Someday Her Duke Will Come Happily Ever After Book 2

She wants a life of her own -- one in which she is living her dreams as one of London’s most successful, sought-after dressmakers. Eliza was the fairest of all in Warfield until the arrival of Tillie Andrews, and she is determined to be rid of her once and for all. He needs a way in. Tillie andrews lives life on her own terms.

She is determined not to give in to the charms of the Duke of Barre, despite the attraction that continues to pull her to him. They wish to see her wed, and soon, to a boorish man who would stifle all her dreams. When he sees her across the room at a gala, he presents an offer. He needs protection for his heart when his former love, Eliza Masters, visits his family estate during the Christmas season.

Alexander landon, duke of Barre, wants one thing -- Tillie Andrews. He must prove to her that he is not the rake she believes him to be. Her parents, however, have other plans. Tillie needs time to set her plans into motion, and when she is made the perfect offer from the duke she so wanted to avoid, she cannot refuse.

She wants a way out. Will alexander’s charade convince tillie he is everything she ever wanted, no cheating, 000-word romance with no cliffhangers, or will his deception prove to be their undoing? Can Alexander wake Tillie from her deep sleep to find their happily ever after? Someday Her Duke Will Come is a 36, and a guaranteed happily ever after! For readers 18+ due to some steamy love scenes.

The Duke She Wished For Happily Ever After Book 1

Working out of the shop her father began, tabitha creates some of the most noteworthy hats and accessories in London, and looks forward to the day she can attend millinery school in Paris and break free of her current life. An opportunity arises to outfit and protect the Duchess of Stowe, leading to a chance meeting with her son, the Duke.

Nicholas fairchild is a duke in name but not at heart. As his mother returns to society following her mourning period for his father, eventually, fortune-seeking socialites and, Nicholas dreads his responsibility to entertain vapid, find a wife. He happens upon tabitha, who is everything he would have hoped for but nothing that he would have ever expected.

He’s a duke who holds honesty above all; she’s a commoner hiding her true identity. Tabitha blackmore is a woman who knows what she wants. Can they find their happily ever after at the masquerade, 000-word romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating, or will what separates them be too much to overcome when the final chime sounds at midnight? The Duke She Wished For is a 30, and a guaranteed happily ever after! For readers 18+ due to some steamy love scenes.

A life of her own, one free from her hostile stepmother and gold-digging stepsister, and the ability to profit from her own talent.

Once Upon a Duke's Dream Happily Ever After Book 3

She must find her grandmother’s long-lost diary without raising his suspicions in order to find the jewels that will provide her the ticket to freedom. Bradley is captivated by the beautiful Isabella, though he isn’t sure if he can trust the stepsister of the man he suspects. For readers 18+ due to some steamy love scenes.

When the opportunity to investigate further through Gerard’s alluring stepsister presents itself, Bradley can’t resist. Isabella marriott knows better than anyone that her stepbrother Gerard is not above lying and cheating to get his hands on what he wants. Bradley hainsworth, has no time for the ton or their games, Duke of Carrington, let alone finding a wife.

He’s a man consumed with revenge and clearing his best friend’s name. All roads lead to one gerard Durand, and Bradley won’t rest until he brings the man responsible to justice. When they find the truths they are searching for, will they determine their feelings for one another are real, no cheating, 000-word romance with no cliffhangers, or simply a means to their own ends?Once Upon a Duke's Dream is a 47, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


He's a Duke, But I Love Him Happily Ever After Book 4

The title, however, also comes with massive amounts of debt which his father accumulated at the horse track and the gambling tables. This life of responsibility is not one which Alastair would have chosen, and he is determined to maintain his rakish ways in all other aspects. When olivia and alastair renew their acquaintance, they are shocked by the depths of their desire for one another.

Upon the unexpected death of his father, well-known rake and charmer Alastair Finchley is thrust into the role of Duke of Breckenridge. Her mother, unfortunately, has other ideas. They each determine, but i love him is a 60, however, no cheating, that giving in is not worth the potential consequences -- or is it?He’s a Duke, 000-word romance with no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after! For readers 18+ due to some steamy love scenes.

Using a pseudonym, olivia puts her intellect to use writing a financial column, and yearns for a life of fun and adventure. After five seasons, lady olivia jackson has despaired of ever finding the man she is searching for -- a man who will allow her the freedom to live life as she pleases. Her deepest desires are not the typical pastimes of a lady.


Loved by the Viscount Happily Ever After Book 5

The only option presented to her is marriage to her husband’s cousin, a fate she refuses to accept. William elliot, viscount of Southam, has a life of which many are envious. Can they overcome all that stands between them to find love? Loved by the Viscount is a 61, 000-word romance with no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after! For readers over 18, no cheating, due to some steamy content.

Seeing no other option, rosalind accepts the offer to stay for the Southam house party, and both she and William are surprised when they find themselves falling for one another. After three months of marriage, the husband of Lady Rosalind Branson falls to his death down the stairs of a brothel and Rosalind has but one feeling -- relief, as she is now free.

She soon learns, however, that her dowry has been spent and the estate in ruin, leaving her destitute. Their growing attraction, and his mother and brother, however, William’s former attachment to Lady Olivia, is tested by Rosalind’s mistrust of men, who conspire against them. He also has a meddling mother, a trying brother, and headaches that plague him for days on end.

. He is determined to right his brother’s wrongs and help the woman. When the woman he always wanted marries another, he agrees to allow his mother to host a house party in order to find him a wife. When william’s brother gets himself into yet another spot of trouble, a woman he has known since childhood, William resolves not to help him this time, until he recognizes the victim of Alfred’s latest scheme -- Rosalind Branson, yet has never particularly noticed before.

