Wild Sargasso Space Stars in Shadow Book 3

But will this find turn out to be a wondrous opportunity, or will a destructive power be unleashed upon the universe? Only the bravest and most foolhardy of crews would dare venture into such a hazardous stellar graveyard to solve its deepest, darkest mysteries. In order to fulfill a matter of honor, the Nepenthe ventures into this dangerous sector to transport a group of religious pilgrims in search of their promised land.

As they attempt to unlock the enigma of this strange and deadly area, the intrepid crew stumbles upon an amazing discovery: a massive alien structure, hidden in an unknown world. The sargasso: a vast, unclaimed region of galactic space that somehow traps passing starships into its mysterious veil.

Nepenthe Rising Stars in Shadow Book 1

As tensions mount between the technocratic Union and the genome-harnessing Concordance, both sides anxiously watch for a chance to conquer the other. The nepenthe is a pirate vessel, loyal to neither. In due time, this incident sparks the beginnings of an interstellar conflict that could threaten the state of known space.

The first of an epic new sci-fi series, thrilling action, Nepenthe Rising delivers what today's fans want: detailed world-building, and mind-blowing adventure on a grand scale. In the far future, two major factions are locked in a galactic cold war. Led by the enigmatic captain dangard, zeno the immortal synthetic, and Duncan Hauk, the dashing Garrett Strand, her rough and ready crew includes the cat-like alien Commander Creull, a promising young recruit.

Hired by a cryptic employer, the crew waylays a transport ship carrying a mysterious passenger.

Shards of Eternity Stars in Shadow Book 2

As the crew plans an elaborate revenge, they soon realize the true stakes revolve around a fabled lost artifact, one that could determine the fate of an entire star cluster. He knows that if they let the renegades go, they stand to lose their reputation as the most fearsome raider outfit in known space.

The practical thing to do is attempt an escape back to the neutral zones, where her crew can lick their wounds and count themselves lucky to fight another day. But their stalwart captain has other plans. Vengeance is a cold dish, and space is the best place to serve it. Betrayed by fellow pirates, the Nepenthe is heavily damaged and trapped in hostile territory.


Terradox Quadrilogy: The Complete Box Set Books 1-4 of the Thrilling Space Opera and Sci-Fi Exploration Series

And also a never-before-seen prequel short story:0 Terradox Zero: Before The CrashDive in to the epic Terradox saga today! From the author of the blockbuster international bestseller, Not Alone. Crash-landing on an uncharted world full of wonders wasn't what anyone had in mind, and the irresistible temptation to explore and conquer the incredible landscape reveals new dangers hiding around every corner.

Everything rests on the survivors' ability to unravel the mystery of their increasingly hostile new world, but Terradox will not give up its secrets without a fight. This box set contains all four terradox novels:1 Terradox2 The Fall of Terradox 3 Terradox Reborn4 Terradox Beyond. A planet that shouldn't exist.

Somewhere else found them first. An adventure you'll never forget. Grab all four books in the thrilling terradox series for one low price, in this great value 1600-page sci-fi box set!With Earth in turmoil under the iron fist of a despotic Global Union, a small group of exiles flees for the safety of a distant research station.

They were heading for Venus.


No one knows who created these interstellar passages, yet they have brought the far reaches of space immediately close. And when an unknown vessel — with no windows, and no visible means of propulsion — arrives through a new wormhole, no seams, an already battle-scarred Starplex could be the starting point of a new interstellar war .

The only novel of its year to be nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards. Campbell memorial, and Aurora Awards, Seiun, all for best science fiction novel of the year. For starplex Director Keith Lansing, too close. Discovery is superseding understanding. Sawyer has won the Hugo, Nebula, John W. Robert j.

. His novels include hominids, Rollback, Wake, and FlashForward basis for the TV series. Starplex won canada's Aurora Award for best novel of the year. For nearly twenty years Earth's space exploration had exploded outward, thanks to a series of mysterious, artificial wormholes.

Across the Galactic Pond Box Set: Far Beyond Complete Series

The crew of the ship? All dead. His first mission: save a gazillion lives. When young kevin has a chance encounter with a dying alien, he discovers not only that humans aren't alone in the universe, but that this encounter propels him into the middle of an intergalactic war. Now at the frontlines of a massive, far far away war, he’s sent to the last remaining ship of the losing side.

Young kevin is about to discover we're not alone in the universe. His mission is simple: he must save the good guys from certain doom. From college reject to War Master, Kevin learns he must adapt quickly or billions will die. This box set edition contains the following books:-Across the Galactic Pond-Fire At Will-Make it So!-Red Alert new and exclusive to this box set-Battlestations!


