Worth The Risk Worth It Book 2

Gracie is too strong, too independent to fall for him. Hunter worth believes in walking his talk. And right now, his sights are set on the most gorgeous woman on his marketing team. Her temptation grows with every flirtation, every stolen kiss—and she can’t deny that the sex is scorching. But that’s all it will ever be, no matter what he promises.

He didn’t count on being the one to fall hard. Worth the risk was originally published by Samhain Publishing. From usa today bestselling author karen erickson comes the second sexy stand-alone novel in her WORTH IT series!If you can’t take the risk, you’ll have to settle for ordinary. Gracie hayes needs her job at Worth.

Hunter’s on-point seduction skills are not going to compromise everything she’s worked for. After surviving a rough childhood, she also knows what she’s seeing—and her boss may be charming, but he’s also ruthless. This edition is a reissue, reedited but without any changes to the story. **. As vice president and head of brand marketing for Worth Luxury Goods, he knows how to recognize the best when sees it.


Worth Everything Worth It Book 4

In one fell swoop, she loses her job, her family, and her very identity. This edition is a reissue, reedited but without any changes to the story. **. But as long as he can collect his fee, what does he care how calculating and devious she is? After numerous meetings that turn into late nights that turn into even more, he starts to uncover the hurt and confused woman Stasia is underneath.

Can she truly be the illegitimate daughter of the long-dead Michael Worth? Attorney Gavin Westmore knows two things—how much Worth Luxury Goods is worth, and that his new client is a gold-digger. But once they’re done untangling the web of deceit that brought them here, will there be any room left in her life for love?** Worth Everything was originally published by Samhain Publishing.

From usa today bestselling author karen erickson comes the fourth sexy stand-alone novel in her WORTH IT series!Can you find love when you no longer know who you are? Anastasia Renaldi’s life is a lie. If part of this company rightfully belongs to her, he has no doubts she’ll be a valuable asset.

Worth The Challenge Worth It Book 3

Soon, the two find themselves in Maui, hunting for the perfect scent. From usa today bestselling author karen erickson comes the third sexy stand-alone novel in her WORTH IT series!Can you capture magic in a bottle? Rhett Worth has never lived up to his potential. Instead, she finds the devastatingly handsome Rhett presenting her as the second chance.

The tropical breeze that washes across their intertwined bodies offers salvation, but a whiff of betrayal threatens to destroy everything. Worth the challenge was originally published by Samhain Publishing. Despite his vow of professionalism, Rhett can’t fight the passion between him and Gabriella. He’s ready to prove to his older brothers that he’s more than his good looks; that he adds value to the family business beyond his panty-dropping smile.

Except that the one job he was given, developing and delivering Worth Luxury’s signature scent, has wafted away along with the perfumer. Hungry to step out of her family’s shadow, she plays along. Gabriella durand enters the boardroom prepared to beg the Worths to give her father a second chance at creating the blend he was tasked with.

This edition is a reissue, reedited but without any changes to the story. **.

Falling For Her Husband The Renaldis Book 3

But there’s a shadow lurking just beyond what she remembers before the crash. Vincenzo Renaldi knows other things. He was the one who chased her away, and into the path of the car. That even before the accident, the magic of their whirlwind romance was dissipating. And that if amber ever remembers everything, he could lose her again—this time forever.

She’s desperate to remember…and he’s desperate to forget. The renaldis, book 3these are the things Amber Renaldi knows for sure:She’s in the hospital. Her modeling career may be over. And her handsome husband will treat her like a queen, through her recovery and beyond.

Kidnapping His Bride The Renaldis Book 2

His memory of their single, searing kiss has sustained him until the time is right. Catalina campioni does not think the time is right. A wedding and babies sounds boring—she craves adventure. When rafe discovers what his intended truly wants, he does something crazy. He kidnaps her. If she wants adventure, he’ll show it to her—along with every ounce of his legendary, womanizing charm.

But he’s not the only one playing a dangerous game. And even as rafe and Cat fall in love, they may end up paying the ultimate price. Catch her if you can…the renaldis, Book 2Rafael Renaldi has always been in love with the woman his family arranged a marriage with.

His Millionaire Maid

And stumbles into a job with the hottest man she's ever met. As his maid. Between running an inn, and trying to keep the dirty-dealing Beaumont Corporation from stealing his land, caring for his grandmother, Joe Farina's plate is full. When she crashes and her car sinks, sending her identification and all her belongings spiraling into the watery abyss, Nina sees her chance to escape.

