The App Factory Playbook: How You Can Develop Your App Idea Without Learning to Code and Without a Technical Co-Founder

The app factory playbook has the tips to help you save time and money—as well as your sanity—in the process. It’s time to prepare for launch. In it, he takes you step-by-step through defining, designing, and developing your app. If you don’t have the technical skills to bring it to life, conventional Silicon Valley wisdom demands you get a technical co-founder, pay too much money to an overpriced app agency, or learn to code.

He even shares what questions to ask and what mistakes to avoid along the way. These expensive obstacles could easily stop your dream from becoming reality. Say you have a brilliant app idea. Inspired by his experience in agencies as well as his own consulting business, Drew Gorham brings you The App Factory Playbook.

Gorham shows how to create your product spec and find designers and developers on a budget. But now there’s an alternative.

Don't Hire a Software Developer Until You Read this Book: The software survival guide for tech startups & entrepreneurs from idea, to build, to product launch and everything in between.

Don't go it alone - and don't hire a software Developer Until You Read this Book!NOTEThis is the second book in the series. Some of these topics are covered in Don't Hire a Software Developer Until You Read this Book, the larger and more tech focused of the two. Android vs. You’re a tech entrepreneur looking for practical tools and methods to help you manage the software development side of your business more efficiently, less delays, with less issues, less risk and less wasted resources.

You want to learn how to start your tech business the smart way!Relevant topics from "A through to Z" for your convenience. To ensure that you are able to cover your bases, this book includes a wide range of topics, including: market research and validating your idea, product development, the pros and cons of building different types of software app iOS vs.

. The first book, identifying the correct target market for a new business venture, validating business ideas, Develop Your Idea! is for readers seeking assistance with more general business topics; including startup fundamentals, preselling products and fundraising. Saas / web applications and information about suitable programming languages.

Practical assistance is given throughout the book to help you get the results you want and you'll be shown how to find and interview developers, right through to the launch of your software, run customer testing sessions, assess your options for revenue generation, create prototypes from scratch, use basic SEO and marketing principles to promote your app and more!Use the checklists, scripts and templates provided in this comprehensive "handbook for creating software" to support you from the "spark" of your initial idea, and beyond.

Now an international best seller - hitting #1 in book categories in the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and Brazil. Would you like to make money by launching your own software? Perhaps you have an idea for a mobile app, or software that runs on the web?This book is for people interested in tech entrepreneurship, and those who have recently founded tech startups and would like some assistance with staying on track.

How to Build a Billion Dollar App: Discover the Secrets of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs of Our Time

The ultimate guide to building an app-based business 'a must read for anyone who wants to start a mobile app business' Riccardo Zacconi, founder and CEO King Digital maker of Candy Crush Saga 'A fascinating deep dive into the world of billion-dollar apps. Essential reading for anyone trying to build the next must-have app' Michael Acton Smith, play, shop, Founder and CEO, Mind Candy Apps have changed the way we communicate, interact and travel and their phenomenal popularity has presented possibly the biggest business opportunity in history.

In how to build a billion dollar app, serial tech entrepreneur George Berkowski gives you exclusive access to the secrets behind the success of the select group of apps that have achieved billion-dollar success. Berkowski draws exclusively on the inside stories of the billion-dollar app club members, Snapchat, including Instagram, Whatsapp, Candy Crush and Uber to provide all the information you need to create your own spectacularly successful mobile business.

He guides you through each step, through to finding a cofounder, building a team, from an idea scribbled on the back of an envelope, attracting and keeping millions of users, all the way through to juggling the pressures of being CEO of a billion-dollar company and still staying ahead of the competition.

If you've ever dreamed of quitting your nine to five job to launch your own company, you're a gifted developer, How to Build a Billion Dollar App will show you what it really takes to create your own billion-dollar, seasoned entrepreneur or just intrigued by mobile technology, mobile business.

APP SECRETS: How To Create A Million Dollar App

You will learn, highly successful methodologies, step-by-step, including:“Skyrocket Downloads Method” - Discover how apps DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or even 10X downloads through strategic organic marketing initiatives. You’ll discover why some die and others succeed so you can avoid big mistakes and develop big winners.

. These elements are made easy to understand in what Sean Casto calls “App Secrets, ” to drive breakout success and achieve explosive growth. App secrets uncovers how you can use these same strategies that today's fastest growing apps use to create your own Million Dollar or even a Billion Dollar app.

This same method mastered by Flyp and TagFi can turn an app into a global phenomenon. Viral app blueprint”- learn the specific blueprint of how today's smartest apps like Pokemon Go and Uber go viral and become instantly adopted by Millions. Addiction framework” – discover the framework championed by Candy Crush and Snapchat to get people addicted to using your app every day, and making it indispensable.

