Tanks and Armored Vehicles, Dover Coloring Book

Also included are these vehicles: rolls royce armored scout car 1916; british mark a whippet 1917; japanese type 95 1935; french char b1 1937; british a12 matilda 1940; german panzer iiI 1940; Russian T-34 1940; American M4 Sherman 1942; American M26 Pershing 1945; Russian T-72 MBT 1973; American M113 Armored Personnel Carrier 1961; Israeli Merkava MBT 1980; and 30 more.

Detailed informative captions accompany each illustration in a book sure to be enjoyed by military buffs and colorists alike. A highly developed form of protected, mobile striking power, tanks are the successors to war chariots and armored elephants used by armies of ancient times. Designed to be used as part of large infantry units as in World Wars I and II, or as a separate striking force as in the Gulf War of 1991, the modern tank is a formidable weapon of war.

This comprehensive coloring book of 44 accurately rendered illustrations chronicles the development of tanks and other armored vehicles — from the "Little Willie" 1915 to the British Challenger 2 main battle tank MBT 1994.

Airplanes of the Second World War Coloring Book Dover History Coloring Book

The illustrations are accurate and authentic, and as part of the Dover Pictorial Archive Series, may be used royalty-free. During world war ii, armed aircraft became more deadly and sophisticated as the Allied and Axis powers struggled for supremacy. Among them, the german komet jet fighter, " the Japanese Zero used by kamikaze pilots, the "Enola Gay, and the spunky British spitfire that performed so valiantly in the Battle of Britain.

Colorists will find detailed information in captions concerning authentic coloring, as well as information about design innovations, and insignia, markings, each plane's military role and affiliation, and other pertinent data. The technology changed so quickly that some highly effective planes used early on were outmoded before the end of the war.

Now carlo demand, internationally known graphic artist, has rendered 46 planes of World War II especially for coloring. Thirteen of the planes are shown in full color on the covers. All of the planes pictured here are now, these superb renderings will recall an era — a time when the needs of a global conflict spurred tremendous advances in aerial technology, and illustrators, of course, obsolete; but for aviation buffs, military historians, model builders, both military and commercial.

Fighters, reconnaissance planes, bombers, and transports were rapidly developed by both sides and sent into the conflict. Dover Publications.

Story of World War II Dover History Coloring Book

Dover Publications. The greatest and most destructive war in history, Africa, World War II involved gigantic struggles not only in Europe, but in Asia, and islands of the South Pacific as well. Dover Publications. Peter copeland presents a graphic overview of this historic conflict in dramatic portrayals of air, land, and sea battles, and other major events — from the German invasion of Poland in 1939 to the Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri in August 1945.

Forty-five ready-to-color illustrations depict exciting scenes from these events: battle of Britain; Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; General Rommel's desert campaigns; sinking of the German battleship Bismark; Battle of Stalingrad; allied invasion of France; Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa; fall of Berlin; dropping of atomic bomb over Hiroshima; and many more.

An informative caption accompanies each powerful, meticulously rendered illustration.

Jet Fighters Coloring Book

With the birth of the jet age at the end of World War II, military combat planes acquired new, highly efficient capabilities. Dover Publications. Forty-four finely detailed illustrations depict a low-flying U. S. Dover Publications. This exciting, well-researched coloring book sends you flying high as you read about and color accurate illustrations of these historic aircraft.

A special treat for coloring book fans, this spectacular collection of high-performance fighter planes will thrill any aircraft enthusiast. F-117 stealth fighter, a republic f-105d, and a host of others, a northrop f-5, a russian-built mig-15, an aircraft carrier-based f-18, an English Electric Lightning, a Tornado GR-1, including:McDonnell Douglas F-15Mitsubishi F-1Lockheed F-80 Shooting StarMiG-25 FoxbatDe Havilland VampireGrumman F9F CougarConvair F-102Dassault Mirage 3NG…and many more.

Accompanied by fact-filled captions that provide a brief description of each plane, these clear and accurately rendered illustrations bring to life all the drama of the quest for air superiority.

