The Third Hour

Dominic unwittingly becomes the center of a complicated maze of the world's unsolved mysteries: Roswell, the Bermuda Triangle, time travel and the crucifixion. With help from inside the U. S. And a conspiracy begins to unravel. Dan brown, lee child and James Rollins fans may have just found another author to add to their bookshelf.

Can he uncover the truths from the past that shape the present before he is stopped? Perhaps all the answers he seeks have already been found. Senate and the vatican, Dominic struggles to find the truth, save the church. Paul wilson, new york Times Bestselling Author and Creator of Repairman Jack. The third hour is an original spin on the religious-thriller genre, incorporating elements of science fiction along with the religious angle.

The strength of the third hour lies in its originality, who are made a part of the experiment at the heart of the novel, combined with an interesting take on real historical figures, and the fast pace that builds throughout the story to an - I didn't see that coming - ending. Rt reviews. A priest's last words, whispered to Dominic, pull him back to the church in a way he never expected.


Original Sins The Vatican Knights Book 18

But when he begins to question the morality of his actions and the motives of his superiors, he is placed within the crosshairs by high-end principals who want to see him dead. Watching from the shadows, however, are the elite commandos of the Vatican Knights. In a washington, D. C. When kimball hayden is deemed expendable by his peers, a rise to redemption, will the vatican interfere and offer him a way to the Light? Or will Kimball continue his path to Darkness and fall victim to those who wish him dead? From the bestselling author of the Vatican Knights series, Rick Jones weaves a tale of one man’s fall from grace, and a journey of rediscovery.

But as kimball hayden begins to see the negative cost of his actions, he slowly becomes the prey to a predator with absolute power. Inside the vatican, a cardinal receives spiritual insight about a deadly killer. Before kimball hayden became a vatican knight, he was the commander of the Pieces of Eight, a kill squad that worked as part of a black-arm force of the CIA.

Suburb, a family is executed by a government assassin. While flying at an altitude of 10, 000 feet, an editor of a newspaper is murdered. In the middle of the night as a bus leaves Washington, D. C.

The Logos Code The Dark Horizon Trilogy Book 3

In the beginning was the logos …when a respected Freemason is executed in a mysterious Templar cave, the police turn to antiquities investigator Vincent Blake for assistance. Superb. I love Vincent Blake. Absolutely gripping!’ ★★★★★ ‘A rip-roaring mystery thriller. A marvellous adventure that you definitely don't want to miss.

Dan brown aficionados will love the twists and turns of this story. Fast-paced and totally gripping - unputdownable. I’ll stop when i finish this chapter - Yeah, never happened. Just brilliant!’ ★★★★★ ‘a wonderful blend of history, science, religion, fact and fiction. An intriguing, mesmerizing trilogy.

This is a great riveting adventure and amazing experience to read. ’. What was the freemason protecting? and who would kill him for it? After a second Freemason is murdered, Blake discovers a coded letter written by London’s genius architect Christopher Wren that sets him on a collision course with a sinister enemy who will stop at nothing to achieve their diabolical goal.

In a frantic battle against time, can blake and an unlikely ally crack wren’s “Logos” code before his ruthless adversary unleashes hell on earth?In this final part of the Dark Horizon Trilogy, Blake’s greatest discovery becomes the world’s greatest threat, as the future of all things hangs in the balance.

What readers say about vincent blake thrillers:★★★★★ ‘A nail-biting, thrill a minute trilogy.

The Ripper Secret

A priceless relic… and a monster that will do anything to get hold of it. In the summer of 1888, a killer is about to rampage through East London. Discovered on a mission to jerusalem, he smuggled the relic back to England, never imagining the peril he would place himself in, and more devastatingly, the women of Whitechapel.

As the ripper strikes, the truth may finally be uncovered…Fans of Iain King, Scott Mariani and Boyd Morrison will love The Ripper Secret, again and again, a thriller that blows the legend of Jack the Ripper wide open. Praise for the ripper secret‘Interesting, original’ Historical Novel Society. But what are the real motives behind the murders?Police Commissioner Charles Warren has in his possession an ancient artefact of incredible value, and unknowable danger.