Whether you’re just starting out or already a Fortune 500 giant, App Secrets is for you. App secrets will show you how to:turn your app idea into a million-dollar realitybuild your app business from the ground Up and Love What You DoEscape Your 9-to-5 Job and Live the Life of Your DreamsImpact the Lives of Millions Across the WorldAnd Lots More…All of the most successful apps, Instagram, Airbnb, including Candy Crush, Uber, and Snapchat incorporate the same fundamental traits.


Mobile App Marketing And Monetization: How To Promote Mobile Apps Like A Pro: Learn to promote and monetize your Android or iPhone app. Get hundreds of thousands of downloads & grow your app business

Many of the strategies are simple and effective, and you can begin working on them as early as today. The book contains over 20 strategies to promote your apps. Go ahead, and get the book, and let's get you on the road to mobile app success. They all worked for my apps and they will help you grow your app to its highest potential.

If you are an independent app developer just like me, you can use the mobile application marketing strategies that I outline in this book. I am not a multi-million dollar app development studio or a big company. This book will teach you how to effectively promote your app, make money from your app, get downloads, and help you achieve your goals and dreams for your app.

I am an independent mobile app entrepreneur just like you, in-app purchases, 000, 000+ downloads from mobile app store marketing- save money by doing your own aso search engine optimization SEO for Android and the Apple App stores better than most consultants you might consider hiring- Create an app marketing strategy outside the app stores by getting press coverage and learning how to promote an app using social media and social sharing- Make money with effective app store monetization to help you maximize your app revenue with subscriptions, publishing effective ads, and I wrote this book to teach you all my strategies for how to:- Get 1, selling affiliate products and other strategies used by successful mobile app businesses- Create a successful mobile app businessI wrote this book with all my heart and soul.

In this book you get all the insights from me making my own apps a success, and the insights of the cumulative experiences of the people I've coached. This is a very to the point book with many actionable tips and strategies for how to promote your mobile app iPhone or Android, make money from your smartphone applications, and generally treat it as a real business.

Second, i have a wealth of experience coaching and observing other app entrepreneurs whose experiences and aspirations are probably very similar to yours. It is best to get this book before you start working on your mobile app because this book can give you many strategies or tell you about many pitfalls for your app that you may not foresee if this is your first app business.

Develop Your Idea!: Get off to a flying start with your startup. Guided exercises & resources for exploring & validating new business ventures

The book also explains some of the different programming languages used to build apps, how to find and interview developers, product testing, managing a Beta software launch, how to project manage the build of a software application, customer care and support and more! . These interviews will help you get to the heart of what customers want and need, and most importantly, what they will pay you for.

Raising funds for your business: We'll cover a number of ways to raise money to build your product - choose the ones that are right for you. This book comes with templates, scripts and free resources including an online workbook and spreadsheets to help you stay organised as you start to plan ahead. Avoid unnecessary risks, and develop your idea before you invest money in a new venture!This book is for you if you:●Are planning to start a new business venture and are at the idea, or early planning stages.

Would like some techniques and a process that you can follow to research and test out your idea before you take the next step. Would like to know how to protect your interests when starting a new business. Are short on time and money and want some useful methods, and resources to help you avoid the pitfalls associated with starting a new business.

Notethis is the first book in the building your business series, for startups and entrepreneurs that want to start, that leads on to the 26-chapter software survival guide: Don’t hire a software developer until you read this book, or grow their tech business the smart way. Reach for the stars, whilst keeping your feet on the ground.

Save time and collect information even as you sleep! You'll also find resources to help you prepare a business plan in minutes.

Fake It Make It: How to Make an App Prototype in 3 Hours

You will master a proven process used by more than 50, 000 designers, entrepreneurs and product managers worldwide. If you know how to use apple keynote or microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations, you will learn how to use the same tools to prototype and validate your app ideas in 3 hours or less. Is it possible to create an interactive prototype for your app idea without using a design tool, and without hiring designers or programmers to help you with it?Many people spend a lot time learning new design tools and programming languages, without knowing how to write code, so they can make a demo version of their app to test with users and get feedback about.

You will be prototyping and testing dozens of app ideas in a fraction of the time it would normally take to do one of them, you will learn the following:- how to come up with good app ideas- how to create a user experience blueprint for your app- How to put together an interactive user interface using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint- How to get feedback from users and refine your app design- How to outsource and manage the app development process- How to test your ideas quickly and cheaplyThis book is for you if you are:- An entrepreneur who wants to test new app ideas before getting them developed- A designer who wants to quickly create design concepts to show to clients or team members- A product manager who wants to create product requirements or specifications without writing long documents- A teacher who wants to teach app design and developmentPick up your copy of "Fake It Make It" today, and you will be doing it all using tools you already know how to use!In this book, and turn your app ideas into working prototypes in 3 hours or less! .

