Wartime for the District Nurses The District Nurse, Book 2

Edith is trying to battle on bravely while bearing her own heartache but there’s no escaping the new terror of the bombing raids. The compelling new bestseller from the author of The Mersey Daughter and Winter on the Mersey. Alice lake and her friend edith have had everything thrown at them in their first year as district nurses in London’s East End.

From babies born out of wedlock to battered wives, they’ve had plenty to keep them occupied. As rationing takes hold and Hitler’s bombers train their sights on London, there is no escaping the reality of being at war. The girls find themselves caught up in the terrible aftermath, their nursing skills desperately needed by the shaken locals on their rounds.

With the men away fighting for king and country, it’s up to the nurses to keep up the Spirit of the Blitz, and everyone is counting on them….

The District Nurses of Victory Walk The District Nurse, Book 1

Her parents think that she should settle down and get married, but she has already had her heart broken once and isn’t about to make the same mistake again. Alice and her best friend edith are based in the East End but before they’ve even got their smart new uniforms on, war breaks out and Hitler’s bombs are raining down on London.

Alice must learn to keep calm and carry on as she tends to London’s sick and injured, all the time facing her own heartache and misfortune while keeping up the Spirit of the Blitz…. The compelling bestseller from the author of The Mersey Daughter and Winter on the Mersey. Alice lake has arrived in london from Liverpool to start her training as a District Nurse, but her journey has been far from easy.


Christmas for the District Nurses: The new heartwarming wartime saga for 2019 The District Nurse, Book 3

Rationing bites ever deeper and and everything that makes life better is in short supply. An evocative tale’ woman magazinethe East End of London has been devastated by the Blitz and the people are struggling to come to terms with their ravaged city. Edith is learning to cope with her boyfriend's injuries after dunkirk but will she have to choose between her love for him and her career?With no end in sight, the war reaches its darkest moment … Can the nurses – and the families and patients that rely on them – find the strength to carry on?

For the district nurses, the challenges are tougher than ever. Gladys loves her work in the civil nursing Reserve, but just when she needs to rely on her sister at home to help out with the chores, she turns into a handful of trouble.

Love and Marriage at Harpers: A heartwarming saga from bestseller Rosie Clarke Welcome To Harpers Emporium Book 2

United by the suffragette cause and now living under one roof, some will find love and marriage whilst others experience heartache andtears. Harpers is the bond that holds them together, bringing strength through hardship and pain and friendship and love. From the bestselling author of The Shop Girls of Harpers and The Mulberry Lane Series.

London, 1913. The shop girls of harpers emporium on Oxford Street are happy in their work and their lives are moving on at quite a pace.

The Women of Mulberry Lane The Mulberry Lane Series Book 5

Peggy doesn't know if she'll ever again see Able, while a very odd letter from estranged husband, Laurie, the American father of her twins, threatens to set the cat among the pigeons. Will gordon ever again be the man he once was? can he be a proper husband to Maureen, what will become of their marriage? The men, women and children of Mulberry Lane fight on with indomitable spirit, and if he can't, as the endgame of the Second World War enters its most deadly phase.

Rose can't stop loving Jimmy, while Tom can't stop loving her. The war is nearly over – or is it? The women of Mulberry Lane anxiously wait for news. Love and heartbreak, birth and death, joy amid hardship, are all here in the gripping fifth novel about the people of Mulberry Lane during World War Two.


When the Lights Go On Again Campion Family Book 5

But she needs help if she is to face down her fears and look to the future. Lou, separated from her twin Sasha, is breaking the mould in her new role as a member of the Air Transport Auxiliary. But can they rebuild something stronger on the ashes of their love?Even though today is full of suffering and pain, there is hope that tomorrow the lights will go on again.

The tide is turning, the battle is far from over for the Campions…Autumn 1944, but on the home front, the allies are invading Italy. But she is shaken to her core when a face from her past shows up, the devilishly handsome American GI, Kieran Mallory. Back in london katie hopes that she is finally over Luke, the man who broke her heart, until a surprise letter from him arrives.

