The Radical Disciple: Some Neglected Aspects of Our Calling

He calls. He is lord of all of life. We follow. No. In a refreshing and accesible style, christlikeness, creation care, maturity, simplicity, he explores eight aspects of Christian discipleship which are too often neglected and yet deserve to be taken seriously: nonconformity, balance, dependence and death. The message is simple, classic and personal: Jesus is Lord.

What is a life of radical discipleship? At the root, it means we let Jesus set the agenda of our lives. In addition, he poignantly reflects on his last years of life and ministry. In the last book by the leading evangelical churchman of the twentieth century, John Stott opens up what it means to truly be a follower of Jesus.

Here, including the last public sermon he ever preached, Stott offers wisdom gained from a lifetime of consistent Christian commitment. We aren't selective. We don't pick and choose what is congenial and stay away from what is costly.

Basic Christianity IVP Classics

Named a "book of the century" by christianity Today "If Jesus was not God in human flesh, Christianity is exploded, " writes John Stott. Is it plausible that jesus was truly divine? And what would that mean for us? John Stott's clear, classic book, now updated, examines the historical facts on which Christianity stands.

We are left with just another religion with some beautiful ideas and noble ethics; its unique distinction has gone. Who is jesus christ? if he is not who he said he was, and if he did not do what he said he had come to do, the whole superstructure of Christianity crumbles in ruin. Here is a sound, sensible guide for all who seek an intellectually satisfying explanation of the Christian faith.


Your Mind Matters: The Place of the Mind in the Christian Life IVP Classics

In this classic introduction to Christian thinking, John Stott makes a forceful appeal for Christian discipleship that engages the mind as well as the heart. But this need not be so. Knowledge is indispensable to Christian life and service, " writes John Stott. If we do not use the mind which God has given us, we condemn ourselves to spiritual superficiality.

While christians have had a long heritage of rigorous scholarship and careful thinking, some circles still view the intellect with suspicion or even as contradictory to Christian faith. And many non-christians are quick to label Christians as anti-intellectual and obscurantist.

The Cross of Christ

His penetrating insight, charitable scholarship and pastoral warmth are guaranteed to feed both heart and mind. What emerges is a pattern for Christian life and worship, hope and mission. The work of a lifetime, from one of the world's most influential thinkers, about the heart of the Christian faith. In the real world of pain, how could one worship a god who was immune to it?" With compelling honesty John Stott confronts this generation with the centrality of the cross in God's redemption of the world -- a world now haunted by the memories of Auschwitz, the pain of oppression and the specter of nuclear war.

More than a study of the atonement, this book brings Scripture into living dialogue with Christian theology and the twentieth century. I could never myself believe in God, if it were not for the cross. At the cross stott finds the majesty and love of God disclosed, the sin and bondage of the world exposed.

. Can we see triumph in tragedy, victory in shame? why should an object of roman distaste and Jewish disgust be the emblem of our worship and the axiom of our faith? And what does it mean for us today? Now from one of the foremost preachers and Christian leaders of our day comes theology at its readable best, a contemporary restatement of the meaning of the cross.

. Destined to be a classic study of the center of our faith, Stott's work is the product of a uniquely gifted pastor, scholar and Christian statesman.

The Message of the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5-7 : Christian Counter-Culture

The sermon on the mount is the most complete delineation anywhere in the New Testament of the Christian counter-culture. The followers of jesus are to different, " writes John Stott, "different from both the nominal church and the secular world, different from both the religious and the irreligious. Stott accurately expounds the biblical text and relates it to life today.

. W. And this christian counter-culture is the life of the kingdom of God, a fully human life indeed but lived out under the divine rule. In this careful exposition of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, John R. Here is a christian value-system, ethical standard, religious devotion, ambition, attitude to money, lifestyle and network of relationships--all of which are totally at variance with those in the non-Christian world.

Above all, the author says, he wants to let Christ speak this sermon again, this time to the modern world.

The Lost Art of Disciple Making

This book examines the growth process in the life of a Christian and considers what nurture and guidance it takes to develop spiritually qualified workers in the church. He explains: - how the early church discipled new christians - how to meet the basic needs of a growing Christian - How to spot and train potential workers - How to develop mature, godly leaders "True growth takes time and tears and love and patience, " Eims states.

. This book examines the growth process in the life of a Christian and considers what nurture and guidance it takes to develop spiritually qualified workers in the church. And we neglect to raise up workers and leaders who can disciple young believers into mature and fruitful Christians. We neglect the young Christian in our whirl of programs, church services, and fellowship groups.

There is no instant maturity. Every believer in Jesus Christ deserves the opportunity of personal nurture and development. Says leRoy Eims. In simple, and biblical terms, practical, LeRoy Eims revives the lost art of disciple making. But all too often the opportunity isn't there.