The Sleeper's War: A Dan Kotler Archaeological Thriller

All signs point to the possibility of its existence, deep within the Mojave Desert, and it's potential use by Native Americans in the region. That is, if a team of mercenaries with a grudge doesn't get it first. Dr. Dan kotler—polymathic anthropologist and fbi consultant—teams with his FBI partner, Agent Roland Denzel, to investigate the murder of an archaeobiologist, hot on the trail of a source for makry ypno.

And are willing to kill anyone to keep it under their control. But kotler and denzel are not the only ones on the trail of this ancient drug. Lost in the darkness of history for millennia, referenced only in obscure Greek medical texts, this strange plant holds the key to allowing humanity to survive global threats by escaping to the stars.

A team of mercenaries, led by an enemy from Kotler's past, has found the makry ypno first. Long Sleep. An ancient drug will determine humanity's futureMakry ypno. The sleeper's war is the tenth full-length novel in kevin tumlinson's dan kotler archaeological thrillersget your copy now! .

Geostorm The Tempest: A Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller The Geostorm Series Book 5

All of that research was for naught as the rapid pole shift generated The Tempest, a storm of biblical proportions. Omg akart did it again!". Since the beginning of time, four billion life forms have been created. Ninety-nine percent are now extinct. The human species is the youngest of them all. A mere blink in the eye of time -Time, which is running out.

I couldn't put it down. Throughout the history of mankind, humans persevered because these cataclysmic events came about slowly allowing them time to analyze and adapt. This time, it was different. Ice melted. Scientists had fought for centuries to study and explain the changes to our planet. Land masses disappeared.

Humanity had to go somewhere. As the dramatic changes in the Earth's climate came about, superstorms, flooding, and weeks on end without sunlight became the norm. Waters rose. Entire species become extinct in an instant. Using advanced methodology, they routinely predicted our future. The rapid pole shift resulting in the sudden reversal of the planet's magnetic field changed the face of the planet, forever.

The Napoleon Affair: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 18

Get into some of the best adventure fiction kindle unlimited has to offer and find out why Ernest Dempsey is one of the hottest adventure fiction authors in the genre. For nearly two thousand years, the Catholic Church has revered and protected its priceless, sprawling inventory of holy relics. From the bones of apostles to pieces of the cross Jesus died on, Catholics worldwide have long viewed their cherished relics as sacred—reminders of the possibility of miracles, of the power of the Almighty.

But some of the holiest relics in all of Christendom have been lost down through the centuries to war, thieves, or worse. This archaeological thriller will keep you burning through the pages long into the night. And the grand master of a once-powerful order of medieval Catholic knights wants it to help his twisted holy warriors regain their former glory.

They’ll stop at nothing until they possess the ring, kill Wyatt and his friends, overthrow the pope, and enlist believers worldwide into their unholy New Crusade. Usa today best-selling author Ernest Dempsey delivers his most taut thriller to date. So, when a high-ranking cardinal is murdered in his Vatican apartment over clues he might possess to the whereabouts of a relic considered truly divine, the Vatican calls in the experts.

They enlist former secret agent sean wyatt; his wife, to help find both the cardinal’s killer and, the renowned archaeologist Tommy Schultz, Adriana; and his best friend, if at all possible, the missing relic, thought to have been hidden by Napoléon Bonaparte two hundred years ago. This relic—a ring worn by john the Baptist—is rumored to possess unfathomable power, rendering its wearer nearly invincible, able to wield the very power of God.

Holy Shroud Order of Thaddeus Book 1

Bouma that combines faith, fact, and fiction like few religious writers—delivering a “highly entertaining” and “compelling” page-turner people have all agreed “you won't want to put it down!”. A religious belief under siege. Silas grey—ex-army ranger, professor of religious studies, and leading relics expert—is on the verge of rocking the religious and nonreligious alike with scientific proof of the Church’s central belief: Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

They are a sign of an even greater threat reemerging from the shadows of history. Coming to his aid is the order of Thaddeus, a religious order that has been battling for the very survival of the Church since its birth. A sacred relic. An ancient threat. Spanning the globe from washington to paris to Jerusalem, Silas and the Order combine forces to plunge into a desperate mission for the very survival of the Church and all it holds dear.