Star Brigade: Resurgent Star Brigade Book 1

Buy resurgent to join Star Brigade in combat today! If you like diverse characters, complex politics, and good old-fashioned space battles, then you’ll love C. C. Can he reassemble his team to save the Union?Captain Habraum Nwosu is haunted daily by the loss of his combat unit. A ruthless alien uprising. Determined to be a role model for his motherless son while on sabbatical, he resists the embattled Star Brigade’s pleas for him to return.

Ekeke’s action-packed adventure. Can he resurrect his team and protect his son or will his fear of failure fulfill a lethal prophecy? Star Brigade: Resurgent is the first book in a powerful new series of space opera novels. Conflicted by the impossible choice, a vicious attack puts his dwindling family in the cross-hairs…Driven to restore order amidst terrorism, Nwosu fears his new handpicked Star Brigade will suffer the same fate as his previous crew.

A war-weary captain.

Cyber Seed Quadrilogy: The Complete Box Set Books 1-4 of the Near-Future Sci-Fi Technothriller Series

Others send it straight to hell. Grab all four books in the thrilling cyber seed quadrilogy for one low price, credit cards, in this great value 1200-page sci-fi box set!When Kurt Jacobs imagines the ultimate gadget — one capable of replacing phones, keys and TVs — the idea consumes his every waking moment.

Unprecedented surveillance and privacy abuses in a world where your eyes can no longer be trusted. Some inventions change the world. But amid all of the awe and optimism, there is far more going on behind the curtain than Kurt or anyone else could ever have predicted. Cyber seed quadrilogy imaginatively chronicles The Seed's colossal impact on a society unprepared to handle it, from the high hopes of launch day to the breakneck descent into corporate dystopia.

Dive in to the thrilling cyber seed quadrilogy today! From the author of the blockbuster international bestseller, Not Alone. When the sycamore corporation buys into Kurt's creation and The Seed becomes a reality, his every dream comes true. Power like this has never existed. The launch of the seed, a powerful microchip implant that turns each user's palm into a fully functioning trackpad and effectively turns them into walking computers, breaks all sales records.

Remarkable apps and groundbreaking features that make life easier and more enjoyable.

Star Fire Stars End Book 1

One man's epic story of loyalty, perseverance, and hope in a galaxy at war. Alliance navy commander Grayson Stone is patrolling a nearby space station when a mysterious starship appears. Forbes. It emerges from a storm of fire, its weapons overwhelming, its shields impenetrable, attacking without provocation and annihilating everything in its path.

While his ship is badly damaged in the assault, Grayson manages to survive. New from million-copy bestseller M. R. Suddenly trapped behind the front line of the invasion, faced with gut-wrenching choices and near-impossible odds, he'll do whatever it takes to escape the grasp of the terrifying new enemy. Because if he fails, humankind will fall.


Gateway to the Galaxy Boxed Set Gateway to the Galaxy Omnibus Book 1

Soon the vambraces faded to legend. A secret task force. War isn't coming, It's already being waged. While the universe was still young, vambraces were forged giving their users extraordinary abilities. A new order of Knights will be chosen. Start reading today and find out why readers are calling the Gateway to the Galaxy series “extremely fun” and their "new obsession" with characters that “actually come to life on the pages.

This box set includes; Into the Breach, Always Forward and Chaos Seiged. A brutal war was won through the blood and sacrifice of patriots. And once again Light will do battle with Darkness. From exploratory crew to the front lines, Frank will have to decide whether to play the part of a hero or to be the Marine needed to win the war.

Because the victor takes the universe. The vambraces will be found. A wormhole portal discovered. Now, frank and marine space Corps-1 find themselves across the galaxy where an ancient evil is growing.

Sons of the Starfarers: Omnibus I-III

Aaron always wanted to prove himself, but he was never ready to make the ultimate sacrifice—until now. Strangers in flightwhen reva starchild went into cryosleep, she wasn't prepared to be the sole survivor of a people that history never remembered. This omnibus edition contains the first three books of the sons of the starfarers series, two starfaring brothers discover a long-dead colony with a girl, which include:BROTHERS IN EXILEOn the fringes of space, the sole survivor, frozen in cryostasis.

. The imperials are poised to strike at the heart of the New Pleiades and obliterate the ragtag flotilla standing in their way. Isaac wants to help her, but he carries a secret that may decide the outcome of the war. Little does he know, the Imperials aren't the only ones hunting him. But a frontier war is brewing, and soon they will all be caught in the middle of it.

Comrades in hopeisaac and aaron have joined the war effort, and not a moment too soon. Realizing that they are her only hope, they set out to find a way to revive her.