The Weird World of Words: A Guided Tour

Did you know that ‘almost’ is the longest word in the english language with all of its letters in alphabetical order ? or that ‘stewardesses’ is the longest word you can type solely with your left hand? Or that fireflies aren’t actually flies, famous lines from literature and film, they’re beetles? From information about words and their uses, to useful lists of things you never knew had names, palindromes, bizarre test answers and more, The Weird World of Words is bursting with truly oddball facts about words and language – and will have you hooked from the very first page.


Oxymoronica: Paradoxical Wit and Wisdom from History's Greatest Wordsmiths

Ox-y-mor-on-i-ca ok-se-mor-on-uh-ca noun, but at a deeper level are true, self-contradictory statements or observations that on the surface appear false or illogical, plural: Any variety of tantalizing, often profoundly true. Mardy grothe introduces it to readers in this delightful collection of 1, 400 of the most provocative quotations of all time.

All areas of human activity are explored, of course, the arts, politics, including love, and, sex and romance, the literary life, marriage and family life. The wise and witty observations in this book are as highly entertaining as they are intellectually nourishing and are sure to grab the attention of language lovers everywhere.

See also oxymoron, paradox. Examples:"Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad. Victor hugo"To lead the people, walk behind them. Lao-tzu"you'd be surprised how much it coststo look this cheap. Dolly partonyou won't find the word "oxymoronica" in any dictionary at least not yet because Dr. Shaw to modern social observers like Woody Allen and Lily Tomlin, Oxymoronica celebrates the power and beauty of paradoxical thinking.

B. From ancient thinkers like confucius, and Saint Augustine to great writers like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Aristotle, and G.

I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like: A Comprehensive Compilation of History's Greatest Analogies, Metaphors, and Similes

In i never metaphor I Didn't Like, quotation maven Dr. Throughout history, many masters of metaphor have crafted observations that are so spectacular they have taken up a permanent residence in our minds. The murals in restaurants are on a par with the food in museums. America is an enormous frosted cupcake in the middle of millions of starving people.

Critics are like pigs at the pastry cart. Describing something by relating it to another thing is the essence of metaphorical thought. Mardy grothe fixes his attention on the three superstars of figurative language—analogies, metaphors, and similes. The result is an extraordinary compilation of nearly 2, 000 feats of association that will entertain, educate, and occasionally inspire quotation lovers everywhere.

In this intellectual smorgasbord, the author of Oxymoronica and Viva la Repartee explains figurative language in a refreshingly down-to-earth way before taking readers on a tour of history's greatest word pictures. It is one of the oldest activities of humankind—and one of the most impressive when done skillfully.

In chapters on wit, sports, sex, love, insults, politics, stage and screen, and more, you will find quotations from Aristotle and Maya Angelou to George Washington and Oprah Winfrey.

The Thinker's Thesaurus: Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words Expanded Third Edition

Meltzer puts each word—whether it’s protrepic, apostrophize, periodicals, iracund, or emulous—in context by using examples from a broad range of contemporary books, and newspapers. His new introduction makes the case for why we should widen our vocabulary and use the one right word. Avoiding traditional thesauruses’ mundane synonym choices, Peter E.

This groundbreaking thesaurus remains a unique venture, one that enriches your writing while helping you find the perfect word. With over twenty percent more material, a must for any lover of distinctive words. This entertaining and informative reference features sophisticated and surprising alternatives to common words together with no-fail guides to usage.


Metaphors Be With You: An A to Z Dictionary of History's Greatest Metaphorical Quotations

Arranged into two sections—"the ten best things ever said" and "the Single Best Thing Ever Said"—Metaphors Be with You includes quotations on five hundred human interest topics and an introduction to the nature, importance, and sheer joy of metaphorical language. Essential for writers, readers, this breathtaking, and language aficionados, beautifully designed sourcebook also contains elegantly integrated digital access to Dr.

Respected quotation anthologist and author of Oxymoronica and Viva la Repartee Dr. Mardy grothe has created the definitive reference on English’s finest metaphors, sports, history, politics, religion, philosophy, comedy, sourced from literature, pop culture, religion, Hollywood, and more. This one-of-a-kind synergy between print and technology offers a comprehensive look at the diversity of words and phrases we use to relate to, innumerable "Error Alerts, understand, and describe our world by providing access to detailed source information, " and fascinating quotation backstories that will engage readers as they delve into metaphorical language and discover their own favorites.

Whether you’re crafting a speech, or simply searching for new ways to express yourself, writing a novel, this remarkable compendium is sure to inspire you with the perfect metaphor every time. Mardy’s dictionary of metaphorical Quotations, the world’s largest online database of quotations containing metaphors, similes, and analogies.

Mardy grothe is at his best in metaphors be with you, 750 of history’s greatest metaphorical quotations, meticulously curated for writers, an A to Z dictionary of 2, readers, and quotation lovers everywhere. In metaphors Be with You, Dr.

