Power Plays 02 Tom Clancy’s Power Plays Book 2

Encryption technology keeps the codes for the world's security and communication systems top secret. Deregulating this state-of-the-art technology for export could put a back-door key in the pockets of spies and terrorists around the world. So when american businessman roger gordian refuses to put his sophisticated encryption program on the market, he finds his company the object of a corporate takeover--and to say it's hostile doesn't even come close.

Only gordian stands between the nation's military software and political extremists who want to put the leadership of the free world out of business--for good.

Politika: Power Plays 01 Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 1

The sudden death of Russia's president has thrown the Russian Federation into chaos. Determined to find those responsible for the attack, he calls upon his crisis control team to interven. Devastating crop failures have left millions in the grip of famine, and an uprising seems inevitable. Amidst the turmoil in russia, American businessman Roger Gordian finds his multinational corporation and its employees in jeopardy.

It is 1999. But the whole world is watching when a deadly terrorist attack stuns the United States and evidence points to the Russian government. One of russia's provisional leaders asks the American president for help. But gordian doesn't realize how far the terrorists will go and how much he has to lose.

Shadow Watch: Power Plays 03 Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 3

But the launch of a shuttle carrying parts for the station is sabotaged. And gordian's deepest fears are confirmed. The orion project has been targeted by an international terrorist whose criminal enterprises thrive on violence and political instability. Mysterious guerrilla attacks occur at the manufacturing facilities in Brazil and Kazakhstan.

Harlan de vane's goal is to cripple gordian's intelligence and security tean, while stowing a high-powered electromagnetic pulse generator aboard Orion--a state-of-the-art weapon with the capacity to throw every major American city into chaos. His company has become the principal contractor in the design and manufacture of Orion, a multinational space station.

The year is 2001, and american businessman Roger Gordian has extended his reach into space.

Bio-Strike: Power Plays 04 Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 4

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Cold War: Power Plays 05 Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 5

Uninhabited. Under attack…on the wind-swept, ice-covered continent of Antarctica, Roger Gordian’s UpLink Technologies has established a scientific research facility called Cold Corners. But its testing of potential robotic landing craft for use on Mars is disrupted when one of the rovers disappears—along with the repair team sent out after it.

Fear of discovery has prompted a renegade consortium—that is illegally using Antarctica as a nuclear waste dump—to wipe out the UpLink base. Now, the men and women of cold corners have only themselves to rely on as the consortium mounts its decisive strike against the ice station—and the final sunset plunges them into the total darkness of a polar winter….


Cutting Edge: Power Plays 06 Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 6

As fiberoptic cable is laid down around the continent, two entities fight to control it. Now, gordian must trust his uplink team as never before, as they fight on land and sea to turn the tables against Devane…once and for all. To ensure his success, Devane makes his move halfway around the world. Wired. Africa becomes the battle ground in 21st-century war.

The pan-african fiberoptic ring is his most ambitious—and expensive—endeavor to date. He hits gordian where it hurts—and kidnaps his daughter. One is uplink Communications, headed by Roger Gordian. Trading in black market commodities with terrorists and rogue states, the cable offers him unlimited access to a most valuable product: information.

His nemesis, Harlan Devane, is penetrating the network.

Wild Card: Power Plays 08 Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 8

What nimec discovers is a plot to drain oil from the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve and sell it to outlaw nations. When an anonymous e-mail alerts upLink International’s operatives to suspicious activity on an exclusive island resort, Pete Nimec goes undercover to investigate. Located off the coast of trinidad, rayos del sol is not just a playground for the world’s richest and most powerful people—it’s also the headquarters for a joint fiber-optic—oil refinery project run by UpLink and Sedco Oil.

The eighth page-turning thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling Power Plays series. And when the island’s highly trained security force is sent to take Nimec out, heaven on earth erupts into hell.

Zero Hour: Power Plays 07 Tom Clancy's Power Plays Book 7

Competition is heating up between the powerful telecommunications company Uplink International and new technological giant Ambright Industries. To keep uplink on top, owner roger gordian is not above a little “friendly snooping, ” especially when one of Ambright’s corporate sales agents disappears under mysterious circumstances.

Clancy knows how to build a thriller. Boston Globe. Soil. But, a little digging by uplink operatives reveals a major flaw: a Pakistani terrorist is using Ambright’s laser technology to further his own political agenda—and it’s only a matter of time before he launches the ultimate attack. On U. S. Seventh in the #1 new york times bestselling Power Plays series created by Tom Clancy and Martin Greenberg and written by Jerome Preisler.

On the surface, ambright specializes in creating flawless artificial sapphires used in advanced laser development.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Checkmate

And when a cargo freighter loaded down with radioactive material is headed towards the coast of the United States, he has minutes to disable the ship - or die trying. He is sam fisher: Third Echelon special operative.

Tom Clancy's Net Force: Changing of the Guard

But that group is about to get bigger. The eighth novel in tom Clancy's #1 New York Times bestselling Net Force series. Though the head of a major multinational corporation—and a key player in world affairs—Samuel Walker Cox has a past that few people know about. A computer disk has fallen into the hands of the Net Force, outing the powerful American businessman as a former Russian spy.

Cox is willing to see the world in ruins to protect his name. Lucky for the united states that Net Force is on the job—and is about to prove that no man is above the law.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

The top-secret initiative is dubbed Third Echelon. And he has the right to spy, destroy, steal, and assassinate to protect American freedoms. His name is Sam Fisher. He is a splinter Cell®. Its existence denied by the U. S. He is sharp, nearly invisible, and deadly. Government, Third Echelon deploys a lone field operative.

. In response to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to conceal potential threats to the United States, the National Security Agency has ushered forth the new dawn of intelligence-gathering techniques.