Secrets: Tales of Deadly Deception

He thinks he is god in his town and can commit any abuse he wants, but there is someone he will have to reckon with soon and he is not far away. Ernest smith:henry and Elam are two seniors who live together to save money. Ernest Smith. But that's impossible. He is locked up in his jail — cell number two — and he is not like anyone Steuben has ever encountered before.

They live modestly and except for Henry's lust for a Lay-Z-Boy, they don't want for much. He thinks why not? who's gonna know?Sheriff Steuben is the law in a frontier town named Blind Gulch. He fell from the belly of a B-17 with a load of bombs. These are just a few of the spell-binding stories in this collection from master story teller G.

Henry is induced to lie about what happened. A collection of stories from G. They decide to go out one friday night to their favorite club for a good time but a madman with a gun has other ideas and soon they are caught up in a chaotic swirl of death, politics and deceit. Steuben has four deputies, but they will not be enough.

Hank corman walks into a diner in New Jersey in 1950 and sees an old Army buddy he knew during the war. He saw this man die during a bombing run over Nazi Germany.

Jeremiah's Revenge: A Liv Bergen Mystery

Liv has recently returned to work at the FBI from a forced leave of absence after witnessing the brutal murder of her boyfriend, Jack Linwood. The title of the book, an evil twist referencing admonitions from the Bible’s Book of Jeremiah, sends a warning to the steadfast agent’s fans they won’t soon forget.

. But she wonders if she can find the courage to let him know or just how much longer she can hide her feelings. As streeter and liv are drawn together and a tender relationship begins, a gritty and often shocking set of events is unraveling around them. As she painfully emerges from her grief, Liv comes face-to-face with two facts: She did not truly love Jack, and she does love her long-time colleague and mentor Streeter Pierce.

And while fans of the series have long waited to know the truth about his past, Streeter’s honest revelations lead to nothing but fear and his worst nightmare—where Liv is put within inches of losing her life. Sandra brannan has once again masterfully delivered on her latest compelling installment in the Liv Bergen Mystery Series.


Closet Friends Chapter Preview

It is up to noah and his friends to unmask the person behind the attack. A group of friends have been closing unsolvable cases around Portland for six months in a row. Between school hours and homework, these brave teenagers have made their city the safest place in America. Their method: gathering intel, finding evidence, and offering an unknown package to the police station.

Every day that passes by, a new victim faces humiliation and death threats. However, weeks before graduation day, Wrichmond High is hit by a cybercriminal threatening to release unforgivable secrets.

Any Resemblance To A Coincidence Is Accidental

Iconoclastic, politically incorrect, non-linear, over-the-top and jam-packed with losers. Emotionally disconnected characters shuttle between their waking and dreaming lives. Profane, funny fiction for adults with open minds. Superficial silliness juxtaposed with deeper, darker sociological and philosophical commentary.

Experimental scenarios blend humor and horror. Surreal, way-beyond-prime-time satire.

Growing Influence: A Story of How to Lead with Character, Expertise, and Impact

Emily needs direction, and David is the perfect mentor. Growing influence offers readers both practical advice on how to develop leadership skills and a relatable account of one woman’s growth by applying the principles in the book. Amazon bestseller in leadershipamazon bestseller in women & businessamazon bestseller in teamsleadership is about influenceEmily is a career-driven thirtysomething with big ambitions and a young family.

A well-respected ceO before he retired, David has deep and rich leadership knowledge. Unlike nonfiction business books or business memoirs, this story is a business fable that is both impactful and transformative. Fate answers her in the form of a kind—and surprisingly direct—older man in a coffee shop.

She is making an impact as a leader at a tech company, but after being passed up for multiple promotions, she finds herself at a loss for how to improve.

The Rabbit Skinners

Can he win the race against time to rescue the children? Can he save himself? Fbi agent james strait, hailed as a national hero for stopping a major terrorist attack, is devastated by a rare disease and forced into disability. As he chases down clues revealing an underworld of racist fanatics in his hometown, including an incompetent police chief, he needs to fight people who will go to any length to stop him, his conniving superiors at the FBI, and a mysterious stranger on a motorcycle who keeps trying to kill him.

Strait must also contend with the horrors of his disease and demons from his past. Until a child asks him to use his skills to find her missing friend. Nine-year-old jophia Williams vanishes on a lonely country road, leaving behind only a headless teddy bear. Strait discovers other African-American children have also gone missing.


