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With its soothing, meditative effect, handspinning is a relaxing hobby, and the beautiful yarns you create are an even better reward. This visual guide shows you the basics, beginning with the tools and fibers, making novelty yarns, dyeing, and takes you through spinning, using exotic fibers, plying, and more.

Whether you use an inexpensive hand spindle or splurge on a spinning wheel, stick with wool or try alpaca, or cotton, you'll learn how to create fun, handmade, one-of-a-kind yarns that you can knit or weave into truly unique, original, cashmere, and all-natural creations. Concise two-page lessons show you all the steps to a skill and are ideal for quick review The skill demonstrated is defined and described Detailed color photos demonstrate each step Step-by-step instructions accompany each photo Helpful tips provide additional guidance.


How to Spin: From Choosing a Spinning Wheel to Making Yarn Storey Basics

Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions make it simple and easy! Expert beth smith teaches you everything you need to know to spin your own yarn, from choosing a spinning wheel to every stage of preparing your fiber, winding off, plying, and finishing.

The Whole Craft of Spinning: From the Raw Material to the Finished Yarn

Drawing upon her years of valuable experience, the author shows you everything you need to know from set-up to finished product. Some forms of hand spinning existed as early as 15, 000 years ago in Asia, and 12, 000 years ago in North Africa. The story of spinning is interwoven with the history of man. Her lucid text demonstrates the proper methods of preparing the fiber for spinning including: selecting the fiber, adding oil, sorting, washing, and carding.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced hand, carol kroll's expert advice shows you the ins and outs of: spinning with a Drop Spindle; Spinning on a Treadle Wheel; Finishing the Yarn; How to Shop for a Spinning Wheel; Spinning with Wool and Making the Most of Natural and Other Animal Fibers; Synthetic Fibers; Making Your Own Spindle; and The Fun of Creating Novelty Yarns.

Plus, and much more to get you started making something that is truly your own, services, supplies, an access and resources section with suggested further reading, from the first step to the last. The spinning wheel itself is believed to have evolved in India 800 to 1, 000 years ago. Now you can master this timeless craft through the clear instructions and easy-to-follow directions of well-known spinning authority Carol Kroll.

Many of the earliest methods and tools are still in use to this day, especially the various drop spindles, and the Indian and Navajo types of spindles. The ancient craft of spinning is becoming increasingly popular with today's modern craft enthusiasts as it provides a method of creating unique, crocheting, personal and unusual yarns that can be used in contemporary weaving, knitting, needlepoint, embroidery and macramé.


Yarnitecture: A Knitter's Guide to Spinning: Building Exactly the Yarn You Want

In addition to teaching you the techniques you need for success, Moreno also offers 12 delicious original patterns from prominent designers, each one showcasing hand-spun yarns. Miscellaneous. Create your dream yarn! discover the pleasures of designing and building custom-made yarn by spinning it yourself, choosing everything from color to feel and gauge.

Jillian moreno leads you through every step of yarn construction, synthetic, and spin a beautiful yarn with the structure, establish a foundation, with detailed instructions and step-by-step photos showing you how to select the fiber you want wool, texture, silk, cotton, and color pattern that you want.


Respect the Spindle: Spin Infinite Yarns with One Amazing Tool

With step-by-step instructions, showing how to use the spindle to make specific types of yarn, this essential manual details the basic steps of spinning and then advances to the more complicated spinning wheel, explaining traditional spindle spinning techniques, and detailing five simple projects designed to instill confidence in creating a variety of yarns with this simple tool.

. Interweave Press. Miscellaneous. Enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the current trend of DIY crafts, and convenient tools for creating stunning fiber arts from home, the hand spindle remains one of the most productive, versatile, as this beautifully illustrated guide from a veteran spinner and spindle aficionado demonstrates.

Combining fascinating historical narratives, traditions, and cultures from around the globe with vivid photography, this all-encompassing tour of the spindle also boasts easy-to-follow, contemporary techniques and styles that affirm the tool's enduring legacy.