That is, if she doesn't lose him when he finds out who she really is. As far as nina Beaumont is concerned, money ruins everything. He doesn't have time for romantic entanglements-especially not with the suspiciously bad maid he just hired, no matter how much he needs her. Both in and out of his bed. Screwing with her life is one thing, but Nina's not about to let her family screw with Joe.

Leave it to her wealthy family to screw up her professional life and her personal life.

Tempted By Her Boss The Renaldis Book 1

The freebie temporary arrangement is included in this edition! read paige and Matteo's COMPLETE story here!**Business? Meet pleasure…The Renaldis, Book 1Paige Stewart loves her job. But then, so does falling in love with her. Too young. But he can’t help himself. The whispers start as soon as they get to his family home in Italy.

And when one particularly ugly story blows up in their faces, their reputations might escape unscathed, but their hearts may not…. She’s too sweet for him, too pure. Nannying for little Matty is a pleasure. But she wants more. She wants the kind of pleasure that’s found in her boss Matteo’s master bedroom.

Matteo renaldi knows it’s wrong to lust after his nanny.

The Reluctant Wife Entangled Indulgence

Now she has no choice but to return to Italy to ask him for a favor. He also hopes to satisfy the desire Abby rouses in him. As abby uncovers why he's in such a hurry for a child, she falls in love with him again. Just as she realizes it might be impossible to keep her end of the deal. To pay for her grandmother's heart operation she needs his money, but it comes with strings attached.

Conte dante lombardi has it all--an Italian villa, a successful family business, and a noble title. But he needs a child to carry on his legacy and time is running out. Romcon readers' crown winner 2013 - Best Category/SeriesAbby Taylor walked out on her irresistible husband three years ago.

Saving the CEO 49th Floor Novels Book 1

The romance reviews book #4 His Heart's RevengeMay the best man win. There are plenty moments of angst here, but the happy bits? Oh, the happy bits are the best. I totally swooned, I won't lie. Heroes and heartbreakersbook #3 The Engagement GameWhat's a little blackmail between friends? My kindle almost burst into flames.

Lots of rules. A truly enjoyable read. The good, the Bad and the Unread. Usa today bestselling author Jessica Scott. Book #2 sleeping with Her EnemyHe'll complicate all her plans.  . The perfect blend of sweet and sexy, all presented with Holiday's fantastically funny wit and spot-on profound observations about human behavior, social expectation, and the way we fall in love.

Hot damn. She's a hot bartender who just happens to be the math genius he needs, and if they share a wicked chemistry? Well, that's just a sexy little perk. He's making a list.

Just My Luck: A Shamrock Falls Novel

Betsy harris has worked hard to make sure her life appears as normal as possible. Jace just found out he needs a wife ASAP. But as betsy comes out of her shell, Jace begins to see his "wife" for the beautiful, caring woman she is. His childhood home—the last reminder he has of his deceased parents—can only become his if he marries, but Jace, ever the playboy, never dreamed of settling down for real.

Neither betsy nor jace wants to ruin their friendship when their fake marriage inevitably ends, so they vow to keep things light, professional, easy. With how shy she is, she’s sure everyone in Shamrock Falls already knows there’s something different about her, but she’ll do anything to keep them from learning her secret.

Only, when jace makes betsy an offer that will solve her money problems, she finds herself a whole lot closer to the gorgeous lawyer than she ever expected. Especially jace macnamara, the guy she’s been crushing on since she moved to town. Suddenly, there’s a lot more at risk than just his inheritance.

Each book in the shamrock falls series is STANDALONE:* Lucky Break* Luck of the Draw* Just My Luck.

Neighbors With Benefits Anderson Brothers series Book 2

Every time. Free-spirited artist mia argaropolis has settled into the perfect gig-housesitting in NYC's Upper West Side while working as an art therapist. Like it was her fault. And to make matters worse, a house sitter moves in next door disrupting his peace-and his dates-with the worst possible music at the worst possible time.

. Love thy sexy jerk of a neighbor. Ceo michael anderson might be something of a "control freak. Still, he's not quite sure why his therapist thinks dogsitting will fix anything?especially since he and the canine share a kind of mutual loathing. And now, somehow, they find themselves engaged? Both agree, this neighborly feud just got taken to a whole new level.

Too bad she's stuck living next door to a bossy control freak with a penchant for calling building security when she blasts music to drown out the noises coming through his bedroom wall. Post-apocalyptic dinner rolls that nearly take her kitchen with them, a douchebag ex, and a Shih Tzu with the personality of Godzilla attack Mia in one day, and her unlikely neighbor comes to the rescue.