This book introduces a simple, fast and cheap approach to prototyping web and mobile apps with no design or coding skills required.

Appsters: A Beginner's Guide to App Entrepreneurship

Where he was part of a service operations enhancement program within the high-tech industry. With appsters you'll learn:- what separates the great money making apps from the rest of the pack- How to design beautiful apps that users will love to use and tell their friends about. How to use paid-downloads, 'freemium' functionality and advertising to monetize your app from day 1.

How to manage the app development process from managing off-shore development teams to finding the right engineers to work on your app. The secrets to marketing your app. During his tenure, jordan acted as a business process and systems engineer, developing line of business applications to support operational and growth activities across the company’s international subsidiaries.

Written for a non-technical audience, Appsters breaks through the technical jargon to give you a plain-spoken, entertaining and end-to-end understanding of app entrepreneurship. Do you have an idea for a mobile app that you want to bring to life?From Bobby Gill and Jordan Gurrieri, the creators of the popular app entrepreneurship blog 'Idea To Appster', comes 'Appsters: A Beginner's Guide to App Entrepreneurship'.

You don't need to be a programmer or technical wizard to create a successful app business, Appsters will show you how. Appsters is a must have guide for the aspiring app entrepreneur. Using their first hand experience launching multiple successful mobile apps, along with interviews conducted with other successful app entrepreneurs, Bobby and Jordan give you an easy-to-understand and comprehensive look at everything you need to know to take your idea and turn it into a successful app business.

During this time, bobby served as an engineering and architectural lead for the FIM server specializing in database and web service design.

App Empire: Make Money, Have a Life, and Let Technology Work for You

A guide to building wealth by designing, too, in this non-technical, and marketing a successful app across any platform Chad Mureta has made millions starting and running his own successful app business, creating, and now he explains how you can do it, easy-to-follow guide. The book caters to many platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry.

Turn your simple app idea into cash flow today! Discover marketing strategies that few developers know and/or use learn the success formula for getting thousands of downloads a day for one App Learn the secret to why some Apps get visibility while others don't Get insights to help you understand the App store market App Empire delivers advice on the most essential things you must do in order to achieve success with an app.

Learn how to set up your business so that it works while you don't, and turn a simple idea into a passive revenue stream. This book includes real-world examples to inspire those who are looking to cash in on the App gold rush. App empire provides the confidence and the tools necessary for taking the next step towards financial success and freedom.


iOS App Development For Dummies

Walks you through joining apple’s developer program, view controllers, gesture recognizers, and working with apple’s developer tools explains the key differences between iPad and iPhone apps and how to use each device’s features to your advantage Shows you how to design your app with the end user in mind and create a fantastic user experience Covers using nib files, interface objects, downloading the latest SDK, views, and much more There’s no time like now to tap into the power of iOS – start building the next big app today with help from iOS App Development For Dummies! .

That’s where ios app development for dummies comes in! whether you’re a programming hobbyist wanting to build an app for fun or a professional developer looking to expand into the iOS market, this book will walk you through the fundamentals of building a universal app that stands out in the iOS crowd.

If you’ve got incredible ios ideas, get this book and bring them to life! iOS 7 represents the most significant update to Apple’s mobile operating system since the first iPhone was released, and even the most seasoned app developers are looking for information on how to take advantage of the latest iOS 7 features in their app designs.


Appreneurship: Build A Mobile App Business With No Technical Background

I definitely gleaned some great insight on how to change or tweak things I've already done particularly in regards to my landing page and social strategies. Founder of sternfit app, roy huang - fantastic read! Rahul, as the leading mentor of the mobile app industry, is generous enough to share his years of knowledge and experience inside this short yet packed-with-practicality book.

Full of valuable tips! Wish I had read it before. The strategies listed in this book helped entrepreneurs launch and build apps with over 4 million downloads and get coverage across TechCrunch, Mashable, Washington Post, etc and win awards. Here's what's in the book:when and where to raise money for your app ideahow to validate your app ideaHow to make money from your appSteps for identifying and hiring the right outsourced developerThe right platform strategyHow to engage app usersThe most effective channels for marketing your mobile appUsing App Store Optimization to get more downloadsGrowth hacks for quick spurts.

. Just because you don't have technical knowledge doesn't mean you can't build a successful mobile app business. Forget about your "zero to one", your "Lean Startup", this book has the essence of them all!V Metta - Very direct and practical guide. It helped answer questions I've been stuck on as well as introduced other questions I hadn't yet considered.

And much more!here's what some of the readers had to say about the book:Founder of Scannibal App, Chris Butterfield - Loved the book and as a non-technical app founder, it was a perfect fit.