The Looper’s Companion Guide: Cruising America’s Great Loop

Cruising the Loop doesn't get any safer or easier than this. One reader called it: “confidence in a can!" Another reader said, “It's like having your own personal Looping Instructor at the helm. This 140-travel day route guide is strategically planned to work for those in fast boats as well as those in slow boats.

If you have a reluctant spouse in the house, this will change that as well. The route takes you to over 100 "looper Favorite" destinations and gives you all the best detours as well as the top 10 most popular side-trips. It includes each day's way-points, free dock & wall locations, safest anchorages and best marinas with Mile markers & phone numbers.

For those new to cruising long-distance, you get a complete run down on actual 2018 cruising costs with cost comparisons on the most popular types & size vessels suitable for cruising the Great Loop. Includes planning, budgeting, boat buying, equipping, preparing, and provisioning your boat. This is a huge 8.

5 x 11 x 335-pages with over 100 full-color Maps & photo's. It gives a priority to marinas that are the most people & pet friendly, offer a courtesy car or free shuttle, onsite or nearby restaurants. Just read the reviews! even previous loopers are raving about this guide! This is the ultimate Great Loop planning & cruising guide as it helps you plan and prepare your self, your boat, and your budget for this epic adventure.

You won't just be happy with this purchase, and get ready to be more excited than ever for a safe, you will be THRILLED! Get it now, comfortable and amazing voyage around America's Great Loop.

100 Great Stops on America's Great Loop

This book is a guide to 100 of the charming waterfront towns and cities along the way and has information on more than 150 additional stops and presents them in the order you will find them along the way. Updated March 2018. America's great loop is an extraordinary boating journey of over 5000 miles using the linked waterways of North America.


America's Great Loop Cruise Routes

This poster-sized 23 by 26 inches map has been changed slightly to show a multi-colored ghost line of the various routes. A smaller version, the america's Great Loop Cruise Mini-Map, is now available for those who don't have room for this larger size. The barcode that was in the lower right hand corner on earlier maps has been moved to the back.

If you have one of these earlier editions, the barcode can be covered up with your boat card prior to framing. The east coast leg is green to represent sping; the Northern leg is orange to represent summer in Canada and the Great Lakes areas; the Inland Rivers leg is brown to represent fall. It measures 12 x 14 inches and is identical to the poster sized map in every way except size and price.


From Concept to Completion A Practical Guide for Planning, Preparing and Executing Your Great Loop Adventure - The Great Loop Experience

The book covers important financial, home, time-frame, insurance, medical, and life-style factors that should be considered before starting. It details choosing and outfitting your boat for the journey, route planning, negotiating open water passages, dealing with customs, types of locks, and charts to have onboard, guidebooks, and more.

This guide helps you create the journey of a lifetime.

Waterway Guide Atlantic ICW 2019: Intracoastal Waterway: Norfolk, Va to St. Johns River, Fl

Flexible spiral binding and heavy laminated covers with bookmarker flaps ensure durability and easy use in the cockpit and at the helm. The guide features mile-by-mile navigation information, anchorage information, marina listings and locator charts, aerial photography with marked routes, and expanded "Goin' Ashore" articles on ports along the way.

Helpful cruising data like GPS waypoints, detailed planning maps, distance charts and bridge tables help get cruisers there safely. Updated annually, the waterway guide atlantic ICW 2019 edition is the indispensable cruising companion for boaters exploring the Intracoastal Waterway from Norfolk, VA to the Florida border.


Honey, Let's Get a Boat... A Cruising Adventure of America's Great Loop

Their nautical ineptitude is evident from the beginning, but pulling from their personal and collective strengths, the authors overcome doubt, a lack of experience, and real and imagined horrors. Astute and attentive to detail, they chronicled events and kept an account of expenses, equipment and charting.

Topics include necessary charts and guidebooks, information on locks, setting an itinerary, resource addresses and websites, details on equipment and the best place to be educated about boating. This is the story of a couple's travels on a forty-foot trawler cruising 6300 miles and 145 locks around the eastern part of North America known as America's Great Loop or the Great Circle Cruise.

