Spider-Gwen Vol. 2: Weapon of Choice

Does she stand a chance against castle's punishment?COLLECTING: SPIDER-GWEN 9-13 Marvel Comics. Gwen's life is turned upside down after the SPIDER-WOMAN event at the worst time ever as Captain Frank Castle is bearing down on her.

Spider-Gwen Vol. 3: Long Distance

Will thanksgiving be a happy one for spider-gwen and friends? that very much depends on what crime lord matt murdock and his ninjas bring to dinner! it's time for Gwen Stacy to stop running from Earth-65's Kingpin of Crime - but Matt may have a thing or two to teach the budding Spider-Woman! COLLECTING: SPIDER-GWEN 14-15, ANNUAL 1, ALL-NEW WOLVERINE ANNUAL 1 Marvel Comics.


Spider-Gwen Vol. 1: Greater Power

Troubles begin to mount as the Osborns of Gwen's world make their debut, and she finds herself on S. H. I. E. L. D. S most wanted list! perhaps some wise words from a mentor figure could help - how about jessica drew, the Spider-Woman of Earth-616? What lessons about power and responsibility will Jess have to share, and what use will they be when Gwen battles the Goblins?COLLECTING: SPIDER-GWEN 1-6 Marvel Comics.

But a new reptilian rampage leaves her with doubts not only about Peter's life, but his death as well. Marvel Comics. Gwen stacy is back in the webs and has an all-new, all-different mystery to solve: the reappearance of the Lizard! The Spider-Woman of Earth-65 was convinced that the Lizard died in her arms along with Peter Parker.


Spider-Gwen Vol. 0: Most Wanted?

What you don't know is what friends and foes are waiting for her in the aftermath of spider-verse! from the fan-favorite creative team that brought you Spider-Gwen's origin story in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE, Jason Latour and Robbie Rodriguez! COLLECTING: SPIDER-GWEN 1-5 Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics. The breakout hit of the biggest spider-event of the century is taking the comics world by storm with her own series! Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman, but you knew that already.


Spider-Gwen Vol. 4: Predators

One word: gwenom! it's the mash-up to end all mash-ups, but the stakes are very high and the consequences are very real! Will Spider-Gwen be able to get through this new challenge in one piece? COLLECTING: SPIDER-GWEN 19-23 Marvel Comics. After her adventure with Miles Morales, Gwen finds herself thrown into her toughest, most intense encounter yet.

Marvel Comics.

Spider-Gwen Vol. 5: Gwenom

What is the next evolutionary step for Spider-Gwen?! And Gwen's life irrevocably changes as she bonds with her universe's version of the Venom Symbiote. The aftermath of the "Predators" storyline leaves Gwen in a very different place. Matt murdock's plans all come home to roost, and when you know how our good friend Murderdock plans, you know that ain't pretty.

What does it mean for her relationship with crime kingpin matt Murdock? With her father? With the Osborns?! COLLECTING: SPIDER-GWEN 24-28 Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics.

Spider-Women Spider-Woman

This action-packed story will change the heroic course for all three spider-women! COLLECTING: SILK 7-8, SPIDER-GWEN 7-8, SPIDER-WOMAN 6-7 Marvel Comics. Spider-gwen, spider-woman, spider-woman and silk come together for the spider-event of 2016! Jessica Drew, has decided to step-up her mentoring of the younger, less-experienced Gwen Stacy and Cindy Moon.

But when the trio gets trapped in Gwen's Universe, at the hands of an alternate Cindy Moon and her sinister organization S. I. L. K. There's not time for any more practice. Marvel Enterprises. Marvel Comics.

Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen: Sitting in a Tree

Marvel Comics. Marvel collected editions"--Pages 2-3 of cover. Marvel Enterprises. Marvel Comics.

Spider-Gwen Vol. 6: The Life and Times of Gwen Stacy Spider-Gwen 2015

Marvel Comics. Is the universe trying to save her, or does fate only hold one end for gwen? and will the drastic move of going public with her double identity fix the timeline -and more importantly, get Gwen out from under the Kingpin's thumb? Or will it just add one more layer of complication to Gwen's already impossible life? COLLECTING: SPIDER-GWEN 30-34 Marvel Comics.

And the only one that can help her find her way back to the light. Is gwen Stacy. Marvel Enterprises. To defeat matt murdock, then so does gwen! but that's the least of her worries, Gwen has to let Venom win! But there's a problem -if Murdock dies, the Kingpin of her dimension, as after recent events Gwen has found herself on a one-way road into darkness.


Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-Verse

Aaron aikman, the spider-Man? Who are the villainous Red Eye and Naahmurah. And can aaron live through morlun's arrival? In a universe where the story you know becomes as horrific as possible, a radioactive spider bites a high school nerd who is already something of a monster. Peer over the edge of the Spider-Verse, at five different realities.

. And five daringly different spiders! spider-man noir returns, as the Peter Parker of the 1930s finds himself up against Mysterio, and knee-deep in the biggest Spider-Man event of all! What is the secret of Dr. Marvel Comics. Marvel Enterprises. Then, what or who is the incredible sp//dr? and finally, the breakout character of Spider-Verse makes her exciting debut - in a world where the radioactive spider bit Gwen Stacy! COLLECTING: Edge of Spider -Verse 1-5 Marvel Comics.


Gwenpool, The Unbelievable Vol. 2: Head of M.O.D.O.K. TPB The Unbelievable Gwenpool

Marvel. Marvel Enterprises. Marvel Comics. Best part of living in a world of comic book heroes? TEAM-UPS, BABY! Gwen meets Miles Morales, SPIDER-MAN, and it ends. Badly! man, man, oh, she is not a good person! it gets dark! we promise this is not a civil War II tie-in! COLLECTING: GWENPOOL, THE UNBELIEVABLE 5-10 Marvel Comics.