The Winnie-the-Pooh Scratch and Sniff Book Golden Scratch & Sniff Book

Pooh, piglet, and rabbit take tigger into the woods to lose him in a plot to unbounce him--only Tigger isn't the one who gets lost.

Little Bunny Follows His Nose Scented Storybook

What’s a bunny to do on such a fine sunny day? follow his nose! down the hill, and through a vegetable garden, into the forest, peach, Little Bunny does just that! Kids will love all the wonderful things there are to smell—pine, roses and more—in this classic scratch-and-sniff book originally published in 1971.


Daniel's Sweet Trip to the Bakery: A Scratch-&-Sniff Book Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

But what’s even more fun is doing the baking—and daniel can’t wait to surprise Mom with a special treat that he’s made just for her!This sweet scratch-and-sniff board book features yummy scents on every page that smell just like Baker Aker’s bakery! © 2015 The Fred Rogers Company. A new generation of children love daniel tiger’s neighborhood, inspired by the classic series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood! Catch a whiff of some freshly baked goodies with Daniel Tiger as he visits the bakery in this adorable scratch-and-sniff board book!Daniel and his dad are going to the bakery today! Daniel is having so much fun watching all of the yummy treats being made.


Bambi's Fragrant Forest Golden Scratch & Sniff Book

Newly-born bambi explores the sights and smells of the forest around him.

Llama Llama Yum Yum Yum!: A Scratch-and-Sniff Book

Get cooking with llama llama in this scratch-and-sniff board book! llama Llama and his Mama are in the kitchen whipping up some delicious treats! Join in the fun by reading along with this super-sweet story and scratching and sniffing the fun scents on each spread, like pickles and ice cream sundaes! Grosset Dunlap.


Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Scratch and Sniff Book A Golden Scratch & Sniff Book

Fragrance labels are featured in a story about how Mickey tries to use Gyro's smell machine to make old clothes smell nice for Gay 90's Day Grosset Dunlap.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas Scented Storybook

Grosset Dunlap. It's time to celebrate the sights and smells of christmas in this classic scratch-and sniff book  ̶  a fragrant stocking stuffer perfect for any child! Join Little Bear as he prepares for the holidays, all the while giving readers a chance to smell six wonderful scents including apple pie, hot chocolate, christmas tree, and more! This delectable treat is a perfect way for families to spend the yuletide season.

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