Can they preserve the memory of its central belief before its archenemy erases it forever?Holy Shroud is the first book in the inventive bestselling Order of Thaddeus action-adventure thriller series leveraging the familiar conspiracy suspense and special-ops thrill of James Rollins, wrapped in the historical insight of Steve Berry and inspiration of Ted Dekker.

Embark on this new action-packed adventure by emerging author J. A. Soon it becomes clear that an ancient cultic enemy has risen to once again wage war against the Church and destroy the Christian faith—beginning with its most sacred relic and teaching.

The Hidden Persuaders: A Dan Kotler Archaeological Thriller

Fourteen members of Congress, abducted right from the Senate floor. For centuries the jani have hidden among us, accumulating power, gathering artifacts of great historical significance, infiltrating the highest offices of governments around the world. And now they are accelerating their plans. When fourteen members of the Senate are abducted on live television signs point to the Jani.

Using the power and reach of the Jani, this new group wants to create a true new world order. The jani have influenced history for nearly two millennia. Within the order, a new faction arises: The Novensiles. Doctor dan kotler and agent roland denzel are called in to help find the Congresspeople and to uncover the plans of this hidden Order before they can use their influence to take dominion over the world.

Influence is the currency of the Novensiles and the Jani. Kotler and Denzel may pay a higher price. The hidden persuaders is the ninth full-length novel in kevin tumlinson's dan kolter archaeological thrillers.

The Lake of Learning: A Cassiopeia Vitt Novella

Best books of august ~ apple Books**“Coauthors Steve Berry and M. J. The lake of learning is the kind of page-turner that makes you crave a big bowl of popcorn—we just wanted it to keep on going. Apple booksfor over a decade cassiopeia Vitt has been building an authentic French castle, using only materials and techniques from the 13th century.

Eventually, in 1208, the pope declared them heretics and ordered a crusade—the first where Christians killed Christians—and thousands were slaughtered, the Cathars all but exterminated. Now a piece of that past has re-emerged, one that holds the key to the hiding place of the most precious object the Cathars possessed.

Rose take lots of hairpin turns, making for an intense, suspenseful, and action-packed read. From the medieval walled city of carcassonne, to a forgotten cavern beneath the Pyrenees, to the crest of mysterious Montségur, Cassiopeia is drawn deeper and deeper into a civil war between two people obsessed with revenge and murder.

But when a treasure is unearthed at the construction site—an ancient Book of Hours—a multitude of questions are raised, all pointing to an ancient and forgotten religious sect. Once the cathars existed all across southern France, challenging Rome and attracting the faithful by the tens of thousands.

And when more than one person becomes interested in that secret, in particular a thief and a billionaire, the race is on.

The Secret of Heaven: An explosive mystery regarding the divinity of Christ vs the humanity of Jesus. Aiden Leonardo Book 1

Hidden within the text is an ancient truth about the most controversial message Jesus left to His disciples. When investment banker lazzaro de medici is found dead, Professor of Biblical Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect. Pursued by the F. B. I. But as aiden embarks on his quest to unravel the mystery of redemption and faith, a secret organization known only as The Group hunts him down to destroy the Lost Bible and tie up loose ends.

With the help of his fiancé Dr. Miriam levin—a cultural anthropologist and a professor of historical archaeology in her own right, a philologist, religious historian and an eccentric cryptographer, their friend Nagi, Aiden soon realizes the Lost Bible was written by the only disciple who walked with Jesus and had his gospel omitted from Scripture.

Things are further complicated when a mysterious stranger warns Aiden that possessing the secret of heaven could cost him his life. In possession of an encrypted letter given to him by Lazzaro, Aiden utilizes his extensive knowledge of Scripture to piece together clues that lead to a Lost Bible dating back to the time of Christ.

For the ancient black market relic and the chicago PD in connection to the murder of Lazzaro de Medici, Aiden races against the clock to prove his innocence and fulfill his mentor’s dying wish. Expose the secret of heaven.