World War II Warships

Identifying captions provide information on ship size, length of service, firepower, and other details. Included — among others — are line drawings of the ill-fated PT-109, commanded by a young John F. All hands on deck! this fine fleet of accurately detailed ships includes twenty-eight vessels deployed in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans during World War II.

Colonel james doolittle's air raids on Tokyo; and the USS Missouri, the battleship on which the Japanese surrendered. Kennedy; one of the many german u-boats that sunk tons of American shipping during the conflict; the USS Hornet, best remembered for launching Lt. Dover Publications. Dover Publications.

Special Forces Coloring Book For Kids Age 8+: Army, Soldiers, Military - Collection - Coloring Book For Kids Coloring Books For Kids Volume 54

The book includes easy coloring and some more difficult coloring. Easy and medium coloring levels. See samples inside and on back cover. Dover Publications. Large coloring images: special forces soldiers, swat team, military icons, army warRIORS IN ACTION and more. Coloring book for children ages 8-12. This activity book for young kids will keep them engaged, as they color with pencils or with markers.

. 29 commando units soldiers & icons This "Coloring Book for Kids" is perfect for boys and girls. Age specifications: coloring books for boys and girls 8+ Army & Military theme kids coloring book, can be great gift for boys! Dover Publications. No messy coloring - with this book you get one coloring page per sheet, so your kids can use their pens or markers without the colors bleeding into other pages.

Fun way for talented kids to draw and paint, with this book.

The Story of World War I Coloring Book Dover History Coloring Book

Starting with tranquil scenes of prosperity that were shattered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and concluding with the signing of the Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles, this dramatic coloring book traces the history of "the war to end all wars. Thirty-five realistic illustrations depict gallipoli, Lawrence of Arabia, Jutland, machine guns, and other new weaponry; Mata Hari, and other momentous battles; the introduction of gas, and other famous figures; and a chronological view of historic events.

Dover Publications. Dover Publications. Dover Publications.

Military Theme Coloring Book For Kids Ages 5-7: 30 Heavy Battle Tanks to Color - Armored Tanks

Packed with army & military coloring pagesno messy coloring - With This Book you get one coloring page per sheet, so your kids can use their pens or markers without the colors bleeding into other pages. This coloring Book is perfect for young ages boys and girls. Dover Publications. Dover Publications. Coloring book for kids ages 5-7.

See inside & back cover. Coloring level is EASY. Large coloring images: russian tanks, WW2 Tanks, ABRAMS Tanks, and many more. This activity book for young kids will keep them engaged, as they color with pencils or with markers. Army & military theme kids coloring book, can be great gift for children to parents that serve in the military, or those who are called for duty, and veterans.

. Dover Publications.

Mighty Tanks Vehicles on the Move

Dover Publications. Dover Publications. Mighty tanks introduces readers to the different parts that make up a tank and explains how these mighty armored vehicles move over rough terrain. Dover Publications.

Military Coloring Book! Discover This Amazing Collection Of Coloring Pages

Dover Publications. With big and large coloring pages, different colors can be used with colored pencils to make it creative. Military coloring Book! Discover this Military coloring book. Inside are a wide variety of military coloring pages including military jets, airplanes, soldiers, siblings, and more! Kids can have endless amounts of fun with their friends, or by them selves by utilizing this coloring book to the fullest and using their imagination to create wonderful looking images.

Grab a copy of this book! Dover Publications. Dover Publications.

Airplanes of World War I Coloring Book Dover History Coloring Book

One of the most colorful, innovative and deadly theaters of the Great War took place in the air. Color the red baron's fokker Triplane, Rickenbacker's Nieuport, the Sopwith Camel, Spad S. Dover Publications. Dover Publications. This book of 43 remarkable aircraft of World War I presents for coloring the most famous fighters, bombers, reconnaissance, sea planes and trainers of this crucial period in aeronautical development.

Internationally known graphic artist carlo demand has rendered the planes for coloring in any medium, with captions describing each craft's design, history, and original coloring scheme shown in full color for 14 planes on the covers. Xiii, german albatros, american curtis "Jenny, " and 37 other accurately drawn airplanes in this vivid survey of the birth of military aeronautics.

Before 1914 planes were toys for gentlemen-amateurs; by 1918 they had become precise, sophisticated machines. Dover Publications.