Jesus Centered Youth Ministry Revised: Moving from Jesus-Plus to Jesus-Only

It’s packed with new insight, new research, and dozens of field-tested ideas for planting and nurturing a ministry environment that is Jesus-magnetic. Help satisfy teenagers’ hunger for Jesus in richly nourishing and sustaining ways by shifting the orbit of your ministry. So what would a youth ministry look like if it shifted toward a passionate, you’ll discover the foundation for a ministry that is Jesus-centered, persistent, and permeating focus on drawing students into a closer orbit around Jesus?Inside the pages of Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry, along with the bricks for building it.

. In fact, that desire is so deep, it’s #1 on their "wish list" for what they’d like to talk about at church. But are we doing that? even though we assume that everything we do in youth ministry is about Jesus, the evidence is clear:That’s not what our students say they’re experiencing. There's a surging hunger among teenagers for Jesus.

You’ll discover that not only is it possible to create this kind of ministry, it’s also essential that you pursue this path. Eight years after his book was first published, introducing the language and structure of a new way of doing youth ministry, author and longtime Group Magazine editor Rick Lawrence has completely rewritten and revised Jesus-Centered Youth Ministry.

This book examines the growth process in the life of a Christian and considers what nurture and guidance it takes to develop spiritually qualified workers in the church. New research shows that they want a clearer understanding of what Jesus really said and did, and how faith in matters in their lives.

The Message of Acts Bible Speaks Today

With the breadth and scholarly care that have marked John Stott's years of ministry, this book opens to us the early days of the church as recorded by Luke in the book of Acts. A 1991 christianity today readers' Choice Award The Spirit moves the church into the world. The experiences of the early church have much to say about issues that concern Christians today.

What can acts tell us about tongues and other extraordinary manifestations of the spirit? how should churches structure themselves--with elders, of course, pastors or all three? What should a normal Christian conversion look like? And, deacons, how should the church reach out into the world with the message of salvation? These and many other topics are handled with a pastoral heart and an unwavering commitment to the authority of God's Word in our lives.

That is how it has always been since the day of Pentecost when the Spirit brought thousands from many countries into the body of Christ. As stott concludes, "the acts of the Apostles have long ago finished; the acts of the followers of Jesus will continue until the end of the world. This book examines the growth process in the life of a Christian and considers what nurture and guidance it takes to develop spiritually qualified workers in the church.


The Message of Romans: God's Good News for the World Bible Speaks Today

In the classic tradition of great Christian leaders who have commented on Romans, Stott expounds Paul's words, themes and arguments. This book examines the growth process in the life of a Christian and considers what nurture and guidance it takes to develop spiritually qualified workers in the church. Even more important, he views Romans from his own pastoral and missionary perspective, an outloook shaped in turn by the great vision of the apostle.

The power of the gospel, the righteousness of God revealed from heaven, is clearly addressed to today's men and women who have answered its summons. Not only is stott deeply acquainted with the text and context of Romans, he is also conversant with the most recent Pauline scholarship. Little did he know that for two millennia this tautly tuned exposition of the gospel would echo through church and academy, market and home.

. One of christianity today's 1995 books of the year when Paul first penned his letter to the house churches of Rome, his purpose was to gain prayerful support for his coming mission to the western reaches of the Mediterranean world. Or that it would leap great oceans to reverberate through lands and hearts beyond the farthest edges of his world.

Here is a commentary for those who live on the edge of the third millennium, a commentary spanning the two worlds of Romans--Paul's and ours. John stott, joins a chorus of distinguished voices of the church who have pondered and lived the great themes of Romans, in this new paperback edition previously released with the title Romans, and who have tuned our ears to hear its rich harmonies and meditate on its broad vision.


Understanding the Bible

This book answers foundational questions: who wrote the bible? what is its message? Why is it thought to be a "holy" book? How does one read and interpret it? Best of all, though, you'll broaden your vision of Jesus Christ, the focal point of Scripture. This book examines the growth process in the life of a Christian and considers what nurture and guidance it takes to develop spiritually qualified workers in the church.

You'll see jesus as never before: both as a man of his times and culture, and as the culmination of a divine providence that prepared the way for the ministry of the Messiah. Written by renowned preacher, writer, expanded edition includes - Questions at the beginning of each chapter to help you focus - New, and apologist John Stott, this new, up-to-date maps for the chapters on history and geography - An index to help you speedily access areas of interest.

How? by better understanding the geographical, religious, and historical concerns that shaped the world in which he lived.

Why I Am a Christian

If you take an honest look at jesus, you will discover that following him gives you the purpose, identity and freedom you've been searching for―and far more than you have ever imagined. This book examines the growth process in the life of a Christian and considers what nurture and guidance it takes to develop spiritually qualified workers in the church.

Or maybe you're simply looking for meaning and direction in your life. Or maybe you're intrigued with what you've heard about Jesus. Now in why i am a christian he provides a compelling, persuasive case for considering the Christian faith. Why jesus? perhaps you have had the funny feeling that God wants to get your attention.

John stott spent a lifetime wrestling with questions about Jesus both personally and in dialogue with skeptics and seekers around the globe.