The book has full-color inserts with black and white photographs interspersed throughout. As a result, the appendix/guidebook is worth the price of the book for anyone interested in planning their cruise. The writing is light and appealing, but there is a serious strain running through the book for those who relish history and descriptions of the landscape.

The odyssey is told the way life hands out its adventures -- sometimes humorously, sometimes tragically, but always memorably.

Waterway Guide Southern 2019: Florida, the Keys and the Gulf Coast

John's river, the keys, the okeechobee Waterway, Florida's West coast and the Gulf of Mexico to Bay St. Updated annually, the waterway guide Southern 2019 edition is the indispensable cruising companion for boaters exploring Florida's East coast, the St. Flexible spiral binding and heavy laminated covers with bookmarker flaps ensure durability and easy use in the cockpit and at the helm.

Helpful cruising data like GPS waypoints, detailed planning maps, distance charts and bridge tables help get cruisers there safely. Louis, Mississippi. The guide features mile-by-mile navigation information, aerial photography with marked routes, marina listings and locator charts, anchorage information and expanded "Goin' Ashore" articles on ports along the way.


Once Around Is Not Enough: Cruising America's Great Loop

Peoples, ceo, Anchor Publishing. It also makes a beautiful Coffee Table book & conversation piece. The newer full-color version "The Looper's Companion Guide" is however the most current. James A. Now at a reduced price! "once around is not Enough" has been on our BEST SELLER list 3 years in a row. John's newest 2019 "the looper's Companion Guide", which is a more expensive and huge 8.

5 x 11 x 335-pages full color production with over 100 full-color maps & photos. Now offered at a reduced price as a result of Capt. This is still the one to buy if you are on a budget. It was book of the year Award Winner in both 2016/2017.

Crossing the Wake: One Woman's Great Loop Adventure

A beautifully honest account of riding the waves of a journey, both physically and emotionally grueling, author Tanya Binford recounts her arduous six months with amazing detail. With an itch for sailing that had taken root decades before, she was finally ready to put her dreams into action--not even a lack of any real sailing experience could stop her! ''Bittersweet, yet triumphant.

After leaving behind her work as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and saying goodbye to her grown children, Tanya Binford was ready to cast off. The story that must be experienced. Sean o boyle am, Australian composer and conductor. Crossing the wake: one woman's great loop Adventure follows the waterlogged travels and travails of a woman willing to risk it all in a quest to bring some adventure to her life.


2019 ICW Cruising Guide: Your guide by Bob423 for safely navigating over 100 hazards from New York to Key West along the Atlantic ICW with full color charts for each hazard and tips for living aboard.

I've added two new chapters: basic knowledge on the ICW that all cruisers should know and further study, if desired, in the ICW University chapter covering nine topics to enhance your ICW experience. Gpx routes and tracks have been greatly expanded as further navigation aids. All reviews are helpful to other boaters considering a trip down the ICW.

The links have been left in blue to show they can be accessed in the eBook with a tap. I'm known as bob423 along the atlantic intracoastal Waterway ICW and this September will be my tenth trip down the ICW to Key West. Why not learn from my mishaps and avoid all the potential misadventures on your own cruise? My guide covers what I've learned about cruising the ICW over the past ten years and how to avoid the mud in shallow areas.

What's new in the 2019 edition:- all charts have been updated and redone with aqua map's rendition of the Army Corps of Engineers USACE survey charts that include my track through the over 100 shallow areas in a blue dotted line and in many cases, a GPX route too so you will know exactly how to safely proceed.

Each of the 12 legs of the trip south to Key West is now introduced with a wide area chart showing the hazards ahead with mile markers for planning a day's cruise. Thanks for considering the purchase of my guide. I've made every mistake in the book except sink the boat. There are lots of new products out there that will ease your way south, why not take advantage of them?- If you buy the paperback book the eBook will be free again this year.

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Skipper Bob: Cruising America's Great Loop, 17th 2017 Edition