Quest of Honor Searching Hearts Book 1

She despises the man for his relentless pursuit and is determined to be free of his chase forever. The naval captain. Thomas harrington, second son of the Duke of Ware, joined the Royal Navy to escape from his life in society and find the freedom his soul had been searching for. The pirate. Eleanor adams has only ever known one life, sailing the high seas with her father, the gentleman pirate captain.

Instead, he has spent three years attempting to bring the elusive pirate Captain Adams to justice. Her destiny is to one day assume command of the ship, continuing her father’s legacy of aiding the poor while eluding the Navy Captain who continues to hunt them. As they question everything they’ve ever believed, 000-word romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating, can they find a way forward together?Quest of Honor is a 41, and a guaranteed happily ever after! For readers 18+ due to some steamy love scenes.

He disdains everything he believes about the pirate life and will stop at nothing to capture the prey that has eluded him for so long. Two worlds collide. The beautiful blonde woman he meets in a tavern haunts Thomas’ daydreams, until he finds her in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

Hearts of Trust Searching Hearts Book 3

After nearly ruining a young woman of the ton, well-known rake Benjamin Harrington is sent to manage his father’s floundering country estate. For readers 18+ due to some steamy love scenes. Sophie finds herself falling for her new employer, but when he invites a friend to his estate, Sophie must determine whether to tell the truth and risk discovery by her cousin, or face the risk of being caught in her lie.

What will win out -- duty, 000-word romance with no cliffhangers, or love?Hearts of Trust is a 59, trust, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Determined to prove himself, Benjamin must fight the temptation presented by his beautiful new maid, who quite literally stumbles into his path. Sophie carmichael was devastated by the death of her parents in a carriage accident and was placed under the care of her cousin, the Earl of Dunstable.

The earl soon makes known his wicked intentions toward her, and Sophie must flee, taking on the disguise of a servant.

Clue of Affection Searching Hearts Book 2

Then one night she witnesses a murder in the gardens outside a ball, and it changes her life forever. For readers 18+ due to some steamy love scenes. Violet is horrified to learn of her betrothal through an announcement in the newspaper. When the daughter of a duke becomes entangled in his current case, he must act quickly to protect her.

The daughter of a duke, her mother is determined to find her a suitable match, but she is holding out hope that despite approaching spinsterhood she will find the love she is looking for. Violet harrington will marry for no reason other than love. Can joshua convince her to go through with the marriage? will she ever have a chance at true love? Together, and a guaranteed happily ever after! While part of a series, 000-word romance with no cliffhangers, can they solve the murder in the garden?Clue of Affection is a 38, no cheating, it can be read as a standalone book.

He wants adventure, excitement, and to do something that makes a difference. He secretly leads a group investigating criminal activity, the latest affecting the peerage. Lord joshua greville, earl of Wanfield, wants more out of life than that of a typical peer. Despite her attraction to the man, she never wanted to marry a someone she hardly knows.


Hope of Romance Searching Hearts Book 4

As he sets out to protect lady polly, Sebastian tries to deny his growing attraction to her, while Polly is confused by her feelings toward the stubborn man. When he learns of lord yardley’s scheme to ruin a young woman of the ton, he cannot stand idly by. Instead, he spends his time on his estate and assisting the constabulary with cases involving the nobility.

Following the marriages of three of her siblings, Polly Harrington can hardly wait to have a Season of her own in the hopes of finding the romance she’s always dreamt of. Can they see beyond past hurts and their differences to find happiness with one another?Hope of Romance is a 60, 000-word romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after! For readers 18+ due to some steamy love scenes.

. When the earl of yardley charms her with good looks and attentions, she ignores all warnings to stay away. After losing his heart years ago, Lord Sebastian Taylor is determined to never marry again.

Unmasking a Duke

A masked brother…the Duke of Elenford is a scandalous rake who has made many enemies. Now, arabella marley’s father is determined she will gain it back for him, no matter the cost. His brother, andrew, sends him away in order to make amends and determine who is threatening his brother’s life. She must guard herself against his charms to find her family inheritance and keep her heart intact.

Untrusting hearts collide…. As they spend more time with one another, Andrew and Arabella must decide whether to fight their growing desire for one another or continue to fall more deeply for the other. As his feelings for her develop from attraction to passionate romance, he yearns for the day his own name leaves her lips; yet fears the truth will drive her away.

A devious scheme…one of the enemies of the Duke of Elenford is a greedy earl who gambled away his family’s most precious heirloom. He presents her to the Duke at a masquerade ball, where she is shocked to find him both handsome and agreeable. Their budding love is threatened, however, when the truth is revealed.

Will they find love ever after or will their hidden secrets keep them apart? No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happily ever after ending! For readers 18+ due to steamy love scenes. In the meantime, andrew takes the Duke’s place at a masquerade ball, where he meets a woman who takes his breath away and haunts his dreams.


The Duke's Defiant Debutante

And it is. The duke is handsome, mysterious, and brooding – and everything Angelica doesn’t want in a husband. Who needs a husband when you have a good book?When she receives a surprise proposal from Edward Thorne, Duke of Redhaven, it seems too good to be true. Angelica is anything but the docile debutante he took her for.

Before long, Edward is facing a predicament he never imagined. Angelica has run away from London – and she’s taken his heart with her. Is one of the biggest fortunes in england really worth the trouble?Edward returns to London after a decade’s self-imposed exile in need of one thing: a bride. But his strategy of proposing to the first agreeable-looking girl he meets backfires spectacularly.

. The reclusive Duke of Redhaven is not somebody to be trifled with. Fortunately, neither is Miss Angelica Stirling. Lively, and rather too outspoken, clever, Angelica does not have high hopes for her first London Season… not that she particularly cares.