On the home front, the campion family are doing their bit –working tirelessly in the hope that the end of the war is now in sight. Sasha, newly engaged to Bobby has been tormented by nameless terrors ever since she was rescued from a bomb shaft.

Daughters of Liverpool Campion Family Book 2

His mother can’t help worry about him - but she’s got more than enough on her plate with her youngest children, the teenage twins, who don’t see why a war should stop them having fun and achieving their ambition to go on the stage. He’s had his heart broken already by a flighty nurse. Evocative and heartrending saga of liverpool during world War Two, from the author of AS TIME GOES BY – rising star Annie GrovesKatie’s full of trepidation as she arrives in Liverpool.

Then the bombs begin to rain in Liverpool in earnest and everyone, from oldest to youngest, must realise what matters most in life. She makes it clear that she’s here to do her bit for the war effort, not to flirt with the many servicemen based at the nearby barracks. Which is just fine with Luke, son of the household and battle-scarred veteran of Dunkirk.

It’s her first posting and her work will be so secret that she can’t even speak about it to the family she’s billeted with.

Across the Mersey Campion Family Book 1

Jean’s proud of her honest, hardworking husband and their children, but there’s never a penny to spare. From the author of ‘the grafton girls’ comes the story of one Liverpool family preparing for the onslaught of World War Two, while trying not to fight among themselves. Jean and vi are twins but couldn’t be more different.

Should the oldest children enlist? Should the youngest be evacuated? All the traditional certainties are overturned. Vi’s equally proud of her husband’s new role as a local councillor and their elegant new house, and has raised her children to expect the best. As war breaks out, agonising decisions must be faced.

Then the twins’ own younger sister, returns home unexpectedly and stirs up the past, singer Francine, even in the midst of present danger. This is a tremendous saga of fighting spirit and family closeness, and the belief that even though today is full of destruction and pain, there is hope for a better tomorrow.


The Heart of the Family Campion Family Book 3

She’s the last person her family would expect to help anyone; but when a figure from the past turns up on the doorstep, Bella’s unexpected reserves of compassion are revealed. From hardship and heartbreak, surviving the toughest of times, the Campions know they can make it through if they have one another.

The much-loved author of across the mersey tells of Liverpool under bombardment as never before – but the Campion family refuses to give in. The campions have always stuck together through danger and sorrow, but even they begin to wonder if it’s time to take their youngest, the twins, to safety away from the bombing raids.

The twins have other worries on their minds; having been inseparable, they now realise that they each have different ambitions - and Lou isn’t sure she’ll find what she wants close to home. Meanwhile, cousin bella is managing a creche and discovers that life isn’t all about pleasure.

Where the Heart Is Campion Family Book 4

Yet even in the darkest hour there is hope. A fabulous drama of the campion family, struggling to stay together as World War Two rages over LiverpoolLou Campion has joined the WAAFs, against the wishes of her parents and twin sister Sasha. Can she do this or will it all end in deep disgrace?tragedy haunts the other members of the family, as Katie's plans for the future are dashed, Fran's young husband is close to death and Bella's impossible passion has to remain a close secret.

Lou's always been a rebel, but now finds that if she wants to succeed she'll have to follow extremely strict rules. The campions find that they have a hero in their midst and while their city is crumbling, their pride is intact.

Winter on the Mersey: A Heartwarming Christmas Saga

The dramatic story full of heartache and triumph from the bestselling author of Christmas on the Mersey and London BellesKitty has seen her fair share of tragedy and instead of thinking about romance, is determined to do her bit for King and country. Her life as a wren means she is kept busy much of the time, she meets up again with Frank Feeny, but when Kitty finds herself stationed back home on Merseyside, the brave young officer who has always held a place in her heart.

Britain is on the verge of victory, but will Kitty embrace the future and learn to love again? .