The Intentional Spinner: A Holistic Approach to Making Yarn

Miscellaneous. Offering a blend of technical knowledge, and easy-to-use tips, this inspiring collection of spinning wisdom deftly explores the three fundamental areas of yarn production: understanding fibers, history, managing yarn structure, and making yarns that precisely meet the spinner's needs. Spinners are also offered guidance on planning a project from start to finish, as well as how to care for and store completed projects.

Interweave Press. The rich, while detailed, and future, plied yarns to playful, from sturdy, image-laden instructions for four intermediate projects demonstrate the range of possibilities, present, historic traditions of plant and animal fibers are fascinatingly juxtaposed with recent advances in synthesized fiber and mankind€™s use of fibers in the past, novelty yarns.


Hands on Spinning

Miscellaneous. Interweave Press. Used book in Good Condition. Understanding how spinning works, carding, building a simple spindle, spinning on a treadle wheel, preparing fibers, choosing a wheel, twisting, and plying.

Start Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn

A final chapter on the various uses of spun yarn focuses on project planning, determining yards for specific projects, with definitions and context for measuring wraps per inch, and choosing a yarn size. For knitters, and weavers ready to make their own yarn, crocheters, this handy guide provides detailed instructions for spinning both on a spindle and a wheel, and offers a special section devoted to troubleshooting and wheel maintenance that keeps projects on track.

Interweave Press. Used book in Good Condition. It offers a comprehensive look at the various available fiber options, choosing and preparing each type of fiber for use, and crafting these materials into ready-to-work pieces. Miscellaneous.

The Spinner's Book of Yarn Designs: Techniques for Creating 80 Yarns

Take your crafting to a new level and ensure that you have the best yarn available by spinning it yourself. Interweave Press. Used book in Good Condition. Discover the satisfying fun of spinning your own yarn! This step-by-step guide shows you how to create 80 distinctive yarn types, from classics like mohair bouclé to novelties like supercoils.

Used book in Good Condition. Covering the entire spinning process, Sarah Anderson describes the unique architecture of each type of yarn and shares expert techniques for manipulating and combining fibers. Miscellaneous.

The Practical Spinner's Guide - Rare Luxury Fibers

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. She also dives deep into the specific spinning techniques for each fiber, knitting and weaving rare fibers, and dying them once spun. From angora to bison, camel to cashmere, there's a whole world of rare luxury fibers just waiting to be spun! Miscellaneous.

. It's time to look beyond wool, yet practical, with the practical Spinner's Guide: Rare Luxury Fibers!The go-to expert for fiber artists, Judith MacKenzie shares insights into working with uncommon but readily available luxury downs in this comprehensive, guide for today's spinners. Interweave Press. With her natural voice for story telling that is both engaging and informative, how they are used today, characteristics unique to each, she discusses the history of each of these downs, and where to find them.


Spinning and Dyeing Yarn: The Home Spinners Guide to Creating Traditional and Art Yarns

Yet many books on the yarn craft cover only one topic or the other. In spinning and dyeing yarn, fiber artist Ashley Martineau covers both subjects with rich, illustrative detail and step-by-step tutorials. Along with that has come the desire to create their own one of a kind, artisan yarns. Simply put, this book a must have for fiber enthusiasts of all levels.

Used book in Good Condition. Inside, four sections cover: fiber identification and Preparation Explains the various fiber types--from animal wools and plant fibers to silk and synthetics-- how to clean and store them, and preparation techniques for spinning. Interweave Press. When it comes to yarn, fiber lovers know that spinning and dying go hand in hand.

You will also find instructions for creating novelty yarns, spinning with fabric and feathers, tips on improving work process, advice from professional yarn designers, and more. Ironically, as we move toward a more technologically advanced world, the simple domestic crafts of old are making a comeback.

People of all ages are discovering a deep love for weaving, knitting, crocheting and other fiber arts. Miscellaneous. With breathtaking images throughout, Spinning and Dyeing Yarn is one of the most comprehensive volumes on yarn design our editors have seen. Spinning techniques both drop spindle and wheel techniques are included, along with instructions on how to build drop spindles and a spinning wheel and setting spun yarns.