The Principles of Horseshoeing II: An Illustrated Textbook of Farrier Science and Craftsmanship

Horseshoeing. A master farrier for those who want to learn all about horseshoeing. Farrier. Master farrier.

Better Basics, Better Horseshoeing: A Step-By-Step Approach To Mastering Farrier Skills

Lavishly illustrated and written by one of the top farriery instructors in the country, this book has something for everyone from the novice who is just starting out, to the experienced professional who wants to polish his skillls. Used book in Good Condition. Chris gregory, owner and instructor of the Hearland Horseshoeing School in Missouri, takes a step-by-step approach to help you improve your horseshoeing and forging skills.


Principles of Farriery

Used book in Good Condition. Shoe making, surgical shoes, lameness, and shoeing are dealt with in detail, and the book is embellished with hundreds of specially taken photos and explanatory line drawings. Used book in Good Condition. The coverage starts with a brief history of farriery, and then looks at the legalities of the job and how to control equines for trimming and shoeing.

A respected equine vet and farrier have joined forces to produce this manual for trainee and working farriers. The authors describe the care and maintenance of the forge and farriery tools, as well as the anatomy and function of the horse, the principles of foot balance, especially the lower limbs, and the practice of shoeing.


Millwater's Farriery: The Illustrated Dictionary of Horseshoeing and Hoofcare: Encyclopedic Reference for Professionals, Students, and Horseowners

Used book in Good Condition. The encyclopedic dictionary of the art and science of farriery, designed for cross-referencing. Used book in Good Condition. Well illustrated with appendices of full-page illustrations, historical reference material, and resource guides. Composed by a Registered Master Farrier.

The Cavalry Horseshoer's Technical Manual War Department Technical Manual, Tm 2-220.

Used book in Good Condition. This illustrated 1941 technical manual was written by the War Department for cavalry farriers. This 128-page reprint contains plenty of invaluable information, diagrams and historical value. Used book in Good Condition. Beginning with a discussion on anatomy and physiology of the equine hoof and leg, this manual goes on to describe forging and shoeing practices, traction devices and hoof care for hardworking horses.

Used book in Good Condition.