I, Ninfa Artemis: her autobiography

It involves music since i’m also a singer and songwriter, love, forgiveness even of those who knew exactly the harm they were inflicting, heartaches, obsessions, psychics, challenges, disappointments, hopes and the ways I found to get through, prophecies, betrayal, no matter how impossible it seemed.

She has an english degree and bachelor’s in Theater. I’m truly happy when i write, including at this very moment as I type these words to you. My motto in life is: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. It’s a captivating hypnotic heroic novel. Writing is in my soul and sets me free. In 2000, in the midst of my heartache, I found an anchor to remain alive by writing poems.

Usually you are a famous singer first, then you write your book telling your story. The book has five chapters. P. S. I hired a portuguese-American translator from New York City.

De Leon's Ring: A gripping novel of international suspense

Instead she uncovers a mass grave. Ana and danny are drawn inexorably to each other despite the huge social gulf that separates them. Then ana discovers a ring in the grave and someone seeks to make her disappear…permanently. Danny fears the worst until he chances upon her in the United States three years later.

She is forced into exile, crossing over the border into Mexico. Danny martinez, a ladino who rejects his elite upbringing, works in the highlands with the rural poor to boost food production. Unearthing long buried secrets of terror and politics in Central America leads to dangerous consequences. Maya archeologist, ana Chan, seeks to excavate mysteries of her ancestors in the rugged mountainous highlands of Guatemala.

Was it fate that led him to her? For it is only by working together that they can uncover a deadly secret buried since the war and keep them both safe.

All Those Things Revealed

In 1822, that of the priest woman, including the most controversial one of all, Ireland’s ancient traditions are under attack, or Cailín an Tsagairt. When a parish priest suddenly arrives to challenge the village's traditional priest and condemn his Priest Woman; the village is turned against itself.

Constanza delamar lives in a part of Ireland where ancient traditions are viewed with nostalgia, by people who are eager to move beyond them. Constanza suddenly finds herself confronting and then defending the most controversial of traditions. The mounting tensions in the village culminate in a devastating event with long-term consequences for all those involved.

A personal tragedy changes her life and she finds herself in a remote village where these traditions are still a way of life.

Ribbons of Death Peacetaker Series Book 1

Find the person … or thing … causing these senseless riots and take it out. Stella hunter was forced out of the academia because of her work tying obscure myths and mythological events, together across all global cultures. It was only the first of many such horrors. As an ex-soldier, only one way makes sense for him.

Now the Egyptologist, Dr. Now he has an assignment: Stop the identical riots spreading across the US, no matter what it takes. If you like pulse-pounding action and mythological thrillers similar to Dan Brown and National Treasure, you’ll love this first Peacetaker tale. Buy ribbons of death and begin this page-turner right now!  .

Can a federal agent and a medieval scholar stop its terror before it spreads across the US? Only a miracle allowed federal agent Timothy Carter to survive the terror of an Egyptian demonstration that turned into a bloody riot. A supernatural catalyst for death rises from an ancient myth. Only one person had believed her, and his theories were even more far-fetched than hers.

Fineas gahiji is dead in a suspicious Cairo traffic accident and Carter is on her doorstep waiting for answers. As a terrorist that the ancient records identify only as the Peacetaker, orchestrates vengeance using a mythological being, Stella and Carter seek to end this threat to the US in this high-stakes thriller before he or it rips the nation apart.

Ribbons of death is the first book in the Peacetaker series.

Relentless: How a Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better

He's learned that he wants to help people—and that’s what he does. An incredible journey of Determination and RecoveryIn 2005, Ted W. He’s learned to appreciate life more. He was a successful, globe-trotting businessman with a resume that would impress the best of the best. And then, 2005, on april 21, all that came to an end.

Doctors feared he wouldn’t make it, or if he did make it, he would be in a vegetative state in a hospital bed for the rest of his life. But miraculously, that’s not what happened. He moves through life almost as easily as he did before the stroke; only now, his life is better. Not only did he live, but he's walking and talking again.

. In relentless, Ted W. He gives back, volunteering his time and effort to help other stroke victims. Relentless is a wonderful resource for stroke survivors, caregivers, and their loved ones, but it is also an inspiring and motivating read for anyone who is facing struggles in their own life. He had a massive ischemic stroke.

Baxter describes his remarkable recovery. In peak physical condition, Ted worked out nearly every day of the week.