The Tiger’s Cage

Fbi special agent tom donovan is about to nail the drug lord he's been chasing, Angel Ramos, when Ramos does the unthinkable: He kidnaps Tom's 18-year-old son, Kenny. Meanwhile, kenny must cling to his fragile, newly forged faith to survive. Tom's life spins out of control as he desperately searches for his son.



Quantico sends a geographic profiler to help identify him, but the killing of a young woman outside the probability zone casts doubt on that technique. Then the shooter kills again, and again … and again. Saddled with an unpredictable partner, forced to put her personal life on hold, Kit doggedly pursues the sniper.

As panic grips the hampton roads area, pressure mounts, and Kit soon finds herself in the crosshairs of failure—and death. Shocked by the murder of a friend, FBI Special Agent Kit McGovern vows to bring the killer to justice.

Battered Justice

Tension builds between the two men as Jake discovers Chase is abusing Tam--and putting Jake's kids at risk. Soon the agents are targeting a low-level street gang. Chase is the new husband of Jake's ex-wife, Tam. Battered justice" is the sequel to "Bloody Point. ". When a fellow agent is shot south of Baltimore, FBI Special Agents Jake Tucker and Cass McKenna lead a team to find the shooter.

Jake keeps finding evidence linking the gang and drugs to a nearby casino, one Senator Chase Westfield helped get approved. Soon they're on a collision course from which only one can emerge.

All That I Dread: A K-9 Search and Rescue Story

Called out to help an fbi team investigating a series of abductions, Jess discovers she's not finished with the past she thought she'd escaped. Jessica chamberlain and her German shepherd, Luke, volunteer with the Battlefield Search and Rescue group in Virginia.

Bloody Point

Looking for some peace in her life, retreats to a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay, FBI Special Agent Cassidy McKenna leaves the Bureau, and struggles with the recent death of her husband and her shaken faith in God. She must connect the evidence, help Jake deal with his brain injury, and find the perpetrator before she becomes the next victim.

When her former partner, jake, is assaulted and nearly killed and then her marina is torched, Cass knows she must find out why. She believes the crimes are connected and unofficially investigates, not knowing that she is both the hunter and the hunted.

Words of Conviction

An expert at what she does, Kenzie probes criminal minds more accurately than she does her own heart. John is no fan of hers, either, but they have little time to dwell on it as the case grows more dangerous. Working alongside fellow fbi agent john crowfeather, Kenzie refuses to acknowledge her mysterious attraction to John, and continues to build walls she believes will protect her not only from men but God as well.

The clues are hidden in the kidnapper's words. Can the message be decoded in time? when zoe, a forensic psycholinguist, is abducted, the five-year-daughter of a powerful Senator, the FBI brings in Special Agent MacKenzie Graham, to analyze the written threats of the vengeful kidnapper. Can kenzie and john rescue the girl before it's too late? Or will their misguided convictions cost a little girl her life?

When the perpetrator begins posting messages on the Internet, the race is on to save Zoe.

Seeds of Evidence

Cop david o'connor to investigate the murder with the smallest of clues—tomato seeds and acorns found in the boy's pockets. Using plant dna evidence, Kit traces the young boy to a huge farm where more than a killer looms. With grit, kit pursues her case and discovers that, determination, and a growing interest in David, to truly move forward in life, justice has to be tempered with mercy.

But her vacation comes to an unexpected end when the body of a young Latino boy is found on the beach. Kit teams up with D. C. Shaken by an unwanted divorce, fbi special Agent Kit McGovern retreats to her grandmother's Virginia island home for a little R & R.

Book Three - ON YOUR KNEES: The Detectives of Hazel Hill

Captain baker links the current case to a seventeen year old cold case, and Adam is left with a choice, he can wallow in self-pity and regret or he can humble himself and seek forgiveness from his childhood friend. Ella perkins lives a quiet life as a third grade teacher, and she would prefer to keep it that way.

Adam wants a second chance, but so does a killer. Detective adam Jamison had been given more than he can handle. Seventeen years have passed. And even though adam is determined to keep her physically safe, can she trust him and forgive him? ON YOUR KNEES, the third book in The Detectives of Hazel Hill Series, is a heart pounding Christian romantic suspense novel that will keep you guessing and cheering for Adam and Ella.

The detectives of hazel hill series:a frightful noel - prequel - christmas novellanot alone - book onepursued - book twoon your knees - book ThreeA SHOT AT REDEMPTION - Book Four - Coming 2020Title to be Determined - Book Five - Coming 2020 But when the past slams open the door, she's left scrambling to keep herself steady.

After a friend dies in his arms, he turns to the bottle to alleviate the pain. The man that harmed her seventeen years ago is back and out to kill her. But when the rape case he and his partner, are working turns into murder, Amelia Johnson, Adam questions his ability to keep anyone safe.

Stolen Everyday Heroes Book 5

While caring for the victim's young daughter and the crime's sole witness, Candy, Sarah's normally calm life becomes a nightmare from which she can't escape. Her terror further escalates when it becomes clear that whoever stabbed Candy's mother is still searching for something. Second Chances. Murder. Dr. His job comes first in his life, but the mysterious murder challenges him.

Stalking. Sarah collins, a counselor and single mom, is shaken to her core when one of her patients is murdered. Even worse, his growing attachment to Sarah and the girls threaten to unravel the core of who he's always believed himself to be. When his best friend as a child was kidnapped and never found, Nick was determined to become a police officer.

How can he be a husband, father, and cop? Especially when if he lowers his guard to love, all of their lives may be lost. Detective Nick Davidson is assigned to the case.

Margin of Error Fog Lake Suspense Book 2

Even worse, the deadly predator is now hunting her. Some secrets have deadly consequences. Brynlee parker thought her biggest challenge would be hiking to Dead Man’s Bluff and fulfilling her dad’s last wishes. Can brynlee and boone figure out who’s behind these murders? Or will the hurts and secrets from their past not allow for even a margin of error?

Boone wilder wants nothing to do with Dead Man’s Bluff, not after his wife died there. She never thought she’d witness two men being viciously murdered while on a mountainous trail. But he can’t seem to mind his own business when a mysterious out-of-towner burst into his camp store in a frenzied panic.

Something—or someone—deadly is out there. The killer’s hunger for blood seems to be growing at a brutal pace.

Dark Prophecy

When riley matthews niece of daniel matthews from the book Without Warning in the Elite Guardians series heads to North Carolina to rescue her best friend from the Swiss Saints cult, she quickly runs into trouble. But first, he has to find her, help her rescue her friend--and convince her that he's a changed man.

Steve patterson, home from Afghanistan and ready to adjust to civilian life, wants that life to include Riley Matthews. Working together, they find that rescuing her friend is one thing. But they have to try--or one man's evil schemes will have tragic consequences. Only riley's not so sure she believes him.

Rescuing an entire compound of innocent people might just prove impossible. Truthfully, her heart wants to say all is forgiven, but her head won't let her forget the pain he caused her when he left without so much as a goodbye.