Viva la Repartee: Clever Comebacks and Witty Retorts from History's Great Wits and Wordsmiths

For most of us, that perfect retort or witty reply often escapes us when we need it most, only to come to mind with perfect clarity when it's too late to be useful. Mardy grothe, author of oxymoronica, has lovingly assembled a collection of masterfully composed -- and perfectly timed -- replies that have turned the tables on opponents and adversaries.

The twentieth-century writer Heywood Broun described this all-too-common phenomenon when he wrote "Repartee is what we wish we'd said. In viva la Repartee, Dr. This delightful volume is a celebration of the most impressive retorts, comebacks, ripostes, bon mots, rejoinders, wisecracks, off-the-cuff comments, ad-libs, quips, and other clever remarks ever to come out of the mouths -- and from the pens -- of people throughout history.

Touching on all areas of human endeavor, mark twain, sports, winston churchill, Dolly Parton, Groucho Marx, literature, and even the risqué, the book features contributions from Oscar Wilde, relationships, Dorothy Parker, including politics, Mae West, the arts, and scores more. As entertaining as it is intellectually enriching, Viva la Repartee is sure to capture the attention of language lovers and is the perfect antidote for anyone who's ever thought I wish I'd said that!


Neverisms: A Quotation Lover's Guide to Things You Should Never Do, Never Say, or Never Forget

Remember, “never let the fear of striking out get in your way” baberuth, "never hit anyone if you can help it, but never hit soft"Theodore Roosevelt; "never be afraid tosit awhile and think" Lorraine Hansberry; and, of course, neverleave home without the perfect quote for any occasion from Dr. From mardy grothe, oxymoronica, and i never met a metaphor IDidn’t Like, the author of Ifferisms, comes a new collection of witty and wise quotations about what never to do in life.

. Mardy’s Neverisms.

Ifferisms: An Anthology of Aphorisms That Begin with the Word "IF"

Mardy grothe, viva la repartee, author of I Never Metaphor I Didn’t Like, and Oxymoronica. Perfect for linguaphiles and lovers of quotes, Ifferisms is a lively compendium of wit, wisdom, and wordplay from Dr. A collection of aphorisms—pithy observations that communicate some kind of truth about the human experience—Ifferisms contains those that begin with “if.

From “if life hands you lemons, don’t fix it, make lemonade” to “If it ain’t broke, ” the sayings in Ifferisms demonstrate how hypothetical thinking helps people contemplate their lives.

Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories That History Forgot

Stories that history forgot…but readers will remember“The only thing new in the world, ” said Harry S. Sandler author of resolute and Atlantic Ocean restores to memory important events, people, and developments that have been lost to time. Though barely known today, these are major historical stories, to cahokia, which at its zenith contained a population estimated to have been as high as 40, to the worst peacetime maritime disaster ever, and manners still reverberates, cuisine, 000 more than any contemporary European city, from Ziryab, a 12th century city north of the Rio Grande, fashion, an eighth-century black slave whose influence on music, the explosion and sinking of the Sultana on the Mississippi in 1865.

These tales are far from trivia; they illuminate little-known American and foreign achievements, heroics, ingenuity, blunders, and tragedies that changed the course of history and resonate today. Truman, “is the history you don't know. In this fresh and fascinating collection of historical vignettes, Martin W.


The Etymologicon: A Circular Stroll Through the Hidden Connections of the English Language

It explains how you get from “gruntled” to “disgruntled”; why you are absolutely right to believe that your meager salary barely covers “money for salt”; how the biggest chain of coffee shops in the world connects to whaling in Nantucket; and what, precisely, the Rolling Stones have to do with gardening.

For example,  do you know why a mortgage is literally a “death pledge”? why guns have girls’ names? Why “salt” is related to “soldier”? Discover the answers to all of these etymological questions and more in this fascinating book for fans of of Eats, Shoots & Leaves. The etymologicon is a completely unauthorized guide to the strange underpinnings of the English language.

This perfect gift for readers, writers, and literature majors alike unearths the quirks of the English language. This witty book will awake the linguist in you and illuminate the hidden meanings behind common words and phrases, tracing their evolution through all of their surprising paths throughout history.


Never Let a Fool Kiss You or a Kiss Fool You

Mencken have in common? they all indulged in chiasmus-a literary device in which word order is reversed to hilarious or poignant effect. Kennedy, victor Hugo, and H. What do mae West, John F. When mae west said, it's the life in my men, "It's not the men in my life, " she was using chiasmus; when John F. L. Kennedy said, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, " he was doing the same.

Mardy grothe has compiled hundreds of examples of chiasmus in this whimsically illustrated collection, bringing this witty and thought-provoking device out of obscurity and into the public imagination. Dr.