the rowdy antics of mining- town denizens, and the heroism of smoke jumpers and park rangers. Readers will learn surprising facts about the Treasure State's past and meet its most fascinating people, from the copper kings of Butte to the Freemen of Garfield County.

Dividing the state into six geographical-historical areas, Roadside History of Montana follows main highways to reveal the stories hidden within the vast Montana landscape, delighting readers with lively anecdotes along the way. Accentuating the text are 170 historical photographs and numerous maps.

Roadside Geology of Montana Roadside Geology Series

From the mystery of glacial lake missoula to the mountains of Glacier National Park to the oil fields of Eastern Montana, curious travelers will learn about the geology of the Treasure State. Written with the non-geologist traveler in mind, this book describes the geology of Montana. It follows the highways descrbing the geologic features found along the most-traveled, major roadways.


Roadside History of Wyoming Paperback

In roadside history of wyoming readers will learn about native americans who struggled to adapt to many sudden changes, miners who sought wealth below the ground, cattle and sheep drovers who took advantage of the open range, emigrants who suffered untold hardships, mountain men who braved the wilderness, and many others whose deeds help define the state's rich history.

. Mountain Press Publishing Company.

Montana: A History of Two Centuries

Fully twenty percent of the text is new or revised, oral history, women’s studies, incorporating the results of new research and new interpretations dealing with pre-history, Native American studies, ethnic history, and recent political history. In addition, the bibliography has been updated and greatly expanded, new maps have been drawn, and new photographs have been selected.

Roeder in carrying forward the narrative to the 1990s. Montana: a history of two centuries first appeared in 1976 and immediately became the standard work in its field. Mountain Press Publishing Company. Lang has joined Michael P. In this thoroughgoing revision, William L. Malone and Richard B.

Montana: High, Wide, and Handsome

In these pages you will come to fall in love with a ruggedly diverse and strikingly beautiful state, a land that takes hold and won’t let go. William kittredge provides a new introduction for this edition. Used book in Good Condition. Montana: high, unforgettable peoples, wide, and Handsome is widely recognized as a classic history and delightful ode to the idiosyncratic personalities, restless landscape, and lively history of the Treasure State.

Mountain Press Publishing Company.

Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey

If you have room for only one book about Montana on your shelf, make it this one. David abrams, author of fobbit"fifty-Six Counties is an insightful consideration of our state's angles and attitudes; it's not an easy task but this result is grand. Pat williams, former US Congressman from Montana Mountain Press Publishing Company.

To this eminent list we can now add Russell Rowland's Fifty-Six Counties: A Montana Journey. Montana has a long and celebrated tradition of artful, reflective nonfiction. A gorgeous accomplishment. Laura pritchett, author of stars go blue, winner of the High Plains Book Award"Fifty-Six Counties is a remarkable book: a macro-focused narrative using a wide-angle lens.

A native montanan and an applauded novelist in open spaces, from the stark, High and Inside, from the mines of Butte to the pine forests of the Northwest, Rowland spent the better part of a year studying and traveling around his beloved home state, wind-scrubbed badlands of the East to the tourist-driven economies of the West.

This book is utterly unique. From joseph kinsey howard's Montana: High, Wide, and Handsome to K. Used book in Good Condition. Along the way, most of all, he considered our state's essential character, and, where we came from, what we might be in the process of becoming. Fifty-six counties: a montana journey is astounding in beauty and vitality, interwoven with great wisdoms about human shadow and human light, touched by divine notions of the sacredness that binds all people, and graced with a hard won and ultimately natural sense of illumination.

Roadside History of Idaho Roadside History Series

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Mountain Press Publishing Company. Roadside history of idaho makes you feel like you've got a native guide at hand as it transports you to those places through well-researched, well-told stories and vivid historical photographs. The best way to enjoy Idaho's rich heritage is to visit the sites where history happened.


It Happened in Montana: Remarkable Events That Shaped History It Happened in the West

Mountain Press Publishing Company. These episodes are a lively look at life in the Wild West. Author James A. Crutchfield has mined thirty-seven of the most colorful episodes from Montana's provocative past--from the first glimpse of French explorers of the "Shining Mountains" in 1743 to the attempt to round up the wild horses of the Pryor Mountains.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Roadside History of Colorado Roadside History Paperback

Used book in Good Condition. Mesmerizing tales of adventure and tragedy – including cannibalism on the “Starvation Trail, the jailing of Mother Jones, ” the infamous Sand Creek Massacre, and the Big Thompson River flood of 1976 – will thrill both Coloradans and visitors. Used book in Good Condition.

Colorado’s roads wind through country that is steeped in history, sometimes tracing routes with a history of their own, from the Santa Fe Trail to the Million Dollar Highway. Used book in Good Condition. Mountain Press Publishing Company. Like other books in this popular series, Roadside History of Colorado is divided into geographical-historical areas, making it easy to explore the state region by region.

But no matter where you roam in this beautiful state, this book can guide you.

The Last Best Place: A Montana Anthology A Montana Centennial Book

Used book in Good Condition. This collection of vivid and compelling literature ranges across Montana's literary landscape in descriptions of explorers' discoveries, stories from mining and agricultural frontiers, and powerful memoirs from Native Americans, as well as unforgettable images created by contemporary writers.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Mountain Press Publishing Company.

The Last Best Place: A Montana Anthology

The selections range from pre-white Indian days to the present, and, taken as a whole, they offer a powerful microcosm of the entire western experience. The chapters, followed by the mining and stockmen’s frontiers, the agricultural and small town experience, each prefaced by an original essay, progress chronologically from myths and tales of the Indian people to accounts of exploration and the fur trade, as well as a special chapter on Butte--the richest hill on earth.

Contemporary chapters take up the emergence of the modern West in the middle years of the twentieth century as well as the renaissance of western literature in contemporary fiction and poetry. These chapters include many authors who have earned national reputations in fiction, and criticism, poetry, but they also include many younger writers whose careers are just beginning.

Used book in Good Condition. Through eight chapters and over 800 pages, essays, stories, 150 writers present scores of myths, poems, and journals that document Montana’s significant literary tradition. This book is an anthology of some of the greatest stories and storytellers of the American West. Literary Criticism.

Mountain Press Publishing Company. Used book in Good Condition.